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Ice cream truck to replace loud music with mobile text messages

Definitely an interesting way to notify residents of a truck's arrival, an ice cream company is choosing silent text messages over loud music after the local community filed a noise complaint.
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NYNE unveils four new ‘lifestyle-inspired’ speakers for CES 2014

NYNE has just unveiled a sneak peak at four new speakers for its “lifestyle inspired” product lineup for CES, including a host of new styles designed to bring the music with you. The new speakers boast some respectable features, and all…

Archos to show off two unlocked Android phones for under $250 at CES

French electronics manufacturer Archos is bringing two budget-friendly smartphones to CES 2014. The Archos Helium 45 and 50 are unlocked, 4G LTE connected, and priced at under $250.

These glowing indoor garden boxes are the future of urban agriculture

Potted plants are so 20th century. In the future, you'll be able to cultivate edible veggies right inside your home with the help of high-efficiency, self-contained and software-controlled aeroponics systems like GrowCube.
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See how Twitter said ‘Happy New Year’ around the world with interactive map

An interactive map from Twitter's data team plots how New Year wishes were tweeted around the world. Twitter users from China to Chino spread good cheer for 2014, and a time zone map shows when each country experienced peak New Years.

Infiniti gives first glimpse at the Q50 Eau Rouge concept performance sedan. Surprise, it’s red

Infiniti is ramping up the coverage of its latest performance sedan concept, the Q50 Eau Rouge. Inspired by the RB9 Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car, the Eau Rouge – if produced – could compete with the BMW M3.

Velocity Micro reveals petite SmallBlock PC systems

System building outfit Velocity Micro has just taken the wraps off the SmallBlock, a family of configurable desktop PCs that can be had for under $1,000 and take up much less space than the average rig.
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Kanye West is now a Bitcoin clone

If you thought Internet-meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin was ridiculous, then Kanye-West-based altcoin Coinye West will probably just make you angry. Read on to learn more about the latest form of digital cash.

128GB Surface Pro price cut to $600 at Best Buy, Microsoft

Looking to get in on a good holiday deal? The original Surface Pro slate from Microsoft just got an $80 price cut, down from $680 to $600. Read on to learn more about the new shave.

Take a sneak peek at the phones, tablets and smartwatches coming to CES 2014

CES 2014 begins on January 7, and it's one of the tech industry's biggest and most exciting trade events. We're expecting plenty of exciting news from the mobile world, so here's a roundup of the juiciest rumors ahead of the show.
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Lepow’s new Mod speaker brings 60’s hipster style into the 21st century

Lepow industries today unveiled the Mod, a brash new Bluetooth speaker that blends the retro nostalgia of the swinging '60's with state of the art technology to create a gorgeous piece of wireless tech to mount on your mantel.