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Cool Tech

Amazing 3D-printed zoetrope reveals an animated picture when illuminated

Japanese media artist Akinori Goto has 3D printed a stunning gorgeous 'wheel of life' zoetrope, guaranteed to drop your jaw. The art work uses a spinning drum and a series of still images to produce a ghostly animated figure.

MyCharge can charge your laptop in 100 minutes and support VR devices

At CE Week, Digital Trends spoke with representatives of portable power bank solution company MyCharge about its summer lineup of new portable chargers for virtual reality devices and Macbooks.
Virtual Reality

Google Chrome's 'VR Shell' would let you view any website in virtual reality

Google's upcoming Daydream platform wants to keep you in virtual reality even in Chrome. The latest build of Chrome Dev for Android lists a feature called VR Shell, which would allow you to view any website in VR.

HP’s Elite x3 Windows 10 smartphone/desktop hybrid may launch soon

HP's upcoming Elite x3 smartphone landed on the FCC's website, indicating that the "phablet" will hit the market soon. This smartphone can be used as a Windows 10 desktop thanks to Microsoft's Continuum tech built into Windows 10, and a…
Movies & TV

James Franco attempts to win over Bryan Cranston in NSFW ‘Why Him?’ trailer

Bryan Cranston and James Franco put their own spin on the father-and-future-son-in-law dynamic in the upcoming comedy Why Him? from 20th Century Fox. The studio has unveiled a redband trailer full of ridiculous hilarity.

Trends with Benefits: Live weekly tech news podcast

This week on Trends with Benefits we look into what to expect from Apple's new iPhone 7. Also, the latest on the escaped Russian robot and a laser bazooka.

Want to keep opened wine from losing it's flavor? Vestia's Wine Saver does just that 2:14

Capable of preserving opened wine, the Vestia Wine Saver helps keep unwanted air out of wine bottles by creating a low-pressure, vacuum-sealed environment. The device launched on Kickstarter for just $17 for early adopters.

The next Google Nexus phone from HTC could be a killer flagship

After working with LG and Huawei last year, Google might be planning to partner with HTC for the Nexus program. We have more information about both devices. It would be the first time Google has partnered with HTC on a mobile since 2010.

The latest food delivery startup is coming out of Ayesha and Steph Curry’s kitchen

If you want to adopt the diet of an NBA MVP, look no further than Gather, the new food delivery startup from the Curry kitchen, masterminded by none other than Steph Curry's wife, Ayesha Curry.
Movies & TV

Here’s photographic evidence that Stephen King’s ‘It’ has begun filming

Production on the two-part feature film based on Stephen King's It is officially underway, with director Andy Muschietti confirming the start of shooting with a photo from the set of the film.

Samsung’s Smartcam HD Plus is a serious Nest Cam contender 3:18

Since it doesn't push your videos to the cloud, Samsung's Smartcam HD Plus doesn't carry a monthly fee, but unlike the Nest Cam, it's not tamperproof, either.

Dell discontinuing Venue series, will no longer make Android tablets

Say goodbye to the Dell Venue series. The company will no longer be selling or supporting the Android tablets. That's not to say it's the end for Android and Dell, it just means the company is focusing on Windows 2-in-1s for now.