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Jaguar XFR Sportbrake: Does Jaguar need a sporty station wagon?

A Jaguar performance wagon sounds very left-field, but Jag is considering building the XFR Sportbrake, if it can overcome a tricky engineering issue.

Microsoft’s January security update neglects patch for IE zero-day vulnerability

In advance of Tuesday’s security updates, Microsoft has announced it will patch Windows OS weaknesses but not provide a fix for a vulnerability in IE6, IE7, and IE8.
Product Review

Dell Inspiron 15z Review

Dell Inspiron 15z Review.

ARCHOS’ TV Connect likely to make waves at CES 2013

Archos manages to cut through the set-top media box clutter with, among other features, one of the most innovative remote controls we've seen yet.

Hong Kong to receive 150 electric taxis from Nissan

In a city with 18,000 taxis, can 150 electric taxis make an environmental difference?

Mr. Zuckerberg, tear down this wall! The social Web and the Web are now one

In the wake of (yet more) reports concerning growing Google+ numbers thanks to Google force-feeding users their accounts, it's time to realize that the social Web is the only Web.

If you have 4G LTE, chances are you’re using less Wi-Fi, but why?

As LTE networks spread across the globe a new report has found that subscribers download more data, use Wi-Fi less, and are more likely to be on metered plans than 3G subscribers.

Happy 12th Birthday to Runescape! A dozen years later, the game continues

Massively popular free-to-play MMO Runescape just hit twelve years old, mere months after seeing its 200 millionth registered player accounts.

Apple may release an ‘iPhone Mini’ to dethrone Samsung in 2014, analyst says

Some analysts have said that Apple could release a smaller low-cost iPhone to oust Samsung from its spot as the top smartphone maker.

Izik, a search engine for tablets, steps in the ring against Google Now and Siri

Izik is the first tablet-oriented search engine, and it wants to be different from your average search engine.

Buying a used Wii U could give you access to previous owners games

According to reports on the Internet, purchasers of used Wii U consoles are finding those systems full of free games, courtesy whoever owned the console previously.

BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition released in time to capitalize on BioShock Infinite hype

BioShock Infinite, after two years of hype, excitement, delays, and cancellations, is just two months away from release. 2K Games is wasting no opportunity to transform Irrational Games’ series from a moderate success and critical darling…