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Passwords are so last season, ‘pass-thoughts’ let you log in with your mind

In the future, you might not need to come up with and memorize complicated strings of characters to access your accounts, when all you need to do is think and your brainwaves will serve as your pass-thoughts.

Renault’s Twin’Z EV concept puts on a happy face, showcases tech-driven design features

Although Renault makes no mention of plans to actually produce the Twin’Z, the concept features a number of tech features that US buyers might find appealing.
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Facebook wants to make sure you know how much Facebook you’re missing out on

As if you haven't had enough of the site, Facebook adds an alert that seems focused on letting you know that you're not as updated as you thought you were. So now, when you're on Facebook, you will won't be getting enough Facebook.
Android Army

As Android gaming console OUYA ships, competitor GameStick gets delayed

In 2012, the Android gaming console business was non-existant, just a potentially revolutionary idea well funded in multiple Kickstarter campaigns. Now Android consoles are starting to trickle out. The OUYA's primary competitor, PlayJam's…

HTC quarter one sales reach an all-time low

In the first quarter of this year, smartphone manufacturer HTC received the lowest profits it has seen in the last decade. Blame for the plummet can be mostly attributed to the delay in launching its highly anticipated HTC One flagship…

You know what they say about people in Glass houses?

Google has announced its first wave of Glass recipients, and it’s a veritable “Who’s who” of … well … actually, it’s a little unclear who is who on this list of 4,000.
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NCAA Final Four the first major U.S. sports event in 4K

The Final Four of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball tournament was the first major U.S. sporting event recorded in 4K Ultra HD, with fans at Atlanta's Georgia Dome able to see highlights on LG Ultra HD TVs scattered around the stadium.

Daimler defies EU enviro directive, claims newly approved A/C refrigerant is flammable

Despite Opel’s insistence that the new 1234yf refrigerant is safe, Daimler won’t use it and defies an EU directive to do so. Though the refrigerant creator, Honeywell, admits the mixture is flammable, it doesn’t feel Daimler’s tests…

‘Ridiculous Fishing’ Review: Catch fish, then blow them to pieces

Ridiculous Fishing tasks players with catching fish, bringing them to the surface, and shooting them. Ridiculous is right, but it's also ridiculously good. A clever, unique game with beautiful artwork and undeniable charm, Ridiculous…

Review: Krups EA9000 is the Cadillac of personal coffee makers

Coffee drinkers with an affinity for expensive machines, listen up. The Krups EA9000 is the arguably the best coffee maker you can own, if you're willing to fork up a couple thousand dollars.
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Krups EA9000 Review

Krups EA9000 review.

Jaguar extends XK-RS GT production run, 20 really rich buyers quietly rejoice

Jaguar might just build 20 more XK-RS GTs than previously anticipated. But does it really matter? Frankly, we don’t think so. But just imagine how angry the Brits are that they won't get even one.