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Hi-tech ‘tattoos’ can monitor patients’ health

Life-saving tattoos could be coming to an arm near you. Researchers at the University of Illinois are developing 'rub-on electronics' that can be applied like a temporary tattoo and used to monitor vital signs such as heart rate and brain activity.

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AV Rant #244: Too Much Coffee

Tom was a bit over-caffienated for this podcast so they went a bit long and had to cut the Soup to Nuts. Tune in next week for the conclusion of Liz’s streaming advice. Tom has a few things to say about the new Pioneer Elite SC-57 (specifically the…


Dell’s Streak 5 tablet discontinued

Computer company Dell has announced on its US website that its Streak 5 tablet is no longer available.

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Rumor: WP7 Mango to come out on Sept 1, will compete with iPhone and Android launch

It is rumored that the Mango update to WP7 will be be released on September 1, this release date should put it in direct competition with product launches from both Apple and Google.


Toms introduces eyewear with ‘One for One’ business model

The "One for One" shoe purveyors at Toms are taking their charitable philosophy into the realm of stylish sunglasses and vision aid for those in need.


T-Mobile removing unlimited data plans from some users on August 14

T-Mobile will no longer offer unlimited data on its low-end data plan, and will start charging users overages starting August 14.


Rumor: Apple releasing iCloud iPhone for free

Remember that inexpensive iPhone? Well the latest rumor says it will use Apple's iCloud and old iPhone 4 parts, and cost you nothing with a two year contract.


Images of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich leaked and reveal sharp new interface

Leaked images from two blogs shed light on Google's upcoming release.

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FTC investigation into Google getting more focused

Probe focusing on Google's search business.


LightSquared points finger at GPS makers for interference problems

LightSquared says the reason its LTE network may interfere with GPS signals is that GPS makers never complied with Department of Defense and international standards.

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Google Plus introduces games and swears that they won’t be annoying

Angry Birds, Farmville and the rest of the social gaming all-stars will now be featured on Google Plus.

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Zynga updates S-1 filing, reports internal valuation of $11.5 billion in March

As Zynga gets closer to going public, their internal figures show a company with healthy revenue sources.

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Falcon HTV-2, the ‘fastest plane ever,’ lost during test flight

On 20 minutes into its maiden voyage, the US Military's Falcon HTV-2, which is capable of traveling more than 3 miles per second, has gone completely missing.

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