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Facebook pays researcher $12.5K bounty for uncovering image-deletion security flaw

A 21-year-old electronics and communication engineer who uncovered a security flaw on Facebook that allowed anyone to delete posted images has received a $12,500 reward for his discovery.

HTC’s feeling blue with new One and One Mini models, cheers itself up with some bass

HTC has expanded its range of colors the HTC One and HTC One Mini are available in, by introducing a Vivid Blue model. It has also announced a standalone subwoofer speaker named the BoomBass.
Home Theater

LG’s new Gallery OLED HDTV moonlights as post impressionist artwork

LG has unveiled its latest OLED TV, the 55-inch Gallery. This first wall-mountable OLED looks like a painting, complete with frame and canvas. But the canvas and frame hide a few extra goodies as well.
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Technology solving the NFL’s concussion problem is a no-brainer, right? Not exactly …

New systems from X2 and Riddell can help NFL football with the concussion crisis, but the hurdles – from the technology to the politics to even the players themselves – remain high.

New HTC Desire 601 comes with 4G LTE and 4.5-inch screen, set for release in October

HTC has announced the Desire 601, a phone previously leaked as the Zara. It shares a similar design to the popular One Mini phone, and is coming to various markets in October.

Shazam: Latest iOS update brings Twitter previews, faster tagging, and more

Shazam has been rolling out a few updates in recent months, with the latest one on Monday bringing iOS users song previews from within Twitter, faster tagging, more up-to-date charts, and a few other goodies.
Social Media

Disgruntled British Airways passenger buys promoted tweets to vent frustrations at airline

Unhappy with a company's customer service efforts? You could always follow Hasa Syed's example and buy some promoted tweets to air your frustrations on millions of Twitter timelines.
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CBS and Time Warner reach deal, Web access blackout to end

Definitely good news for Time Warner subscribers in areas such as New York City and Los Angeles, the CBS blackout ended today after the two companies finally came to a agreement on retransmission fees.

Microsoft purchases Nokia for $7.2 billion

Definitely a strategic move to acquire a larger portion of the mobile devices market around the globe, Microsoft is picking up Nokia's mobile device unit as the rights to license Nokia patents.
Car Review

2014 Nissan GT-R Review

2014 Nissan GT-R Review.

Roomba vs. Neato: Robots Battle To Clean My Home

I brought rival robotic vacuum cleaners into my house, and instead of bloodshed, I got really clean floors. Here’s how the Neato robotic vacuum cleaner stacks up beside the better-known Roomba.

How to squeeze the most juice out of your phone battery 1:55

Frustrated by your smartphone’s limited battery life? There are ways of squeezing extra juice out of your device. Here’s a look at some basic and advanced tips for saving smartphone battery life on any platform.