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Swiss watchmakers gear up to battle smartwatches with activity software

Swiss watchmakers are gearing up to fight smartwtaches from Apple and Google's Android Wear partners with smarter watches that boast fitness and sleep tracking software. The new smarter watches will arrive in June.

AMD’s CTO says Chromebooks aren’t a good fit for its chips

Before speculation can even spark up, an AMD executive has adamantly denied its company is interested in diving into the Chromebook sea.

Here’s what everyone is saying about the FCC’s historic Net neutrality ruling (in GIF form)

The FCC issued its landmark ruling to reclassify broadband as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act, among other things. As you can imagine, quite a few companies had things to say, so we compiled their reactions with GIF…

Prepare your mustache: Jensen marque returning with new GT, Interceptor 2 in 2016

Jensen Motors may be dead, but the marque will be making a comeback next year with the Jensen Group's GT sports car. Also planned is the Interceptor 2, which will take design cues from the original.

Is this dress white and gold or black and blue? The experts have an answer

The dress that broke the Internet is white and gold. Or maybe it's blue and black. The thing is, it's one or the other to different sets of people, and there are several very scientific reasons why. Here's what's going on.

Darksiders creator returns to his Battle Chasers comics for a new game

Darksiders creator Joe Madureira has announced a new game with his studio, Airship Syndicate, based on his Battle Chasers comics from the late 90s.

Ericsson is trying to get the iPhone banned from sale in the U.S.

Ericsson, a major player in the telecoms industry, has requested the ITC place a ban on the sale of the iPhone in the U.S., after a patent battle between it and Apple took a nasty turn this week.

Spotify adds lyrics to desktop app so you can annoy the hell out of everyone nearby

Spotify is adding a lyrics button to its desktop app so you can sing along to your favorite tracks while testing the patience of those close by. The music streaming company also announced several other enhancements to its service on…
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What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2015: Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and more

Mobile World Congress is on its way, so we've put together all the big rumors about new smartphones and tablets from the big players in one place, including gossip about Samsung, HTC, Google, Microsoft, LG, and more.

YouTube: A billion users and still no profit

More than a billion people use ad-supported YouTube to watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every day. However, the Google-owned company is still to turn a profit. So what's going on?
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Twitter expands team dealing with abuse reports, updates anti-troll tools

Twitter's boss recently admitted the company has a bit of a problem dealing with abuse and trolls on the service, and vowed to put it right. With that goal in mind, the company on Thursday announced more measures to tackle the damaging…