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Gateway P-7801u FX Edition Review

Gateway's P-7801u gaming laptop highlights the company's strengths combining power, performance and value.

  • Pros: Affordable price; good performance and battery life; 1080P…
  • Cons: Large size and weight; chassis feels cheap at times; small…

Verizon Employees Eyed Obama’s Cell Record

A number of Verizon employees who snooped into one of Obama's old cell phone accounts have been put on leave as the company investigates.


Only 88 Pct of U.S. Youth Have Net Access

According to the World Internet Report from the Center for the Digital Future, just 88 percent of American youth have Internet access - a figure far behind some other countries.


Laptop Cool Table Sports USB Fans

If your notebook computer is too hot to use on your lap, the Laptop Cool Table not only lifts it up, but offers two USB-powered fans to keep it - and you - from overheating.


PayPal Intros SMS Security Keys

Remember when PayPal introduced key fobs that provided an additional six-digit security key for account access? Now users can get keys via text messages.


Palm Lays Off More Staff

Struggling PDA and mobile phone maker Palm has laid off more staff after reporting its fifth consecutive quarterly loss.


Final Judgement: SCO Owes Novell $2.5 Mln

In what (we hope!) will be the final word on SCO's dolorous infringement case over Unix, SCO must pay Novell more than $2.54 interest.


U.S. Army Puts $50 Mln into Game Unit

The U.S. Army has decided to create its own video game unit...and will put $50 million over the next five years into games designed to prep soldiers for combat.


Spending Time Online Good for Teens?

A new study finds many benefits to the time teens spend online, as they learn both social and technical skills.


Microsoft Pacts on In-Game Ads, The Guild

Microsoft has announced a deal to distribute a second season of "The Guild," along with an in-game advertising deal with THQ.

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IBM Building Brain-Like Computer

IBM is to lead a government-funded project to build a computer that mimics the complexity of a cat's brain.


New Mac OS X Malware Found

Two new pieces of malware aimed at the Mac OS X surfaced last week, although only one of them presents any real danger.


Free Games At Real Networks

Real Networks has announced that customers will be able to download and keep one free game every day.


IE8 Now Due In 2009

Microsoft won't meet its goal of releasing the new Internet Explorer 8 browser this year as it goes for another round of testing.


Rob Enderle’s Gift Ideas for the 2009 Holidays

Here are my top picks for this years Holiday Gifts. There is something for everyone.