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Toshiba Chromebook 2 Review

Toshiba's Chromebook 2 gives you 1080p, for a price.
DT Daily

DT Daily: ‘The Interview’ sets a record, print ID photo hack, stunning space video 3:12

Today on DT Daily: The Interview has become Sony’s biggest online movie release ever, hacker steals fingerprint form a photo, and more astounding footage shot from the International Space Station. The Interview, Sony’s…

Who wins between a 691-hp Lamborghini and a 691-hp Tesla? This video has the answer

Ever wondered what would happen if 691 electric horsepower went up against 691 gas-derived hp? A new video between the Tesla P85D and Lamborghini Aventador documents the showdown, which turns out to be quite competitive.

Watch a BMW Z4 GT3, Ford GT40, and Nissan GT-Rs take on the Hakone Mountain Hill Climb

In it’s first hill climb event, Motorhead magazine gathers race cars to take on a 5-mile run up Hakone Mountian. The cars range from modern Super GT cars, rally cars, and even classic endurance racers.

Kodak focuses on Android-powered smartphone cameras

Kodak announced a partnership with the Bullitt Group to license Android-powered smartphones and tablets aimed at tech-averse consumers. The devices will be easy to use and focus on camera features and photo sharing.

Hacker replicate politician’s fingerprint to warn of biometric security dangers

A hacker has replicated a German politician's fingerprint to fool Touch ID on the iPhone and other biometric sensors, by using just a regular camera and some off-the-shelf imaging software.

It’s still not here, but Apple’s Watch will loom large over competitors at CES 2015

Though Apple will snub CES as it always has, competitors ranging from titans like Samsung to newcomers like Pebble will still have to find a way to best its upcoming Watch.

Lizard Squad loses its anonymity to computer security journalist Brian Krebs

The infamous and anonymous group called Lizard Squad, best known for bringing the PSN and Xbox Live networks down on multiple occasions, has been unmasked by well-known computer security journalist Brian Krebs.