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HTC First launched, the first and so far, only phone to feature Facebook Home (Updated)

Following the announcement of the Facebook Home launcher application, it was revealed the software would also be available pre-loaded on a new phone, the HTC First. Available exclusively through AT&T, it's out on April 12.

Facebook Home refocuses your Android phone on ‘people, not apps’

After a week of growing expectation, Facebook has revealed its Facebook Home collection of apps during a special event at its California headquarters, which replaces the home screen on your Android phone.

Windows RT devices getting price cuts, but not Microsoft’s Surface RT

Consumers are not buying devices with Windows RT as recent sales figures from IDC indicate, so tablet manufacturers are slashing RT device prices by $50 to $220 off launch prices.

Best Buy is selling the iPad 3 for $314 – Is it making room for a new model?

Electronics retailer Best Buy announced that it is now offering 30 percent on all models of its third generation iPad inventory. The sale could be an indication that the company is making room for a new generation of the tablet.
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Put a ring on it: Latest Apple iTV rumor implies an iRing will act as remote control

The rumor mill keeps spinning on Apple's iTV, with the latest being that suppliers are developing a ring to act as a gesture-based remote control. On top of that, an "iTV mini" is apparently in the works, but it may not be what you think.
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You talkin’ to me? Software company designs mobile ads that talk back

It's easy to ignore an advertisement when it's just blinking on a webpage in front of you, but what if you could talk to it, and it would talk back? The next generation of mobile advertising promises that very thing, marking the start of…

New California bill would allow customers access to what companies know about them

If you've always wondered what kinds of personal data companies are storing about you from your online activities, you might soon be able to find out - As long as the companies are based in California.

Samsung announces U.S. availability and pricing of Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Camera

Samsung's Android-powered point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera was a breakthrough in camera UI and connectivity, but required a cellular data plan subscription. Now a Wi-Fi-only model is available.

BlackBerry Z10 owners to get free in-flight Wi-Fi, courtesy of Delta

Delta and BlackBerry are teaming up to offer free in-flight Wi-Fi to Z10 owners. We're not exactly sure why, but the benefit will extend indefinitely.

No reservations: How a restaurant took social media’s power back into its hands

Restauranteurs are tired of customers running to Yelp and Foursquare to complain, ruining their Web reps. Instead, they're starting to use social media for more than gratuitous self-promotion.