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Lenovo Yoga 2 (11-inch) Review

Lenovo Yoga 2 (11-inch) review.

Mega, Giga, and Terra World aren’t sci-fi planets; they’re BMW i3 trim levels

The BMW i3, the Bavarian brands much anticipated foray into the world of EVs, still isn't on sale. But now you can configure just the one you want online. That is, if you can wade through BMW's simultaneously pretentious and odd trim…

Put down those swatches! TapPainter lets you test colors with realistic virtual wall paint

Using a set of sophisticated algorithms that account for changes in lighting, shadows, and depth, TapPainter generates realistic virtual wall paint colors, and provides codes so you can have them mixed for you at your local hardware store.

Star Wars Expanded Universe will live on, just not through the films

The official Star Wars YouTube page has posted a new video explaining Lucasfilm and Disney’s plans for the Expanded Universe. Those plans don’t include the movies, but the Expanded Universe will live on.

Samsung: Camera failure bug only in “limited number” of Galaxy S5 phones

Some people have complained of a camera bug in the Galaxy S5 that displays a failure message whenever they try to start their camera. Samsung has confirmed the bug and is now offering to hand out replacement devices.

Dutch politician says that the country’s ban on illegal downloads won’t work

One Dutch politician isn't confident that the nation's ban on downloads of illegal content from less-than-pure sources will work exactly as intended, and instead would prefer an alternate approach. Learn more here.
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Everything you need to know about the FDA’s proposed e-cig regulations

The FDA just released a 241-page proposal for new rules regulating the use of e-cigarettes, so to help you make sense of it all, we've put together a quick overview of the most important parts

Hulu is blocking VPN users, report alleges

Do you use a VPN? Well you better be ready to ditch it if you're a big fan of Hulu, the popular video streaming service. Learn more here.

Virtuix’s Omni grabs $3 million in funding

Virtuix has received $3 million in seed funding to help it bring the Omni virtual reality treadmill to life. The first retails models are expected to ship this July, and a new model is on the way.

You can now buy a debit card you can load with your Bitcoins

Ever wanted to use your Bitcoins where they weren't accepted? If they take plastic, the with Xapo you can use your Bitcoins just about anywhere. The service instantly converts Bitcoins into currency to be used with a debit card you can…

Best Buy offering up to $100 towards Xbox Ones for your old PS3 and Xbox 360s

Best Buy is offering $50 gift card, and a $50 coupon towards the purchase of an Xbox One if you trade in your working PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 within the next week.