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How Gearbox crafted new ‘Borderlands 2’ characters too tough for the original game

Development leads at Gearbox Software guide Digital Trends through the process of creating character DLC for Borderlands 2. Learn how a punching robot is a noob's best friend and why self-immolation can sometimes be a good thing.

Name that tail light! Motor Recall iPhone app has you guessing car models at night

Ford? Ferrari? Yugo? A new app for the iPhone called Motor Recall has self-proclaimed auto buffs testing their knowledge as they guess vehicles make and model solely on photos of front and rear lights.

Kodak now making labels that affix to budget point-and-shoots and megazooms

Kodak is preparing to exit bankruptcy, and will emerge as a new company focusing on commercial products. Although its days as a digital camera maker are over, its legacy lives on with Kodak-branded cameras from JK Imaging.
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Is the Internet’s Neverland, or just a haven for adolescent bullies?

A teenage recently committed suicide and speculation over the bullying she received on is running rampant. Is the question and answer site at fault, or does the rest of the world just need to start tuning in to the rest of teen Web…

Google+ Hangouts going HD and plugin-free for video chat

Two years after its initial release, Google+ Hangouts is getting HD video support, as well future support for a plugin-free video chatting experience, thanks to a planned switch to the WebRTC standard.

Hands On: Kobo’s Aura e-reader commands a premium for bookstore freedom

Kobo’s Aura makes it easier to view content from the Web and doesn’t come locked to just one bookstore, but bookworms will need to decide if it’s worth the fairly substantial price premium.

Nintendo drops the Wii U price, and 3D from the 3DS

Nintendo is making moves in time for the holiday season. The Wii U will receive a $50 price drop, a version of the Nintendo 3DS without the 3D is on the way, and several games and bundles have been announced.
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Facebook keeps gift-giving digital, pulls out physical goods from online store

If you want to get a friend a present via Facebook's Gifts, you will have to get the digital kind since physical goods are no longer on the table. Looks like Facebook's attempt at IRL presents was not a hit.

Nissan pledges Autonomous Drive tech will be ready by 2020 and not just for rich people

"Nissan Motor Company's willingness to question conventional thinking and to drive progress – is what sets us apart," said CEO Carlos Ghosn. Not only will it be here by 2020, but Nissan is pledging that its Autonomous Drive tech will be…

Electric car buying guide: What you need to know before you buy

Electric vehicles can be intimidating for first time buyers. That's why we've come up with a handy Electric Car buying guide to help you along the way.

Nokia thinks feature phones can still look cool, announces the Nokia 515 to prove it

Think all feature phones with an alphanumeric keypad have to be ugly? Think again, as Nokia has announced the Nokia 515, a simple Series 40 phone with a premium aluminum body.
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At this point if you can’t improve at basketball, you’re the problem

Evo One and Hoop Tracker are just the latest device and software products designed to improve your shot and provide analytics on your offensive game.