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Roku rolls out new streaming boxes for cable-cutters, takes aim at Chromecast 2:28

Also: Good luck getting a Jet Black iPhone 7, and Snapchat turns into Snap Inc. as it debuts some funky fresh camera-equipped sunglasses. For real.
Cool Tech

3D-printed smart wristband could help amputees use computers

Shortcut is a 3D-printed smart wristband, which works in conjunction with hand prostheses as a mouse substitute for amputees without the use of their hands.

Apple CEO Tim Cook rewards Drake for reaching one billion streams

Drake's fourth studio album 'Views' is the first album to receive one billion streams on Apple Music. Drake posted a picture on Instagram of a plaque commemorating the achievement.

‘How do I vote?’ Google is making it easier to find out

It has helped you find all the information you need to make an informed decision this November, and now, it's helping you put that decision to action. On Friday, Google announced a new search feature that will allow users to register to…

Nvidia job listings hint at renewed graphics chip deal with Apple

AMD has recently been Apple's go-to supplier for advanced graphics chips — but new job postings being circulated by Nvidia suggest that company's biggest rival might be offering some competition.
Home Theater

Leaked images show Google's 'G' logo on rumored Chromecast Ultra

Google is rumored to soon introduce a refresh to the 2015 Chromecast. It's called the Chromecast Ultra, and it costs double the price of the old one. It's expected to support 4K streaming with HDR support.
Virtual Reality

Oculus wants MSI to offer a backpack PC supporting the Rift

Recent rumors suggest that Oculus VR is working with MSI on a backpack PC. The collaboration will likely produce a VR One unit supporting the Rift headset rather than a completely new backpack PC.

Mazda’s folding-hardtop MX-5 RF begins accepting pre-orders at $33,850

Mazda's folding-hardtop MX-5 RF has been priced from $33,850 for the Launch Edition model. Only 1,000 of the Launch Edition units will be built. Pre-orders will initially be limited to invited customers.
Movies & TV

Obama’s SXSL festival to feature ‘Stranger Things’ cast, Leonardo DiCaprio, others

President Barack Obama's SXSW-inspired South By South Lawn festival will feature the Stranger Things cast, Leonardo DiCaprio and numerous other high-profile entertainers and academics.
Cool Tech

Optical defibrillator shows promise as a less shocking way to reset your heart

Correcting the irregular heartbeat of an arrhythmia with a defibrillator can be a shocking experience, but it doesn't have to be that way. Researchers from John Hopkins have developed a kinder and gentler process that uses light…

Xbox One hosts a functional Nintendo 64 emulator to play classic console games

Developer MobWi has updated its cross-platform Nintendo 64 emulator with Xbox One support, making '90s-era classics like 'Super Mario 64' and 'F-Zero X' playable on Xbox One consoles for the first time.

Jet black iPhone 7, 7 Plus face delays after falling short of quality standards

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are here. Head to an Apple store to snag them, though certain models may already be sold out. Here's everything you need to know, including our hands-on impressions, specs, features, pricing, and availability.