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Xbox Live Arcade Sales Top $10 Million in March

March sales of Xbox Live Arcade games surpassed $10 million for the first time ever, an increase of 41 percent from this time last year.


Alibaba Banks on PayPal

Alibaba used to be in a death-grip battle with online auction giant eBay over China’s burgeoning online auction market…a battle that Albaba largesly won when eBay pulled back from the Chinese market and sunk assets into a joint venture with the…


Pimp out your bike with these handy gadgets

We stop by Metropolis Cycle Repair in Portland to check out some of the latest bike gadgets.

Cool Tech

Nokia N8 Packs Symbian^3, 12 Megapixel Camera

Nokia's N8 smartphone will be formidable, packing the Symbian^3 operating system, a 12 megapixel camera, and mobile TV capabilities...when it ships in the third quarter.


Motorola Cliq XT Review

We review the Android powered Cliq XT which subtracts the keyboard and some bulk from Motorola's original Cliq.

  • Pros: Motoblur aggregates social network, texting and e-email…
  • Cons: Motoblur bubbles cover home screens , Poor video recorder…

Cops Break Down Gizmodo Editor’s Door, Seize Gear

Paycheck journalism may not be paying off for Gizmodo after all. After acquiring a search warrant, police have raided a Gizmodo Editor's house to seize his computer equipment.


Panasonic Announces 3D TV Pricing

Panasonic’s line of 3D TVs now have prices. The sets are due out in May are predicted to cost between $2,599 and $4,299.

Home Theater

Avatar Sets Records! Again.

Avatar's Blu-ray sales have shattered previous sales records, selling through 1.2 million on the first day.

Home Theater

Court Finds That Bloggers are not Protected by Journalistic Legal Shields

A new ruling in a New Jersey court case states that bloggers do not share the same legal protections that journalists are given.


Halo: Reach Live Action Short Debuts This Week

A new live-action short set in the Halo universe, “Birth of a Spartan,” debuts this week.


Nook Outsells Kindle in March, E-Reader Sales Expected to Hit 11 Million

Demand for the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader increases as it surpasses Amazon’s Kindle. E-reader sales expected to hit 11 million by year’s end.


Samsung Story Station External Hard Drives Pick Up USB 3.0

Samsung has written a new chapter in its Story external hard drives, starting with the words "USB 3.0."


Yahoo and Samsung Sign Global Mobile Services Deal

Samsung will be putting Yahoo services as defaults on millions of phones running both Android and Samsung's own bada operating systems.


Man Who Lost iPhone Gets a Free Beer and Flight from Lufthansa

After losing the prototype iPhone, there is a silver lining for Gray Powell: a free trip to Germany.


Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Violent Video Game Ban

The Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments regarding a California law that bans the sale or rental of violent video games to children.