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Geekbench listing shows two Nokia-branded Android phones in the works

Two Nokia Android phones have appeared on Geekbench, a mobile benchmarking tool similar to 3DMark, giving credence to rumors that these phones might actually hit market, possibly later this year.

DJI’s Osmo+ is the first handheld gimbal with a zoom lens

Less than two months after the reveal of its Zenmuse Z3, DJI brings a zoom lens to the Osmo. The Osmo+ features a camera with a 22-77mm zoom range atop the standard Osmo gimbal for increased creative control on the same stabilized platform.

Uber ‘power riders’ get a price break in four-city pilot program

Uber riders who take 10 or more trips each month may benefit from Uber's flat fare pilot programs in four cities. Each location has different up-front fees, per trip UberPool and UberX flat fares, and designated areas.

Trends with Benefits: Tesla Model S just got quicker, and WhatsApp just got a lot less private

How ludicrous is too ludicrous? Tesla unveiled the P100D versions of the Model S and Model X this week. Also on the podcast we cut through the legal-speak in WhatsApp's privacy agreement to see just how not-private the messaging…
Movies & TV

Watch James Corden, John Krasinski get fired from classic films in late-night sketch

James Corden and John Krasinski are the best team you've never seen. The actors teamed up for a hilarious Late Late Show sketch in which they claim that they were fired from some of history's greatest films.

Bye-bye productivity: Google lets you play Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe with just a search

Bored? Need to kill some time? Search Solitaire or Tic-Tac-Toe on Google to play the games directly from the search results -- no need to download an app. Say goodbye to productivity.

IBM attacks AMD’s ‘Zen’ with new details about Power9 processors for servers

During the Hot Chips 28 convention, IBM spilled details of its Power9 processor architecture for servers, built for a "cognitive era." The CPUs will be served up in 24- and 12-core form factors for the Linux and PowerVR ecosystems.

Canon breathes new life into aging 7D Mark II with new kit bundles

Canon will be bundling its 2-year-old 7D Mark II with the new version of the EF-S 18-135mm lens and a unique Wi-Fi adapter that slides into an SD card slot. Current owners will be able to use the new adapter after a firmware update.
Cool Tech

Comatose man, 25, has his brain 'jump-started' using targeted ultrasound

Dr. Martin Monti, associate professor of psychology and neurosurgery at UCLA, recently "jump-started" the brain of a man who had been in a coma using a beam of targeted ultrasound.

Drop and give me a bookcase: Learn basics of using power tools with Drill Sergeant

University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. student Eldon Schoop has developed an innovative new way to teach people how to use power tools called Drill Sergeant. The system incorporates a set of installable sensors and head-up…

Tesla just moved one step closer to SolarCity acquisition

The FTC has approved the Tesla SolarCity Acquisition. There are more steps to go in the process, but the FTC has ruled out antitrust concerns. The SEC still has to review the transaction and shareholders still have to vote.

To build a better battery, Dyson will spend $1.4 billion, enlist 3,000 engineers

Invention-centric Dyson is set on developing the world's longest-lasting, most reliable, and safest lithium-ion battery, employing thousands of engineers and investing billions of dollars.