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Turbocharging could return to the prancing horse with the next Ferrari California

Previous turbocharged Ferrari models like the F40 are now insanely valuable collectors cars, but there's no guarantee that turbocharging the next California will yield the same results.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 replacement, codename Catwalk, could be supermodel thin

Nokia may be considering switching from using polycarbonate to aluminum in the construction of its Lumia 920 sequel, rumored to be codenamed Catwalk and expected later this year.

All the phones and tablets rumored to rock CES 2013

International CES begins next week and to help you get prepared, here's a rundown of the smartphones and tablets rumored to be appearing at the show.
Android Army

Huawei Ascend P1 out now in the U.S., a year after it was first announced

Huawei has announced it has started to sell the Ascend P1 Android smartphone unlocked in the U.S. Despite being announced this time last year, the spec is still acceptable, but it faces stiff competition from Google.

Man uses online dating site to lure thief and recover stolen iPhone

Definitely a creative way to recover lost or stolen property, a Brooklyn man was able to get his lost iPhone back by using a fake OkCupid profile for bait.

Teen brags on Facebook about drunken hit-and-run, gets arrested

Kicking off 2013 with a sizable amount of criminal stupidity, a teenager used Facebook to tell the world about his night of drunken reckless behavior.

Review: Porsche’s 2013 Boxster finally finds some testosterone

The 2013 Porsche Boxster bursts onto the scene with a striking new facelift that would make Joan Rivers’s leathery cowl green with envy.

Drift Innovation releases mobile app for remote operation of HD Ghost action cam

The Drift App lets users control their HD Ghost action camera remotely from iOS and Android smart devices, including camera angle setups and video playback.

NHTSA misses rearview camera legislation deadline

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wanted to have a bill mandating rearview cameras in all new cars finalized by the end of 2012, but it will have to go on the agenda for 2013 instead.

Marvel adds two more actors to potential Guardians of the Galaxy cast

Michael Rosenbaum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the latest actors that Marvel Studios is considering for a role in the Guardians of the Galaxy cast.

eBay is testing out new shipment and selling systems to help you clean out that closet

EBay is in the process of testing out new selling services for amateur sellers or sellers with little time on their hands.