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Cambridge Audio Minx Go Review

Cambridge Audio Minx Go review.

Wait, there are 4 iPads now? Here’s how to figure out which is for you

Apple’s newest additions to the iPad family bring the total found to four, which makes choosing a tablet trickier than it used to be. Here’s our quick-and-dirty cheatsheet to find out which iPad is for you.

Thanks to this update, iOS 7 should stop making you sick

Still having some issues with your iDevice? Perhaps Apple's latest iOS update, released Tuesday, will help fix them. Besides the bug fixes, iOS 7.0.3 also brings with it several new features, as well as a way to turn off those…

BBM hits 10m iOS and Android downloads in 24 hours, tops app store charts worldwide

iOS and Android users are showing some serious interest in the BBM instant messaging app, with BlackBerry announcing more than 10 million downloads in its first 24 hours of availability.

Kids: Your illicit Chrome and Chromebook use may soon come to an end

Definitely useful for parents attempting to keep track of their child's Web usage, Google is launching a new parental control feature for both Google Chrome and Chromebook hardware.

Give the Gov’t your fingerprints, and the TSA may let you keep your shoes on at the airport

Potentially a privacy concern for some Americans, the T.S.A. is attempting to vet more passengers prior to arrival at the airport by utilizing databases that offer up a wide range of personal information.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Stratospheric passenger balloon, Google shields against DDoS attacks, and extreme bluetooth gloves. 2:21

A high altitude balloon may soon offer luxurious rides to the stratosphere, Google offers free cyber-attack protection, and just in time for snow sports season, gloves that offer built in Bluetooth controls.

Tags, tabs, Maps, and everything else you need to know about OS X Mavericks

The new OS X Mavericks operating system includes many changes. Here's everything you need to know about Mavericks.

How to upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks for free

Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X Mavericks, is here (and it won't cost you a dime). Take a look at our quick guide on how to upgrade to Mavericks for free so you can tap into Apple's latest OS.

Apple Mac Pro 2013 vs. Mac Pro 2012: spec showdown

Apple's new Mac Pro certainly looks like something not of this Earth, but how does it compare with the old Mac Pro? This spec showdown should give you a pretty clear idea.

Tablet fight! Nokia’s Lumia steps on Surface while iPad soars above the fray

If you battened down the hatches Tuesday for 12 hours of tablet-related product news, you would be forgiven for doing so too late to avoid Nokia's opening salvo, which landed with a barely a thud in the face of Apple's iPad onslaught.