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Could roads and streets help power future vehicles?

In addition to helping to generate electricity, scientists say the underground piping technology could also be used to prolong the lifespan of the asphalt.
Social Media

Proposed amendment fails, employers still can’t ask for you Facebook passwords

A bill may block employers from asking for your social media passwords, but a now withdrawn amendment to the bill threatened the privacy of employees.

Fisker Automotive gets slapped with lawsuit after laying off most of its workforce

With 75 percent of its workforce gone, could this be the end for Fisker Automotive?
Product Review

HTC One Review

HTC One Review.

Rumor: Microsoft prices new Xbox at $500 upfront, $300 with subscription

Microsoft still hasn't laid out details for its next video game console, but information about the Xbox 360 successor continues to trickle out. A reporter claims the Next Xbox will cost $500 on its own, but just $300 with a subscription to…
Home Theater

DTS-HD surround sound coming soon to mobile devices

DTS launches DTS-HD layered audio for media streaming services making it possible to stream various bit rates in one encode. Tablets and Vudu rejoice.

Is Bugatti preparing to unveil the Super Veyron after all?

Speculation is rampant this morning after Bugatti teased a new performance model on its Facebook page. Regardless of what the model will end up being, it’ll surely produce more than 1400 horsepower.

Jake Solomon talks about what’s next for XCOM and its mobile future

XCOM: Enemy Unknown lead designer Jake Solomon chats with Digital Trends about the upcoming iOS port of last year's turn-based strategy hit. We also attempt to find out what's next for Firaxis.

Move over, IKEA: New ‘smart foam’ furniture can build itself

Say goodbye to allen wrenches and flat-pack furniture. Belgian designer Carl de Smet has invented a smart foam technology that allows furniture to assemble itself with a little help of heat.

Move over Bentley, we’d rather have this Audi RS 8 instead

Although Audi has no present plans for an RS 8, these renderings from an Audi fanboy make us wish it did. With powerful body sculpture matched with high-end luxury and unrelenting power, we figure the RS 8 could give Bentley a good run for…

Jim Cramer thinks Microsoft should buy Netflix

If you ask "Mad Money" stock expert, Jim Cramer, Microsoft should make a major move and acquire Netflix, bringing it into cohesion with the Xbox for total control of the living room. Oh, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings should also run it all.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Pay to Facebook Message a Celebrity, Home App Leaked, Wave Glider SV3 2:10

DT Daily: How much would you pay to Facebook message Angelina Jolie? A beta version of Facebook Home is leaked, and Liquid Robotics launches a new sea-faring robot. Related Links: Facebook Message a Celebrity Facebook Home Leaked…