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Online petition requesting the deportation of Justin Bieber fails

Clearly the obvious response to this type of popular, yet implausible petition, the White House decided to stay quiet on the issue of Justin Bieber's immigration status and his ability to stay in the United States.
Home Theater

HBO GO spots show how awkward is it to watch HBO with your parents

Definitely one of the best reasons to flip off the television and boot up HBO GO on the iPad, HBO released several commercials that depict how embarrassing it can be for teenagers to watch racy content around parents.

Can’t afford to buy a full-frame DSLR or aerial drone? These companies will rent you one

Looking to test out some camera gear before plunging in with the credit card? Try renting first. Several new companies are renting different types of photo equipment to shooters of any skill level.

Chui is a smart doorbell that can recognize faces and play custom greetings for your guests

Chui is a smart doorbell that can recognize faces, and play custom greetings for each one. Learn more about Chui here, which is currently being crowdfunded.

Celebrate Game Boy’s 25th birthday by playing these 5 Virtual Console titles

Nintendo's handheld Game Boy turns 25 on April 21, 2014. Here are five kickass classic games you can play right now via Virtual Console in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Microsoft to use Bing search data to predict outcomes of reality shows

Bing will collect search and social data, and attempt to use it to forecast the results of reality TV shows. Learn more here.

AVG integrates a Heartbleed scanner into its free Web TuneUp security tool

AVG has baked a Heartbleed scanner into its Web TuneUp browsing security app. However, you may not be able to use it. You can learn more here.

Some sites have plugged Heartbleed, but thousands haven’t, says security firm

Though many highly-ranked websites have reportedly patched the Heartbleed problem, thousands of others can still be exploited to attack their users, a security firm says. Learn more here.

HTC reportedly making the Nexus 8, will be available this summer

According to sources, HTC is making the Nexus 8. Google reportedly partnered with HTC in order to bring a new design to the Nexus tablet line, with the Nexus 8 reportedly launching sometime this summer.

This addon for Chrome, Firefox and Opera will tell you if a site is vulnerable to Heartbleed

Netcraft isn't the first browser extension to help users guard against the threat posed by Heartbleed, but it is compatible with multiple Web browsers. Learn more here.