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Home Theater

Dish Network’s Joey is multiplying before our eyes at CES 2014

Emphasizing a focus on affordability, availability, and ease of use, Dish Network has unveiled a whole new family of companion Joey DVR devices at CES 2014, which will make its content even more prevalent and easy to access no matter where…

Razer Nabu aims to be ‘world’s smartest wristband’

Razer's Nabu wristband aims to tread the line between smart watch and fitness tracker, distilling the best of both. The new device was unveiled at CES today and is available for developers now with a general release to follow before the end…

Asus announces 4K monitor, SATA Express motherboard at CES 2014

Asus just announced a hefty 28-inch 4K monitor, along with a "concept" motherboard which Asus claims is the world's first to include SATA Express ports.
Health & Fitness

Garmin’s upcoming fitness tracker lasts for a year on replaceable batteries

Forget charging your wristband every night when you go to bed - Garmin's upcoming Vivofit band can track your activity for an entire year. Hit the jump for details on pricing, specs, and availability.

Asus shows new Windows tablet, Transformer Book convertible, gaming monitor

The first wave of announcements has arrived from Asus, and it includes a new Windows 8.1 tablet running an Intel Atom processor and a unique Transformer Book that can switch between Windows and Android at the touch of a button.

New hi-def Garmin Dash Cam: record accidents and Russian meteors all from your car

Have you ever found yourself driving through a natural disaster without a camera to record it? How about a crash that was obviously the other person's fault? That's what the Garmin Dash Cam is for.

Panasonic plays the tough guy with new 7-inch ToughPad

Looking for a small tablet in a tough package? Panasonic has you covered with its new FZ-M1, a 7" tablet powered by Intel processors that can run Windows 8.1. You'd better be ready to pay, however; this fast, durable device doesn't come…
Cool Tech

New apps, OS version to grace Pebble watches shown at CES

Pebble announced a new version of its operating system, Pebble 2.0, and a new app store that will be stocked with a bunch of new apps from big name developers including Yelp, Foursquare, and others.
Home Theater

Panasonic announces 4K LED TV lineup, touts ‘plasma-like’ 1080p LED TVs

Panasonic's press conference has come and gone with little fanfare. Although the company did announce two 4K televisions and a refreshed line of 1080p LED TV's, somehow the void left by the end of the company's vaunted plasma TV line…
Cool Tech

Parrot unleashes new MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo ‘bot at CES

Want to own a drone but can’t plunk down the (relatively low) $300 for the super-fun Parrot AR.Drone 2.0? Well, you’re in luck. To kick off CES 2014, Parrot debuted two new ‘bots that promise drone fun without leaving your wallet…

Will the next Humvee be a Subaru-powered diesel hybrid?

Did you really think Subarus and hybrids were just for hippies? The TARDEC ULV prototype is one possible replacement for the military's venerable Humvee, and it's as green as it is mean.