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Fez set to arrive on PlayStation platforms on March 25

Polytron Corporation confirms a March 25 release for Fez on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita, with one purchase getting you all three versions.

Windows XP and 8.1 desktop OS share rises, while Windows 7’s falls very slightly

Windows 8.1 gets a bit more popular, but so does Windows XP. Meanwhile, despite Windows 7's continued dominance, its share dipped ever so slightly last month. Learn more here.

Alfa Romeo presents the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde: Long name for a hot Italian hatch

Alfa Romeo unveils the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde just in time for the 2014 Geneva Motor show, celebrating 60 years of this classy hatchback. Those interested might need some luck, as only 500 will be produced and certainly none will be…

Just days after Galaxy S5 launch, Goophone makes a knockoff

It might look like Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone, but it's not. It's a knockoff produced by long-time opportunist Goophone, and although it costs a fraction of what a real Galaxy S5 will set you back, ownership will come with plenty of…

Fear the upgrade? Microsoft’s free Windows XP migration tool aims to make the move easy

If you're still on XP and decide to budge at some point, this tool, which will be provided to users for free as a result of a partnership between Redmond and Laplink, could make the transition easier.

Titanfall’s Prestige-like Generations reportedly comes with an XP boost

The latest Titanfall post-beta infodump reveals a handful of details about the game, including the existence of a Prestige-like Generations mode that comes with an XP boost for each new stats reset.

Microsoft to berate Windows XP users about end of support date with popups

Redmond plans to notify XP users about the April 8 end of support date using a tried and true method that we're all quite familiar with. Learn more about what Microsoft's plans are here.

South Park: The Stick of Truth censorship features epochal facepalm

A leaked image offers a look at how South Park: The Stick of Truth handles the bits that were censored for the game's release in Europe.

Dual-OS Windows Phone/Android smartphones set to be a reality by summer

According to the chairperson of an Indian mobile phone company, it has struck a deal to produce a smartphone running both Android and Windows Phone. It'll be on sale by June, but details on how it will work are still unknown.
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Whoops! Teen’s Facebook brag sees dad’s $80,000 lawsuit settlement turn to dust

Patrick Snay's relationship with his daughter is probably a little frosty just now. Y'see, a Facebook post bragging about her dad's $80,000 lawsuit settlement was deemed proof that he broke a confidentiality clause, resulting in the payment…

Next-gen artificial limbs help amputees grab onto a better life

No, you’re not looking at a scene from the next Terminator. Next-gen artificial limbs like the i-Limb Digits are allowing amputees to regain the lost function once provided by one of nature’s most complicated engineering feats: the…