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FCC tells Verizon that just because other carriers throttle, doesn’t mean it can too

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler dismissed Verizon's defense of data throttling as an industry standard. The FCC also sent letters to other major carriers, asking them to explain their policies on data throttling.

Stash your gat in one of these gun-concealing furniture pieces

Looking for a way to keep your firearms secure, but also keep them close at hand so you can access them in a pinch? Look no further than New Jersey Concealment Furniture

5 ways Sprint can move on after leaving T-Mobile at the altar

Sprint has taken a real beating since the Uncarrier movement took off with T-Mobile, but it's not down and out yet. The company can do a number of things to stay competitive in the months ahead.
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Josh Brolin hints at Thanos’ return and the inspiration for his Marvel movie role

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For actor Josh Brolin hints at Thanos' return and describes his inspiration for the "Mad Titan" of Marvel's cinematic universe.

Gods Will Be Watching takes pity on you with The Mercy Update

Gods Will Be Watching, Deconstructeam's punishingly difficult adventure game, has taken pity on beleaguered gamers with The Mercy Update, which adds variable difficulty settings.

The Crew revs up another PC beta for August 25

Ubisoft will be holding a second closed PC beta for their upcoming open world driving game, The Crew, from August 25 - 29. Register online for a key.

Faking it: Nearly half of people lie while sexting

Is your partner lying to you while you're being digitally intimate? Probably, according to a new study that says nearly half of people lie about what they're doing or wearing while sexting.

See how BioShock’s graphics on iOS compare to Xbox 360

AppSpy has created a comparison video to highlight the graphical differences between Irrational Games' BioShock on Xbox 360 and the upcoming iOS port from 2K China.

Le Mans tech: Are rotary-driven hybrids the future of endurance racing?

The Dutch motorsport team InMotion is developing an exciting new hybrid racer, powered by a rotary engine twice as efficient as most piston engines. With 545 horsepower this motor will be the centerpiece of a racer that hopes to win at Le…

Say hello to WarKitteh, a cat collar that sniffs out weakly encrypted and unprotected Wi-Fi networks

With WarKitteh, you can strengthen your bond with your cat by enlisting them to sniff out weakly protected wireless Internet networks. Yes, you read that right. No, I haven't been sniffing paint.

Alaska has the slowest average Internet speed in the country, while Virginia has the fastest

Have you ever wondered where your state ranks in terms of average Internet speed? We have the answer, courtesy of a new study's findings.