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Minix Neo X7 Review

Minix Neo X7 review.
Cool Tech

Could this colorful browser extension make you a speed reader?

Ever wish you could read faster? Check out this new browser extension that claims to increase your reading speed by 10-30 percent using nothing more than a clever color scheme

‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ has now set seven world records

After becoming the fastest entertainment property to reach $1 billion, Rockstar and Take Two’s juggernaut 'Grand Theft Auto 5' has set its seventh world record according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
Home Theater

GoldenEar Technology proves in-ceiling speakers can hang with the best

It ain't easy to take a pre-built room in the middle of a trade show floor and turn it into a successful sound demo, let alone one using in-ceiling speakers. But Sandy Gross at GoldenEar Technology pulled it of. Here's our ears-on…
Social Media

This new widget lets you embed entire Facebook Albums

Want to show your non-Facebook friends some photos from the social network? Here's how you do it, courtesy of a new widget.
Social Media

Facebook continues to court TV companies with new login option

Facebook continues to foster ties to the television service industry, and is in talks with Time Warner and Verizon so you can log in using your Facebook account and start watching online video.

‘Active Lean’ isn’t a diet supplement, it’s how Toyota’s i-Road electric trike gets around

The Toyota i-Road defies categorization. Is it s three-wheeled electric motorcycle? Is it an overgrown scooter? Whatever it is, the i-Road will soon be available to the public in Japan.
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Coming soon: A Twitter feature that gets you watching TV – not tweeting about it

In the biggest TV-related deal it's made yet, Twitter's partnership with Comcast could actually get you watching TV - not just talking and tweeting about it. It's a big step in Twitter's plan to rule television.

BMW freshens up the all-conquering 1200 GS adventure bikes, distant locales beckon

In 1980, when BMW loosed the original oddball "G/S" on the world, its highest-tech bit was probably the solid-state ignition and a headlight. Now, the bikes feature tons of tech including ABS brakes, traction control, adjustable suspension…