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Kia wants piece of Korean performance pie, too; plans 4-door GT coupe production for 2016

Hyundai isn’t the only Korean automaker that wants to be sportier. Its sister company, Kia, has announced that it will be sending a production version of its 2011 GT concept four-door coupe to showrooms for 2016.

T-Mobile offers tablet owners 200MB of free data, for life

T-Mobile has decided to pass its Uncarrier-ness to tablets too. If you own a tablet, T-Mobile will give you 200MB of free data, no strings attached. And that deal will last for life.

This bamboo iPad Air Smart Case has a roll-off cover, and we want it now

Apple’s new iPad Air is its thinnest ever 9.7-inch tablet, so it’d be a shame to stick a case on it that adds bulk. With that in mind, Grove’s new Wood Smart Case could be worth checking out.
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Could Apple stun us all and bring Ultra HD/4K TV to the masses on its first swing?

While the new iPad Air and retina iPad mini had yet to raise their heads from Apple headquarters yesterday, rumors emerged that the company could dive headfirst into the 4K TV world, releasing affordable 55-inch and 65-inch 4K TV models by…
Product Review

Samsung UN85S9 Review

Samsung UN85S9 review.

Can Mazda’s Skyactiv-Hybrid be as Zoom-Zoom-y as its standard Skyactiv cars?

Mazda has been touting the fuel-efficiency of its conventional Skyactiv powertrains, but it will bring hybrid and compressed natural gas (CNG) versions of the 2014 Mazda3 to the Tokyo Motor Show

MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Pro Retina: Which Apple should you bite into and why?

Apple is still selling a 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro, but should you put it at the top of your shopping list? We break down the difference between Apple's two MacBook's and lay out exactly which model you should buy.
Cool Tech

Google Earth tips off cops to illegal marijuana crop in Oregon

Surveillance is dope: Law enforcement agents in southern Oregon were tipped off to a local man's illegal marijuana crop after using Google Earth satellite images to spot his neatly-planted ganja gardens.
Product Review

Samsung Series 7 S27C750P Review

Samsung Series 7 S27C750P review.
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Everything you need to know about a little app called FBStalker

If you thought you were protecting your Facebook as much as possible, think again. A new app called FBStalker uses your friends list and Graph Search to find the most unfindable data.

Wanna get humiliated on Tumblr? Steal this guy’s iPhone

Phones get stolen every day, but usually the victims don't start a Tumblr to make fun of their thief's penciled on eyebrows, among other things. But who is really in the wrong here?