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Samsung NX20 Review

Samsung NX20 Review.

Best Windows 8 Apps

Don't know which Windows 8 apps to download to your new touch laptop? Check out our list of the cream of the crop for both productivity and entertainment on your Microsoft gadget.
Social Media

Why is Spotify paying so much to advertise on YouTube?

Spotify is pulling out all the stops to secure its position, even collaborating with the enemy - specifically, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertise on YouTube. So what's with handing all that money over to a competitor…

Leaked screenshots reveal Microsoft accounts will get two-step authentication

Microsoft is rumored to be adding two-step authentication to its accounts, which requires the user to enter a code from its Authenticator app (available for Windows Phone 8/7.5 Mango) in addition to entering login details.

AT&T also launching gigabit Internet network in Austin, totally not copying Google

The people of Austin, Texas must be flattered with all the attention they're getting lately. Google recently announced plans to build its next Google Fiber network in Austin, and now AT&T says it will also build a gigabit Internet network…
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Laser experiment cured rats’ cocaine addiction with just a few zaps

Science has found a new treatment for cocaine addiction: Shooting at your brain with lasers. If that seems extreme, there is a safer alternative that produces the same results, and it's one that's about to be tested on humans.

T-Mobile: Give us your old iPhone 4 or 4S, we’ll give you an iPhone 5

In an effort to draw in new customers, T-Mobile is inviting people to trade in their used iPhones in exchange for an iPhone 5. The offer also promises as much as $120 worth of store credit, based on the used phone's value.

T-Mobile to launch the Nokia Lumia 521 in May, expected to suit the budget conscious

T-Mobile has announced the Nokia Lumia 521, a variation of the Lumia 520, will be coming to the network in May. Running Windows Phone 8, the price has yet to be confirmed, but it's expected to be an ideal entry-level Windows Phone handset

New pix: 2014 Maserati Ghibli struts its stuff before Shanghai debut

With looks that can kill and a menu of turbocharged engines, the Ghibli should make the BMW 5 Series quake with fear.

2014 Ford SVT Raptor Special Edition: Isn’t this off-road monster already special enough?

The Raptor already has a 6.2-liter V8 and plenty of racing hardware. What else does it need?

Debate over rear-view car camera mandate continues, please put on your seat belt

The ongoing debate over whether all new cars should be required to have rear-view cameras will pick up in the nation’s capital this week. According to the Detroit News, Reps. Peter King (R—NY) and Jan Schakowsky (D-ILL) will join a…

Yahoo and Apple in talks over deeper iOS integration, report says

A report on Tuesday claims Yahoo and Apple are in talks to bring more content to the Cupertino company's iDevices, possibly through an expanded partnership with Siri, Apple's voice-activated virtual assistant.