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Verizon employees end strike after reaching new contract deal with Big Red

After weeks of striking against Verizon, employees agreed to put down their pickets as the company reached an agreement with unions. The new contract still needs to be approved by unions, though odds indicate it will happen soon.
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You can run but you can’t hide: Facebook ads are coming for you

Facebook has announced it will now display ads to non-users across it's network, which will greatly expand the social network's reach beyond it's current 1.65 billion monthly users.
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Facebook Live goes beyond smartphones with Windows 10 app update

The latest version of the Facebook app for Windows 10 allows users to exclusively broadcast from compatible desktops and tablets. For everyone else, the livestreaming service is still only available on smartphones.

Google Photos is one year old — here’s what’s next for it

Google Photos has reached its one-year anniversary, and what a year it has been for the service. To celebrate, the team from Photos has shared some favorite tips and tricks on using the service.

The trick to mouth-watering food photos is so simple, almost anyone can do it

Are you interested in taking pictures of your food that your friends and family actually want to see, or even ask to see? This trick will help take your food photos to that level, and it's so simple that anyone can do it.

Asus launches two new graphics cards based on Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 ‘Pascal’ GPU

Asus has launched two new cards based on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 "Pascal" GPU, one of which has two turbo speeds for PC gamers and overclockers to cuddle up to. As expected, the cards don't come cheap, with a starting price of $620.

How to watch (and appreciate) the Indy 500, the ‘greatest spectacle in racing’

The Indy 500 celebrates its 100th running this year, so what better time to learn a little bit more about this iconic race? We’ve got everything you need to know about the Indy 500 right here.

Trends with Benefits: Are esports competitors actually athletes, or not?

We talk about everything this week, from the Hyperloop to SpaceX, and even get into a debate on if esports gamers are actual athletes or not. Join the DT crew as we discuss some of the hottest tech stories of the week.
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SpaceX will attempt yet another high-velocity rocket landing tonight. Here’s where to watch

SpaceX hopes to safely bring another Falcon 9 rocket home tonight after launching a Thai telecommunications satellite over 20,000 miles above Earth, into a high-elliptical orbit known as geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).

Tired of folding laundry? Bring this robotic machine into the fold

Since no one on the planet likes folding their own laundry, a San Francisco-based company has developed the Foldimate — a robotic laundry-folding machine that's capable of folding an individual piece of clothing in ten seconds.

Ubisoft reveals 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' environments, special editions

Ubisoft is showing off the vast wilderness featured in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands as part of an extended promotional event in the weeks leading up to an expected E3 showcase in June.