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Will the next 9/11 be digital?

The U.S. now ranks cyber attacks as a bigger threat than conventional terror. Could the next 9-11 come from the Internet?

Digital killed the retail star: Digital distribution sales grew 33-percent this year

The NPD Group and other game market research firms laid out the digital shift during a panel at GDC 2013, and highlighted key differences in gaming habits in North America and the European Union.
Home Theater

Mohu’s Jolt antenna amplifier clears the airwaves to better TV reception

Mohu's Jolt inline antenna amp doesn't just amplify weak signals, it filters out airborne riff-raff to give users cleaner, more reliable TV reception

April Fools 2013 Roundup: YouTube closes, Twttr eliminates vowels, and more

It's April Fool's day, and that means every company and service on the Web wants to make you laugh. This year, Google closes YouTube, Kayak starts a dating site, Toshiba launches the ShibaSphere game console, The Rural Juror hits Hulu…

Did you know: A majority of app revenue comes from in-app purchases

A new study shows that the bulk of app revenue doesn't come from the initial download, but from in-app purchases.

Crytek USA wants the Darksiders series to come home

Darksiders was one of the game series set adrift in the aftermath of THQ's closure this past January, with its studio Vigil Games closed and no bidders on the IP. Crytek USA, the new home of many Vigil Games staffers, plans to make a bid on…
Home Theater

PRIMA Cinema brings in-the-theaters movies home for $500 each … and it’s worth it!

Home theaters have progressed such that they are, in many ways, superior to commercial theaters. The one caveat has been that you have to wait for months until movies come available on Blu-ray or from on-demand services to enjoy them. The…

IBM’s Roadrunner supercomputer hits early retirement due to power usage

The Los Alamos National Laboratory has pulled the plug on the IBM-built Roadrunner supercomputer after just five years of service. The Roadrunner, the first supercomputer to be able to handle one million billion calculations per second, has…
Social Media

With threaded comments, Facebook Q&As look a lot like Reddit AMAs

Since threaded comments rolled out to Facebook Pages, celebrities have been conducting Q&A's to engage with fans and followers. However, the format is awfully reminiscent of Reddit AMA's.

2015 Subaru BRZ: all-wheel drive, twin-turbo diesel hybrid convertible to silence critics

Subaru has smartly taken all suggestions received from the automotive media on its next-generation BRZ model and folded them into one breath-taking model. Though the innovative BRZ will do most anything any automotive enthusiast could want…

Sony Computer Entertainment announces major restructuring in the lead up to the PS4

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, the lifeblood of the PlayStation business back in the 1990s, is no more. Neither is SCE Asia. Both companies have been merged into a single operating unit headed by president Hiroshi Kawano ahead of the…

No Joke: Tesla exceeds sales expectations but cancels entry-level model due to poor demand

In spite of the April first date, Tesla has seriously announced that its 40 kWh battery pack won’t go into production. Buyers who ordered the entry-level Model S will instead receive the 60 kWh battery with software limiting it to 40 kWh.