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Firefox OS version 1.1 update out soon, new features include push notifications and MMS

Mozilla has announced the upcoming availability of Firefox OS 1.1, the first update to its new smartphone operating system. The new version brings a variety of new features, including push notifications, email enhancements and MMS.

Lenovo linked with HTC acquisition, hopes lightning will strike twice

A rumor places executives from Lenovo and HTC around a table, here the discussion centered around a possible acquisition. It's unofficial for the moment, but the deal could make sense for both parties.

Microsoft pays hacking expert a whopping $100,000 for spotting Windows security flaw

Microsoft recently paid out $100,000 to a UK-based hacking expert for discovering a new exploitation technique in Windows that will allow the computer giant to “develop defenses against entire classes of attack.”

Amazon offers developers incentives in effort to beef up its app store selection

Amazon has launched the Appstore Developer Select program in a bid to attract more developers to its platform. With its new Kindle Fire HDX tablets about to launch, the company is keen to boost the number of apps avaiilable in its app…

Apple expected to unveil new iPads on October 22

October 22 – that's the date Apple is expected to unveil refreshed versions of its 9.7-inch iPad and iPad Mini. The iPad 5 is expected to sport a design resembling that of the Mini, while the Mini should come with Apple's high-res Retina…

Oppo to produce world’s first smartphone using DigitalOptics’ Lytro-like camera

DigitalOptics has announced a deal with Oppo, the smartphone manufacturer responsible for the recent Oppo N1 camera phone, where it will be supplying it with the innovative, Lytro-like Mems|cam camera modules.
DT Daily

DT Daily: $100 bill gets an update, Google Glass does too and a new device keeps tabs on kids 2:25

Today on DT Daily: The $100 bill gets a high-tech makeover, Google Glass may be nearing production and a simple device plus a smartphone can help find lost kids.
Android Army

Samsung announces Galaxy Round with 5.7-inch curved display

After much speculation, Samsung on Tuesday unveiled the Galaxy Round smartphone with its headline-grabbing curved display. The new handset, initially available in South Korea only, will hit stores this week.

First Drive: 2014 Porsche Panamera

Although you might not be able to tell, for 2014, Porsche has re-worked the Panamera and added a new S E-Hybrid model to the lineup. While the plug-in hybrid Panamera might not go like the rest, it packs a whole hell of a lot of gravitas.

Check out the first few minutes of ‘BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea’

Irrational and 2K have released the first few minutes of the upcoming 'BioShock Infinite' DLC 'Burial at Sea,' set in the underwater city of Rapture before its fall..

Ricoh touts fast frame rates, user-selectable anti-aliasing in new Pentax K-3 DSLR

Ricoh's new DSLR flagship, the 24-megapixel Pentax K-3, offers a fast frame rate speed at full resolution and anti-aliasing that can be turned on and off. Ricoh calls it the most advanced enthusiast APS-C DSLR available.