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LittleBigPlanet Karting review: As good as you are willing to make it

Sony, United Front Games, and Media Molecule take all the customizable insanity of LittleBigPlanet and combine it with the kart racing found in ModNation Racers. But can combining two existing properties creating something new?

President Obama returns to Reddit on election night, asks for ‘upvotes’

In a last-ditch effort to get supporters out to the polls, President Obama spent a few moments of election night to once again reach out to Reddit users, asking them to get out and "upvote."

Maserati to unveil meaner, greener, and more powerful 2014 Quattroporte in Detroit

Maserati aims to produce an all-new Quattroporte that will heat up global sales without also heating up the planet.

Can Microsoft’s revamped Skype take on Gchat, Google Voice and Google Hangouts?

Microsoft's ditching Windows Live Messenger for Skype, but is Skype enough to stand up to the other widely used services? We compare Skype to its biggest Google competitors: Hangouts, Talk, and Voice.

Social network Duxter wants to give gamers a place to call home

Social platform Duxter gives gamers a place to connect and communicate without any ties to other established networks, while also rewarding them for doing what they do best.

Minecraft XBLA skin pack earns $500,000 for charity

Minecraft isn't just a great way to explore your creativity. Thanks to the Halloween Skin Pack released for the Xbox Live Arcade iteration of the game, it's also a convenient way to earn money for charity.

‘What the hell happened to my laptop?!’ (Or: When Mom met Windows 8)

You want some motherly advice? How about this: Never share your gadgets with your hubby. You know why? Because he'll treat it like the car, and try to make it do all sorts of crap it doesn't need to do. Take this "upgrade" we just got on…

Harrison Ford mulling Star Wars return, as another director is reportedly under consideration

Han Solo could be primed for a comeback in Episode VII, while another well-known director is said to be under consideration to helm the proposed 2015 sequel.

Microsoft soothes masses as Halo 4 servers buckle under stress

Halo 4 debuted this morning, and as one might expect this has led to an overwhelming surge of players annihilating the game's online servers. As one might also expect, gamers are furious.

Porsche adds another ‘P’ to the Panamera with the Platinum Edition

Porsche offers up a special edition Panamera that is both exclusive but also frugal -- for a Porsche.

Second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V to debut November 14

Hurricane Sandy delays debut of new GTA trailer, but the show goes on.
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Samsung continues to bolster its Smart TVs, adopts Yahoo’s Connected TV

Samsung has been courting quite a few suitors in-effort to solidify its Smart TV lineup, with Yahoo and its Connected TV service officially next in line.