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UPDATE: Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher ‘fighting for his life’ after skiing accident

Reports indicate that Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has suffered sever brain injury after a skiing accident in the French Alps. Schumacher has undergone immediate brain surgery.

Stop in the name of the law! Cops can use radio waves to bring your car to a halt

Stopping a fleeing car, or a terrorist's car packed with explosives, is no mean feat. But a British company thinks they have the answer: radio waves. The system will use what is essentially a small radar array to confuse and overwhelm the…

Jealous, Ikea? Stockwerk accordion shelves unfold in no time with no tools

With a clever design that can be expanded or contracted depending on your needs, the Stockwerk shelf is an ideal storage system for any household where square footage is hard to come by.
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Tired of Siri? Audi and Google partner to bring Android to next generation of cars

In the ongoing war between Apple and Google to dominate the in-car infotainment system, Google will be partnering with Audi to use Android as an in car OS. This announcement comes after Apple has declared its plans to move forward with a…

Need driving lessons? Well, a Michigan museum will teach you to drive … a Ford Model T

While most student drivers take lessons in beat-up Chevy Cavaliers, Michigan's Gilmore Car Museum offers driving lessons of a decidedly more retro nature. It's one of the few places where you can learn to drive a Ford Model T.

Movies dominate BitTorrent search in 2013

There's a seemingly endless stream of content available on BitTorrent, but most people remain interested in one of the oldest forms of digital entertainment; video. Read on to learn more.

DICE warns of continuing ‘intermittent connectivity issues’ in Battlefield 4

DICE posts an alert on the Battlelog website confirming that Battlefield 4 is still experiencing "intermittent connectivity issues" on "various platforms," even in the wake of the pre-Christmas patch that was supposed to have addressed the…
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NYNE’s new ‘Aqua’ Bluetooth speaker plunges into new territory

Fresh for release at CES 2014, NYNE’s new wave-shaped speaker, the Aqua. Crafted from a fully waterproof shell of shock proof IPX7, the Aqua is designed to withstand almost anything mother nature can dish out and pump tunes for 10 hours.
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The strange tale of Iran’s short stint in blocking Instagram, hints of possible full ban

Instagram experienced a widespread outage in Iran this week, leading experts to believe the government was experimenting with blocking the popular service. Iranians can currently access Instagram again, but the incident raises questions…
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The drones are coming! FAA announces six drone testing sites

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday the location of six sites where researchers will develop technology and safety standards for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), which will begin to share airspace with commercial airliners…
DT Daily

DT Daily: F1’s Schumacher in skiing accident, NSA taps new PCs, Google partners with Audi 2:27

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher in life-threatening condition after a skiing accident, the NSA intercepts computer shipments to further its spying reach, and Google partners with Audi to take on iOS in the car.
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After a joyous Christmas price increase, Twitter stock plummets following downgrade

Twitter's love affair with the New York Stock Exchange has soured after a wild fling with sky-high stock prices this December. An analyst downgraded the micro-blogging service, causing a steep decline in stock price.