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AOL unveils a flood of new programming, announces Nielsen will rate

As AOL unveils a major push in online programming, with a host of new shows about to hit the web. The company also announced that it will be working with Nielsen to help it gauge the success of its new titles, as well as who's watching.

These stunning LED lamps inflate like balloons

Rather than using rigid materials to support the lights inside of them, Theo Möller's Blow Lamps rely on their internal air pressure to stay stiff. Hit the jump for details

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes comes to PS4, Xbox One this fall

Disney reveals Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes for a fall 2014 release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as iOS, PC, and Wii U.
Cool Tech

The unbelievable LIX 3D-printing pen lets you literally draw in the air

The Lix Pen allows you to sketch three-dimensional objects in mid-air, and has raised a boatload of money already. You can learn more about the Lix Pen here.

Holy smokes! Hennessey releases video of its twin-turbo 1000-HP Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Texas tuning house Hennessey released a video this week of its twin-turbocharged HPE1000 Chevrolet Camaro. Production 1000 horsepower, this tuned Chevy should regrow your hair – into a mullet at least.

Facebook rolls out a Anonymous Login button, and customized permissions for apps

In an effort to help developers bridge a trusted relationship with consumers, Facebook has introduced new ways to login, which include Anonymous Login. With it, you can now try out apps without having to share your Facebook data.

The Chinese console race has begun: Xbox One to launch in China this September

Microsoft has confirmed that it will launch the Xbox One in China this September, following China’s 14 year ban on gaming consoles. No word yet on what games to expect.

EA Sports UFC Career and Online Modes Revealed

Electronic Arts releases details of the career and online modes in its upcoming, next-gen UFC game, EA Sports UFC.

Deal of the week: You can grab a Moto X for $300 on May 1

Motorola will hold a 24-hour promotion on the Moto X that sees the handset discounted at least $50 off the regular price. The sale begins at 12:01 EST tomorrow and ends at 11:59pm EST.

Google rewards April Fools Pokémon Masters

Google will send a physical prize to Pokémon Masters that managed to catch 'em all in the company's April Fools Google Maps prank.

Google will stop mining data from Apps for Education for ad data collection purposes

Google says it will no longer scan Gmail accounts in Apps for Education for ad data mining purposes. However, more announcements on this front may be coming in the near future. You can learn more here.

“Reaper of Recipes” contest rewards best Diablo-themed recipe

Blizzard and Eat Game Live partner for the "Reaper of Recipes" challenge to find the best Diablo-themed recipe. Winners receive a hefty package of Diablo goodies.