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Microsoft continues focus on iOS by adding OneDrive support for Apple Watch

As part of the latest update to its OneDrive app for iOS, Microsoft has added support for cloud storage service on the Apple Watch, allowing users to view and delete photos as well has find them by tag.
Health & Fitness

Here’s a 100 percent waterproof smartwatch for swimmers

Swimmo designed its flagship product to be "water-oriented," addressing the problems that arise when trying to use traditional touchscreen smart devices when wet. The Swimmo uses simple wrist-twist movement and screen taps to navigate the…

This politician blamed a naughty iPhone charger for favoriting sexy tweet

This UK politician blamed a third-party iPhone charger for favoriting a pornographic tweet on his account. He called the situation a "technological accident," but bizarrely was still happy to later admit he watched adult content.

Guess what? The original selfie stick launched in 1980s (and it had a ridiculous name)

Launching more than 20 years before the iPhone set the smartphone market alight, Hiroshi Ueda's selfie stick was clearly ahead of its time. But despite missing out on fame and fortune, the Japanese inventor isn't bitter that his original…

The next great wearable doesn’t need to do more, it needs to transform

Future wearables need to adapt beyond the wrist, which means a more modular approach that lets you tailor your wearable to your situation.

Is the Apple Watch’s screen too small for photos? Instagram doesn’t think so

Instagram will dive into the wearables space this week with a version of its popular media-sharing app for the Apple Watch. The design team says it experimented with many versions, but opted for one that lets you "get in and get out" in…

Amazon ditches TestDrive feature that let Appstore users try out software for free

Amazon has scrapped the feature that let users of its Android Appstore try software before they actually purchased it. The company said it'd ended the 'TestDrive' service because of "a significant decline" in the number of customers using…
Cool Tech

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: A singing birthday card that never stops, and more

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!
Home Theater

Netflix Recommended TVs: What does it mean, and why do you want one?

Netflix Recommended TVs will have faster startup and playback. Our guide gives a quick breakdown of Netflix's criteria for recommending TVs and explain what this means for you.

Finish them with style: how to perform every Mortal Kombat X Fatality

Looking to finish your opponent with gory, gory style? Here's our complete guide to pulling off both Fatalities available for every character in Mortal Kombat X.

Turn it up: Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar is a lion in a den of housecats

The Sound Blaster Roar might look like just another Bluetooth speaker, but once you get a closer look, it's immediately apparent this speaker was designed for much, much more.