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DARPA’s self-guiding bullets can hit a moving target — even if it moves after the shot is fired

This week, nearly a year after the first life-fire tests were conducted, DARPA has released new footage of its EXACTO bullets in action. They're now able to redirect themselves mid-flight to meet a moving target -- even if said target…

Google is looking to squash patent trolls with new patent purchase program

Google has announced a patent purchase program, and will be taking open submissions come May. Google hopes to provide a streamlined process for those seeking to sell their patents.

Microsoft offering 2,000 Bing Rewards points on Surface 3 preorders

Microsoft is attempting to boost Surface 3 preorders by offering 2,000 Bing rewards points.
Cool Tech

This is what an exploding lithium-ion battery looks like with thermal vision

In a study published today in Nature Communications, a group of European researchers pushed two different lithium ion batteries to the breaking point so they could observe what happens when they fatally overheat. Why? For science, of…

You can use this solar grill even on cloudy days (Update)

A solar cooker is a brilliant idea but no good on cloudy days, right? The GoSun Grill solves that problem with its thermal battery, which lets you cook for four hours, even at night.

Cyanogen and OnePlus end their relationship, OnePlus One will continue to receive child support

Cyanogen revealed that its partnership with OnePlus has officially come to an end. Cyanogen already has some partners lined up, though that didn't stop the company from talking about its tumultuous relationship with OnePlus.

How Miami Horror sculpted a post-disco dreamfest on All Possible Futures

After the bubbly pop of 2010’s Illumination, Miami Horror returns with All Possible Futures, a Talking Heads-inspired discodreamfest that definitely belongs on your summer playlist.

DTS’ Play-Fi multi-room speakers land Spotify Connect

DTS Play-Fi, which allow users to simultaneously stream lossless audio to multiple rooms, zones and devices, has announced support with Spotify Premium. It will have limited support at launch, with more options coming later this year.

Report reveals Ouya needs to find a buyer, and fast

A leaked email sent by Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman revealed the company is in desperate need of a buyer in order to recover investor capital. The company hopes to have interested buyers by the end of April.
Movies & TV

Cablevision goes bold, offers Hulu content on demand

Cord cutters should find Cablevision more appealing, as the company has announced that a move to bring content from streaming platform Hulu to its cable boxes. The company is also aggressively seeking cord-cutters through new broadband…

Prepare a hunting party: A 600+ horsepower Jaguar F-TYPE SVR might be on the prowl

A new rumor has surfaced that Jaguar’s sophomore SVR vehicle will be an F-Type that can produce more than 600 horsepower. This will far exceed the highest output of any Jaguar, which stands at 575 horsepower from the F-Type Project 7.

Get a closer look at the LG Watch Urbane in new video

LG's new, and very classy, Watch Urbane smartwatch is almost ready to go on sale. The good news is when it reaches the Google Play Store this month, it'll come with the latest version of Android Wear installed.