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Best mid-level performance/luxury cars of 2012

From Audis and Acuras to BMWs and Volvos, if you think there aren't any performance/luxury cars for you and the whole family, think again.
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The strangest things the TSA snatched in 2012

Not everyone has the clearest idea of what's acceptable and prohibited to take on a plane, but we have a feeling these guys knew exactly what they were up to.
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DT Deals Last Chance: $39 Ultimate Music Bundle

Here's your last chance to snag our music bundle deal for those whose getting ready to pump some home-mixed music at their upcoming New Year's Eve party.
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GIFs that kept on giving: The year’s best bite-sized animations

2012 is almost over! So what better way to celebrate than to kick back and watch some of the GIFs that defined the Internet this past year?
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Study: Consumers are shunning most apps on Smart TVs

While Netflix is one of the most popular applications on smart televisions, consumers are avoiding other applications like Facebook, Skype and Angry Birds.
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China passes new law requiring real names for Internet services

Chinese authorities have approved of legislation that requires people to provide proof of identification before they sign up for Internet or phone service, removing anonymity.

Did Apple CEO Tim Cook really get a 98 percent pay cut this year?

Apple CEO Tim Cook is taking home $4.2 million from the company this year, which is a steep drop from the $378 million he made in 2011. But are news reports that he's suffered a 98 percent salary slide really accurate?

SOPA, COPPA, and other ways Washington tangled with the Web in 2012

From SOPA, to the failed U.N. Internet takeover, 2012 has been a monumental year for the relationship between the Web and the powers that be in Washington D.C. Here are the five biggest moments.

Pulling the plug: Study shows limited consumer interest in electric cars

"Range anxiety" is still keeping consumers away from electric cars, a survey of 2,300 drivers in 21 U.S. cities shows.
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LG Display pares down 4K/Ultra HD screens, augments expectations

LG will show off two new 4K/Ultra HD screen sizes at CES 2013.

Remembering the Razr: The device that snapped shut the era of flip phones

We take a fond look back at the design classic that was the Motorola Razr. 130 million sales made it the most popular flip phone of all time. Seven years ago it was the best Christmas present you could hope to receive.

Digital Blend: The best under-$20 gaming of 2012

Digital Blend closes out the year with a look back at the best of what 2012 had to offer in under-$20 gaming.