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The Empire Strikes Brick: Rian Johnson to write, direct Star Wars: Episode VIII

Looper and Brick filmmaker Rian Johnson is reportedly in talks to write and direct Star Wars: Episode VIII, and to deliver a story treatment for Episode IX.

Scan license plates so you can text flirty messages to cute drivers with GM’s new app

GM's China R&D team has developed an Android app that lets a driver scan a license plate in order to start texting the owner of that car. DiDi Plate is a prototype app debuted earlier this month at the Telematics Detroit 2014 conference.

Steam’s Summer Sale is underway, and here are 50 games you should check out

The Steam store is massive, and there are thousands of games available at any given time, so we broke down our favorite 50 games into ten genres to help you get started on Steam, or if you've already been playing and are looking for…
Cool Tech

Chicago’s new sensor network works like a fitness tracker for the city

Where's the quietest part of town? And where's the sunniest spot to eat lunch? A new Chicago project called the Array Of Things is designed to constantly monitor the city and report back its findings.

Pricing error at checkout 6! There’s no way the Fire Phone should cost this much

Amazon's newly announced Fire Phone costs the same as an iPhone 5S, a Galaxy S5, and many other high-end smartphones. Has Amazon been reading its own self-help books about becoming an optimist? How does it justify such a price?

Google reveals more about Android Wear as Samsung joins the party

A newly published developer video gives more insight into Google's plans for Android Wear, while insider rumors suggest Samsung has a smartwatch ready to go at Google I/O next week.
Cool Tech

U.S. government bans drones from all national parks

The use of drones has already been banned in several national parks, and now NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis has signed an order preventing them from being flown in all of the parks across the U.S..

Google’s Nest to acquire video monitoring startup Dropcam

Nest announced Friday it's signed an agreement to acquire video monitoring startup Dropcam for $555 million. The deal was reportedly made without the assistance of Google, Nest's parent company.

5 amazing gadgets that are helping the blind see

There are a few exciting projects in the works that could open up a whole new world for the blind and visually impaired. From smart glasses, to a Braille e-book reader, here are some things that technology could do to bring light to the…

5 things we’ve learned from people who have fondled the Fire Phone

Amazon launched the Fire Phone earlier this week and now the earliest impressions are coming in. Overall, Firefly, Dynamic Perspective, and the lack of apps received the most attention.

Microsoft just launched an accelerator program for home automation startups

In an effort to get its foot in the door of the burgeoning smart home market, Microsoft has recently launched an accelerator targeted specifically at connected home technologies.