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The battle for exclusive games makes its way to Android and iOS

According to a recent report, Google, Apple, and Amazon are vying for video game exclusivity in order to strengthen their platforms. Given how well Google Play and the App Store have performed, developers practically lick their lips at the…

If your iPhone is jailbroken, it could be vulnerable to this virus

Users on a jailbreak subreddit have discovered a new kind of malicious software on iOS phones. The threat, which has been nicknamed “unflod baby panda,” is rumored to be of Chinese origin.

Naughty Dog art lead Nate Wells joins Unfinished Swan dev

Naughty Dog art lead and longtime Irrational Games art director Nate Wells joins Giant Sparrow, the small Santa Monica team behind the PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Unfinished Swan.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Microsoft Mobile, Apple Maps discovers a monster, Beautiful Virtual experience 2:20

Nokia’s devices division could be renamed Microsoft Mobile, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset gets put to good use, and the famous Loch Ness Monster shows up on Apple Maps.

Last year’s Android battle revisited: Galaxy S4 trounced HTC One last year

According to a report by Bloomberg, HTC sold 5 million One M7 units in its first two months of availability. Its sales were trounced by the Galaxy S4's, which sold 20 million units in its first two months.

Is Codemasters revealing a new Grid game on April 22?

A teaser video hints strongly at the possibility that Codemasters will be revealing the next entry in its Grid racing series on April 22, 2014.

Batman Arkham game series the focus of upcoming animated feature

Batman: Assault on Arkham, an upcoming direct-to-video animated feature from DC Comics, explores a Dark Knight story set in the Arkham video game universe created by Rocksteady Studios.

Watch these kids get confused when they try to use a Sony Walkman

The Sony Walkman launched 35 years ago and has since paved the way for mobility and music alike. But what are the reactions you get about it from children? This group of seven to 13 year-olds share their thoughts on the ancient gadget.

Check out an hour of gameplay from the PlayStation 4 zombie MMO, H1Z1

Sony Online Entertainment devs stream roughly an hour's worth of footage from the upcoming DayZ-inspired zombie MMO, H1Z1, which is coming to PS4 and Windows. The game launches soon via Steam Early Access.

Moto G 4G LTE version rumored, could be joined by Ferrari edition, and budget Moto E

Motorola is rumored to be preparing several new smartphones for release. They include a 4G LTE version of the popular Moto G, along with a Ferrari-branded special edition, plus a super slim budget phone named the Moto E.