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The largest Wi-Fi network in the world is officially making its U.S. launch

12 million hotspots strong, Fon is the largest Wi-Fi network in the world, and now it's making a big U.S. push and also releasing its new Fonera router - which comes with Facebook support built in. Trust us, you'll like that part.

Capitalism prevails! This rare Soviet spy lens will set you back $400,000

A rare "Soviet spy lens" has been listed on eBay for almost half-a-million dollars, but there are plenty of things that make it highly suspicious. Is it a unique collectible, or is it not as highly prized as its seller would like you to…

PBS app on Xbox 360 raises the bar for free content streaming on the console

A newly launched PBS app on the Xbox 360 gives users access to a rotating selection pulled from many of the TV network's most popular titles, including NOVA, Austin City Limits, and more.

Hey, I’m chargin’ here! Wireless car chargers disguised as manhole covers in NYC

Hevo, a wireless charging company, is going to implement two wireless resonance chargers in New York City disguised as manhole covers. This is a far better solution than the interconnected series of in-road chargers I had imagined.

BMW blows gravel in our face with 2 Series teaser video

The BMW 1 Series is dead, long live the 2 Series. BMW's redesigned compact coupe is set to debut October 25, likely with an evolution of the current 1 Series' styling and engines cribbed from the 3 Series and 4 Series.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch to be compatible with more Galaxy phones by the end of October

Samsung has announced it's preparing to add support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch to more Galaxy smartphones, through an Android 4.3 software update scheduled to start appearing later this month.

LG unveils its first Firefox phone, but only Brazil can use it

LG has announced its first smartphone running Mozilla's Firefox OS, and like previous examples from other manufacturers, the release is similarly restrictive. The phone has a 4-inch display, a 1GHz processor, and runs Firefox OS 1.1.
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Cambridge Audio Minx Go Review

Cambridge Audio Minx Go review.

Wait, there are 4 iPads now? Here’s how to figure out which is for you

Apple’s newest additions to the iPad family bring the total found to four, which makes choosing a tablet trickier than it used to be. Here’s our quick-and-dirty cheatsheet to find out which iPad is for you.

Thanks to this update, iOS 7 should stop making you sick

Still having some issues with your iDevice? Perhaps Apple's latest iOS update, released Tuesday, will help fix them. Besides the bug fixes, iOS 7.0.3 also brings with it several new features, as well as a way to turn off those…

BBM hits 10m iOS and Android downloads in 24 hours, tops app store charts worldwide

iOS and Android users are showing some serious interest in the BBM instant messaging app, with BlackBerry announcing more than 10 million downloads in its first 24 hours of availability.

Kids: Your illicit Chrome and Chromebook use may soon come to an end

Definitely useful for parents attempting to keep track of their child's Web usage, Google is launching a new parental control feature for both Google Chrome and Chromebook hardware.