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Patience is a virtue: Next Land Rover Defender may not arrive until 2018

Despite recent reports that a new Defender is right around the corner, Land Rover fans may have to wait until 2018 for the next iteration of this legendary 4x4. That new version will reportedly be more civilized than ever.

One of the first apps announced for the Apple Watch is a virtual pet

It may end up being one of the most technically impressive smartwatches yet released, so why wouldn't you want to turn the Apple Watch into a virtual pet? Don't worry, with Hatchi, you can!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 saves a cop’s life, cop gets rewarded with a Galaxy S6

A Thailand police officer is thankful he's alive, after a bullet meant for his left waist hit his Samsung Galaxy Note 2 instead. Samsung Thailand caught wind of the story, and will give him a free Samsung Galaxy S6.

How to watch Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event today, and what to expect

Apple will hold its Spring Forward event today on March 9 where it's expected to reveal all the details about the Apple Watch. Here's how to watch the event live and what else to expect.

Rolls-Royce Phantom joins Abu Dhabi Police

A Rolls-Royce Phantom is the first exotic police car in the Abu Dhabi Police fleet, which is apparently trying to mimic nearby Dubai. At least perps will be comfortable in the back.

Lenovo owns up to ‘Superfish’ with free virus protection software offer

Lenovo, which had been installing SuperFish adware onto its computers prior to shipping since 2014, is now offering six months of McAfee antivirus protection to its customers at no charge.

The more the hyper-er: Koenigsegg CEO imagines a four-door hypercar

In a recent interview, Koenigsegg CEO Christian von Koenigsegg hinted that a four-door hypercar could be in the company’s future. He also said that the automaker has no plans to build a 911-sized sports car.
Movies & TV

The Walking Dead weekly recap: ‘Forget’ your worries In Alexandria

Rick Grimes attends an awkward dinner party, Sasha experiences a meltdown, Daryl fields a job offer, and Carol wields cookies with lethal force on the latest episode of the AMC zombie drama.
Cool Tech

In the future, it may be possible to print your own, says

Singer, entrepreneur, and creative officer at 3D Systems says in the future, we'll be able to 3D print people. Is this ridiculous hyperbole, or does raise an interesting point using an out-there proposition to do so?
Home Theater

Mohu’s Channels manages to marry OTA and OTT, but it needs a little more TLC

Mohu's new channels device launches to the public today, but before you plunk down $150 for one, you might want to know what you're getting yourself into.

This smartwatch may be fully charged in the time it takes you to clean your teeth

A leak has said Oppo is working on a smartwatch that will have a super-fast charging system, which may see the battery recharged in just five minutes. It sounds impressive, and judging by Oppo's work on smartphone recharging, it's more than…

Why are we so ready for wearables? We’re sick of boring smartphones

Now that smartphones all look and work the same, wearables represent the unlimited, untapped potential of what electronics can do.