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Xbox Entertainment Studios may continue to operate with a new owner

Microsoft is reportedly looking for a buyer to revive its recently shuttered original entertainment production division, Xbox Entertainment Studios.

Sony Smartwatch 3 rumored for IFA launch, but it’s unlikely to run Android Wear

Sony could be about to release a new version of its SmartWatch. Known as the SmartWatch 3, the wrist-worn device may make its debut alongside the Xperia Z3 smartphone during the IFA tech show in September.

UK network EE causes upset by introducing charge to jump helpline queues

UK network EE has introduced a priority answer system on its customer helpline, where anyone willing to make a small payment will jump to the front of the queue. However, not everyone has welcomed the new service.
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Lenovo Z40 Review

Lenovo Z40 review.

Uber’s ride-sharing service banned in Berlin on passenger safety grounds

Uber has been banned in Berlin, with city officials claiming passengers using the service might not be covered by insurance. The startup said the move limited consumer choice "for all the wrong reasons," adding that it intends to challenge…

Samsung acquires smart-home startup SmartThings for a reported $200 million

Samsung has acquired smart-home startup SmartThings in a deal reported to be worth $200 million. The move should see SmartThings' platform expand to more device makers as Samsung seeks to establish itself in the home automation space.

Global smartphone shipments pass 300m for first time in single quarter

Global smartphone shipments passed 300 million for the first time in a single quarter, according to new data from IDC. Android increased its market share compared to a year earlier, while iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry all experienced a…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Siri on the stand, 4 trillion frames per second, pumped up Dodge Charger

Today on DT Daily: a murder suspect’s alleged unusual helper, a very, very fast camera and just what every family needs: a 4-door sedan that goes 204 miles an hour. Technology has taken center stage at a Florida murder trial…
Home Theater

YouTube launching new app design on set-top boxes, consoles

Attempting to meld the mobile and big screen interface into one design, the YouTube team has launched a new version of the YouTube application that brings more attention to subscribed playlists and channels.

SkyHook Mini brings pro-level camera movements to action cams

The SkyHook Mini is an automated camera positioning robot providing professional-looking, smooth movements with action cams and small cameras.

Ready to nap behind the wheel? The road to self-driving cars remains a long one

Self-driving cars may seem like they're right around the corner, but expensive sensors, primitive artificial intelligence and unpredictable human drivers all spell a long road ahead.