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Rewriting history in our first look at The Order: 1886

Ready at Dawn and Sony Computer Entertainment take us to a reimagined and warped Victorian-era England, in our preview of the upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886.
Cool Tech

Man versus machine: Table tennis champ to take on Ping-Pong-playing robot

Robots may think they can take over the world, but a lousy performance against Ping-Pong pro Timo Boll in Shanghai next month by an industrial robot called Agilus could set their quest back years.

Google to take over San Francisco work space, may upset long-time locals

Google is looking to take over a 35,000-square-foot building in San Francisco to house some of its recently acquired startups. The premises is located in the city's hip Mission district, the focal point of recent protests against several…

Google to manufacturers: Use the latest version of Android, or no Google Play for you

A leaked Google memo suggests the company is now insisting the latest version of Android is installed on new devices. If not, permission to use Google Play and other Google apps won't be given.

Apple to buy Tesla? Rumors fly after Apple execs, Elon Musk have super-secret meeting

Under the typical veil of secrecy, Tesla motors and Apple have again peaked everyone's interest as CEO Elon Musk was revealed to have met Apple execs. When Musk was asked about the meeting, he declined to comment as did Apple executives but…
Home Theater

What binge-watching House of Cards taught me about life, death, and snacks

With the entire season two of Netflix's award-winning series House of Cards now available, you may convince yourself to binge-watch all the way through. That's not a bad plan, per se – but be warned: It could have unintended consequences.
Cool Tech

Philips challenges Apple’s iBeacon with ‘intelligent lighting system’ for shoppers

Philips has unveiled an 'intelligent lighting system' similar to Apple's iBeacon technology that communicates with a shopper's smartphone as they make their way through a store, offering directions to items, special offers, and more.

Samsung countersues Dyson for $9.4m, claims reputation damage

Samsung is countersuing tech firm Dyson for 10 million won (about $9.38 million) for "seriously hurting its corporate image" over copycat claims made last year regarding the UK company's vacuum cleaners.

ZTE packs the Grand Memo 2 LTE and Firefox-powered Open C for its Barcelona trip

ZTE has pre-announced the new smartphones it'll launch at Mobile World Congress next week, the Grand Memo 2 LTE and the Open X, plus news on a new version of its MiFavor Android user interface.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Apple iWatch rumor, truck thats also a boat, woman jailed for overdue VHS tape 2:48

Today on DT Daily: Apple iWatch may be able to predict heart attacks, a truck that’s also a pretty fast boat and a woman is jailed for her very overdue VHS rental.
Cool Tech

Bringrr makes sure you never drive away without your smartphone

Ideal for anyone that tends to forget to grab their phone on the way out the door, the Bringrr is a Bluetooth-enabled gadget that triggers an audio alert if you start the car without your smartphone nearby.