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Home Theater

Sceptre announces the compact, affordable and feature-packed SoundPal Bluetooth speaker

The tiny football-esque speaker has a built-in Lithium polymer battery that allows six hours of playback. It can transform into a speakerphone for taking calls via its integrated noise-cancelling microphone, and even those without…
Cool Tech

Vending machine violation: Man uses forklift to dislodge Twix from machine, loses job

Now and again, stuff gets stuck in vending machines. You might give it a shake or a shove to try to dislodge it, though you probably wouldn't use a forklift to drop the machine from a couple of feet in the air like a guy from Iowa is…

Marvel’s Doctor Strange director shortlist contains four candidates

Marvel Studios reportedly has a shortlist of directors for the in-development Doctor Strange movie that includes Jonathan Levine, Mike Andrews, Nikolaj Arcel, and Dean Israelite.
Android Army

Google rumored to drop Nexus 7, introduce Nexus 8 with new version of Android in July

This year's Google I/O conference may be a disappointment if you're expecting news on the next version of Android, and the announcement of a new tablet, should a new report prove correct.

Fisker’s Karma gets reincarnated with fire-breathing V8, hybrid models

Chinese auto parts giant Wangxiang has purchased Fisker. Partnering with Bob Lutz's VL Destino, it plans to sell both hybrid and V8-powered Fisker models. This is good news for both eco and V8 luxury sedan fans.

Microsoft issues fix for 0-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer 9 and 10

Though a security hole has been discovered in Internet Explorer 9 as well as Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft has already issued a workaround fix. Read on to learn more about the threat here.

Jolla to release Sailfish launcher app for Android, so it’s easier to try the new mobile OS

Jolla has announced its Sailfish OS is about to reach version 1.0, and when it does, a separate launcher app for Android will be released, giving more people a chance to try the new mobile operating system.

YouTube update for desktop brings new design and playlist enhancements

YouTube is in the middle of rolling out a cleaner design for its desktop site that pushes it closer to the look and feel of its mobile apps. A few changes designed to enable easier creation and management of playlists have also been…
Health & Fitness

To crunch granite in Olympic-level curling, be prepared to crunch numbers

On the surface, curling is just pushing a rock down some ice. But elevate it to the Olympic level, and the once-simple sport benefits from some interesting gadgetry and the dark, geeky art of data analytics.

Google Project Tango lets your phone map your surroundings in 3D

Google's Advanced Technology and Projects Group pulled the wraps off its latest initiative Thursday – Project Tango – involving an advanced Android handset with highly customized hardware and software capable of tracking the full 3D…