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AMD’s CEO suggests the wait for new Radeon cards will continue

Advanced Micro Devices stated in a quarterly conference call on April 16 that it discuss new GPU products later this quarter. The company also expects to see a strong second half of the year as it rolls out high volume shipments.
Movies & TV

New Fantastic Four trailer reveals Doctor Doom and a stretchy Reed Richards

Reed Richards' stretchy arms and Doctor Doom's terrifying face debut in the new trailer for Chronicle director Josh Trank's reboot of Fantastic Four.

Everything you need to know about the LG G Flex 2: It’s coming to AT&T April 24

LG's newly announced G Flex 2 is faster, better looking, and more durable than the original - plus it has been given a healthy spec upgrade, resulting in a phone that's more desirable than even the G3.

Come on, get healthy: Our favorite health apps for the warm weather ahead

You should take care of yourself all the time, but if you haven't been, now is the perfect opportunity to get back on track. Check out our favorite apps designed for improving your health.
Health & Fitness

This is the world’s first smart electric self-inflating stand up paddle board

Take all the hassle and heavy lifting out of paddle-boarding. SipaBoard makes it easy to get your entire family out on the water in less time than it takes to inflate one board with a traditional hand pump, and once you're out there, you'll…
Cool Tech

These twins need ventilators to survive, but create amazing 3D printed gadgets together

Twins Chris and Nick Fryer love technology, and by using their knowledge and a 3D printer, they have made everything from drones to robotic pets. What's inspirational is they're both in wheelchairs and only have movement in their fingertips…

AMD spills the beans on July release of Windows 10

We’ve known since last month that Windows 10 would be arriving this summer, but now it seems that the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system will arrive in July, according to a statement in AMD's most recent earnings call.

Using geometric shapes, Overam gives Android users new way to edit photos

Want to add some creative flair to your photos without resorting to filters? Overam is a new app for Android that uses geometric shapes to add new perspectives to photos.

Nokia may return to smartphones, but not until next year

On the heels of Nokia's announcement of a $16.6 billion purchase of Alcatel-Lucent, rumors have begun to surface that the company could return to selling Nokia-branded smartphones as early as next year.

Microsoft continues focus on iOS by adding OneDrive support for Apple Watch

As part of the latest update to its OneDrive app for iOS, Microsoft has added support for cloud storage service on the Apple Watch, allowing users to view and delete photos as well has find them by tag.
Health & Fitness

Here’s a 100 percent waterproof smartwatch for swimmers

Swimmo designed its flagship product to be "water-oriented," addressing the problems that arise when trying to use traditional touchscreen smart devices when wet. The Swimmo uses simple wrist-twist movement and screen taps to navigate the…

This politician blamed a naughty iPhone charger for favoriting sexy tweet

This UK politician blamed a third-party iPhone charger for favoriting a pornographic tweet on his account. He called the situation a "technological accident," but bizarrely was still happy to later admit he watched adult content.