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Social media election reactions that made us laugh, cry, and proud to be Americans

Social media played a huge role in garnering raw reactions from American citizens, and here's how you guys made us feel after an eventful 24 hours.
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Kim Dotcom’s already shut down

The Internet's Robin Hood, Kim Dotcom, just can't catch a break: Less than a week after announcing the domain of his forthcoming cloud-storage service,, the government of Gabon, which controls the .ga domain, has shut him down.

Tesla wants Model S owners to go the distance, opens Supercharger stations in California

Tesla's new Supercharger stations will provide fast charging for Tesla owners. The opening of six of these stations in California is a big step toward making the EV practical for longer trips.
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Apple adds Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Galaxy Note 10.1 to Samsung lawsuit

Apple is trying to add Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, and the Galaxy Note 10.1 to yet another patent infringement court case against Samsung in California.

AV Rant #311: Lawn Pirates

This week…well, you knew we were going to talk about the sale of the Star Wars universe to Disney. Liz has some thoughts on the new Boxee TV (review) and how Boxee has been ignoring their fanbase. Sound through bone conduction. Liz…

Skyfall review: Bond celebrates half a century in style

Daniel Craig reprises the role of James Bond for 007’s 23rd outing. With Sam Mendes behind the lens, and Javier Bardem taking the role of the bad guy, Skyfall may just be the best Bond to ever hit the silver screen.
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How social networking and peer pressure swept Obama to victory

While apps and hashtags have been all the rage this election season, another age-old mechanism has surfaced thanks to social media: Good old-fashioned peer pressure.
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Motorola gives you the keys to its Atrix HD with the new Developer Edition

Motorola has announced a special Developer Edition of its Atrix HD Android phone. Designed for those who want to customize their Atrix HD, it comes with the option of unlocking the bootloader, allowing the installation of custom software.
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1080p Droid DNA tipped for launch at Verizon and HTC’s November 13 event

HTC and Verizon have sent out invitations to a press event on November 13, where it's rumored to be announcing the Droid DNA, the US version of Japan's J Butterfly smartphone that's equipped with a 5-inch, 1080p display.
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Obama ‘victory’ tweet is his most retweeted ever as news networks call election for Democrats

Barack Obama and his campaign team took to Twitter Tuesday night to thank supporters for turning out to vote, with Obama posting his most retweeted tweet ever in the process.

Watch the ISS pass overhead with NASA’s Spot the Station messaging service

Sign up to NASA's new Spot the Station service and you'll be sent a message when the International Space Station is passing overhead, giving you a chance to pop your head out the window to see it orbiting Earth.

Windows Phone 8X vs. Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5: spec showdown

The biggest representatives of every operating system go head. The iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, and HTC Windows Phone 8X square off in a Spec Showdown. Which phone best meets your needs? Take a look at our comparison and…