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Avis buys Zipcar for $500 million, will make more cars available to Zipsters

Avis Budget Group announced today that it will purchase high-tech car-sharing company Zipcar for around $500 million. The deal is expected to greatly increase the availability of Zipcar vehicles for customers.

Apple to launch iBookstore in Japan this month, reports say

Apple will reportedly launch its electronic bookstore in Japan this month.

CTIA association to revitalize its mobile tech show for 2014

The CTIA Wireless Association has announced that in 2014, a new trade show will take place in September and that it will bring together the best of both its currently separate CTIA Wireless and MobileCON shows.

Induct unveils the Navia autonomous electric shuttle as scaled-down public transportation

For areas where there is a need for public transportation but a bus is too much and a golf cart isn't enough, there is now the Navia.

Evolving TVs: Samsung to launch its Smart TV Evolution Kit at CES 2013

Samsung is set to announce more details regarding its future-proofing Evolution Kit at CES next week. The device slots into the back of a Samsung Smart TV, delivering hardware and software enhancements in the process.
Cool Tech

Google Glass development continues but still much to do, project leader says

Describing the Google Glass project as "complicated", team leader Babak Parviz said in a recent interview his engineers were currently working on incorporating head gestures, voice control and phone functionality into the high-tech specs…
Home Theater

Cord Cutting 101: Four Easy Steps to Cut the Cord

Since the cord cutting trend is slowly becoming more popular in the United States, here's a handy guide that outlines the basics to ditching pay-TV service.
Android Army

Big-screen Sony Xperia Z and ZL phones leaked ahead of CES unveiling

Sony's new flagship Android smartphones, named the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL, have been leaked in picture form with just days to go before their potential unveiling during CES 2013.

Bad timing: Apple launches ad for iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode on the same day it’s hit by a bug

Oops! Apple has released an ad for the iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature – which allows users to silence calls, alerts and notifications between scheduled times – on the very day that it's hit by a bug.

AV Rant#319: Happy New Year!

This week, Lee Overstreet guest co-hosts with Liz over the holiday weekend. We discuss favorite new Christmas presents (Lee got a printer, Liz’s family got tablets). LG is offering a new TV line with embedded Google TV. Lee thinks…

Apple store in Paris raided by armed robbers on New Year’s Eve, cops apparently distracted by celebrations elsewhere

The manager of an Apple store in Paris’s Opera district had a major headache to deal with on New Year's Day, but it had nothing to do with any partying the night before.

Renault Alpine sports car coming in 2015 with “French dash”

Details of Renault's Alpine sports car are starting to emerge. The car's uniquely French character should set it apart from its German and Japanese rivals.