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Alienware’s Area 51 gaming PC is ready for liftoff, and we got the skinny on its innards

Alienware is prepping the Area 51 for liftoff, and we're here to bring you detailed specs, pricing, and availability information. Learn more here.
Game Review

Sunset Overdrive Review

Fast, fun and never serious, Sunset Overdrive is gaming escapism at its finest.

A stupid Wi-Fi prank delayed a Los Angeles flight by 4 hours

A stupid Wi-Fi prank led to a flight being delayed for four hours at Los Angeles International Airport. Authorities are presumably looking for the culprit behind the Wi-Fi hotspot.

BlackBerry CEO is determined to turn things around, and he’s starting to make progress

BlackBerry CEO John Chen took to LinkedIn on Monday to write a post about how to conduct a turnaround--specifically, what he's doing to help save BlackBerry and bring it back from the brink.

Tesla’s fertile family: Could a Model III wagon and SUV be on the way?

Tesla’s BMW-fighting Model III was announced in July, and a new report says the car could spawn wagon and SUV versions. Such a move could grant Tesla access to a wider portion of the automotive market.

Haier’s future appliances will wirelessly beam power to your mobile devices

As part of a recently-signed agreement, Haier plans to build wireless charging technology into its upcoming appliances, allowing owners to juice up their gadgets just by being in the same room.
Movies & TV

Benedict Cumberbatch to make magic with Marvel as Doctor Strange

Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness star Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly Marvel Studios' top choice to play the title role in the July 2016 release, Doctor Strange.

FCC slaps carriers with $10 million fee for customer privacy violations

The FCC slapped phone carriers TerraCom and YourTel with a combined $10 million in fines for a breach in consumer privacy. Customers' information was in a format that was easily accessible, with the carriers not alerting them to a security…

Move over HAL: the Prizm music player senses our presence and learns our tastes

Using a Linux based OS, Wi-Fi, and acoustic sensors, the Prizm is a minimalist device designed to turn any powered speakers or stereo system into a learning music player.

Building a brand: ZTE becomes the Knicks’ official smartphone provider

ZTE partners with the New York Knicks as its official smartphone provider. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is trying to build brand awareness.

Explore an uncharted world from the team behind Device 6 on November 6

The Sailor's Dream, an ethereal, narrative-driven experience from the makers of Device 6, is arriving on iOS on November 6, according to developer Simogo in this new trailer.
Movies & TV

The Dark Knight director isn’t involved in building the DC Comics cinematic universe

The Dark Knight co-writer Jonathan Nolan says he and his brother Christopher Nolan have closed a chapter on their superhero movie collaboration.