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DT Daily: Sony 4K Handycam for 2K, Sharp unveils Quattron+ TV, LG 105″ UHD and 77″ flexible UHD OLED 2:05

CES 2014 is officially underway. The largest consumer electronics show in the world is a treasure trove of the latest tech ranging from televisions to home automation.
Home Theater

Sennheiser unveils a suite of sweet-sounding headgear at CES 2014

Sennheiser launched CES 2014 with a load of new headphone products, with a little something for everyone. DJ's, audio engineers, travelers, commuters and fashionistas are all covered by at least one of Sennheiser's new offerings.
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DTS hints at big expansion of Play-fi ahead of CES 2014

DTS today revealed the expansion of its Play-fi wireless audio protocol into devices from seven original design manufacturers (ODM), as well as hinting at plans to embed Play-fi into devices from two major audio brands and added content…
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DTS unveils two new components for Headphone:X to show off at CES 2014

DTS today unveiled new plans for its Headphone:X mobile sound system that it hopes will change the way you use your smartphone forever. The virtual surround system will offer a personalized sound profile, as well as tuning for headphone…
Social Media

Check out the U.S. Interior Department’s awesome Instagram account

The U.S. Department of Interior is knocking its social media efforts out of the park, with a beautiful Instagram account and an engaging Twitter feed. The secret weapon? Gorgeous images of natural splendor. Purple mountains majesty, y'all.
Home Theater

Sony wants to make ‘Breaking Bad’ even badder by airing it in eye-popping 4K

Sony will bring Breaking Bad to its new 4K TVs and media players in Ultra High Def, and offer around 140 other titles through its Video Unlimited 4K download service. The move is just one part of a broader plan to bolster 4K content…

Lawrence Kasdan may be working on a Star Wars Boba Fett spinoff

Disney and Lucasfilms have already announced that the Star Wars film franchise will expand with multiple spinoff films, and a new rumor claims Lawrence Kasdan is working on one starring Boba Fett.

CES is finally getting its mojo back

Reports of the death of CES have been greatly exaggerated. And this year, the world's biggest consumer technology show has come back to life in new and exciting ways that stay true to what CES was, and should be, all about.

Vizio reveals refresh of 24-inch AIO, 15.6-inch notebook at CES 2014

Vizio, known for making PCs as well as home theater gear, has just revealed their latest all in one desktop PC and notebook, both of which are powered by Intel Core i7 processors.

MSI goes ninja, renames GS 70 to GS Stealth, and adds new specs too

Once known as the GS 70, MSI has renamed its light gaming laptop the GS Stealth. Aside from a branding shift though, the Stealth also benefits from a component refresh. Read on to learn more about the spruced up Stealth here.