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Love plants on your plate? What about dishes that are made from them?

Planetware is plates, cups, and bowls made from bamboo, rice husk, and corn. It's completely compostable but lasts for years, and you can even put it in the microwave and dishwasher.

It’s official: Tesla will unveil a battery for your home on April 30

According to an email Tesla sent out to investors on Tuesday, it plans to show off a pair of new battery technologies designed for use in your home to help store excess solar power.
Health & Fitness

Trek recalls nearly 1 million bikes after defect paralyzes a man forever

Waterloo-based bike company Trek has recalled specific models of bikes released from 2000-2015 over a nearly-fatal defect that injured three people with one rendered paralyzed.

Still mourning Top Gear? BBC announces it will air remaining three episodes this year

The BBC has announced that three unaired Top Gear episodes will be released later this year, likely in summer. Though there will be no studio footage, the episodes are rumored to feature car challenges involving second hand SUVs and classic…
Cool Tech

Disney Research has developed a wild new 3D printer that creates models out of fabric

Disney Research, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, has developed a way to 3D print fabric. Everything from its firmness to electrical conductivity can be precisely tailored.

Google wants to turn your home’s walls into screens

Google was granted a patent on April 21 that gives it the green light to develop a new projector. The device would work with light-reactive paint to portray scenes designated by a computer or smartphone.

Google’s pay-as-you-go Project Fi wireless plan is official — Here are all the earlier rumors

Google may be in the process of setting itself up as a mobile network, and team up with T-Mobile and Sprint to make it a reality. The latest rumors say it'll launch before the end of April 2015.

The CyberPowerPC Trinity is a gaming PC that looks ready for the next Star Wars trailer

The Trinity gaming computer from CyberPowerPC provides better cooling for your components, a great deal of storage, and it looks like it comes straight out of the new Star Wars movie.

Soon you won’t need a Microsoft Band to use Microsoft ‘s Health app

New additions to the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health apps may transform the company's burgeoning platform into a one-stop activity tracker. Historical exercise data is in tow, along with other improvements.

Fukushima power plant still operating on unsupported Windows XP

With the clean-up at the Fukushima nuclear power plant set to go on for some time, a hacking attack is the last thing it needs. So it's probably time they upgraded their systems from Windows XP.

Colorado man remorseless after shooting Dell computer

The Blue Screen of Death made a Colorado man see red earlier this week, prompting him to fire eight rounds into the tower of his Dell computer.