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Sony distributing new PlayStation 4 development kits ahead of pre-E3 2013 debut

Sony is struggling in the present video game market, but the company is laying out its final plans for the future. Unnamed developers are reporting that the company is sending out new PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis, development kits.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Wireless carriers offer Hurricane Sandy relief, iPad Mini goes on sale 2:43

Wireless carriers help with Hurricane Sandy relief, the iPad mini goes on sale, a man is forced to pay $1.5 million for BitTorrenting 10 movies, Microsoft mulls its own Windows Phone, and Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters.  Related…

Eight years after botched PS2 launch, is Sony bringing PlayStation 3 to China?

Releasing a video game console in China is a tricky business since technically the machines have been banned since 2000. That hasn't stopped Sony from trying to infiltrate the market before, and it looks like it will try again with PS3.

Hate when Facebook apps spam your wall? MyPermissions will identify the culprits

Got too many apps that you barely use anymore? Why hang on to them when they could potentially harm your social media accounts? MyPermissions can help you nuke all unwanted, harmful apps in just a few clicks.

Mazda has a new RX-7 slated for 2017, rotary fans rejoice

Mazda plans a new RX-7 for 2017 to take advantage of their new rotary engine. The car will be light and power, just like an RX-7 should be.

Microsoft bricks up the door to freedom with the Windows Store’s ‘walled garden’

As Microsoft migrates from an open platform to a walled garden with Windows 8, freedom falls by the wayside.
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Thanks science! Math phobia can literally cause brain pain

Do you find yourself extremely dreading math problems that you physically feel ill at the thought? You're not being a baby about it, there's a scientific reason why.

Hands On: Amazon wants you to trust it with your photos

Amazon's cloud storage service for photos isn't just for Kindle HD users anymore. The company made its Cloud Drive Photos app available for most Android devices today. Signing in with your Amazon account will net you 5GB of free space for…

Microsoft still testing its own Windows Phone 8 device, just in case things go wrong elsewhere

Once again, Microsoft has been linked with developing its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone, something it has denied in the past despite evidence stacking up to the contrary. Is such a device likely to ever go on sale?

Moshi unveils iPad mini VersaCover origami case

Looking for accessories to go with your brand new iPad mini? Moshi's VersaCover origami case doubles as a screen protector and an iPad stand.

Porsche to build the 961, a direct competitor to Ferrari

Porsche will be borrowing from the upcoming 918 supercar to create the 961, a car positioned above the top-end 911 to compete with Ferrari.

Planetside 2 beta adds in-game Twitch streaming

This weekend the Planetside 2 beta client will be updated with a button that offers players the ability to live-stream their gameplay via Twitch.