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KeyMe joins forces with Shapeways to bring you custom 3D-printed key copies

Looking to have a spare set of keys made, but want something a little more interesting than the usual options? Thanks to a partnership between KeyMe and Shapeways, you can now easily scan/print keys with practically anything on top.

Yahoo Mail status page down [Update: Story corrected]

After an apology from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer herself, the official Yahoo Mail status page has been updated with new information. Read on to learn more about the web giant's progress on Mail restoration here.

Is Apple about to end its support of OS X Snow Leopard?

Though Mac OS X Snow Leopard is only about four years old, it's possible that Apple just sent out a significant signal, indicating that it will cease to support the operating system.

The first wave of ID@Xbox games will hit very soon

Indie gaming fans that own an Xbox One can rejoice, as the first wave of games developed under the “ID@Xbox” initiative program will hit the new console early in 2014.

Put down that Allen wrench, this furniture snaps together with magnets

The days of toiling with nuts, bolts, and confusing directions may soon be over if this line of innovative magnetic furniture ever catches on. Hit the jump to see how it works.

Google, HP to resume Chromebook 11 Sales, replace chargers for free

After a safety recall and multiple reports of melting power adapters, Google just announced that it will resume selling the HP Chromebook 11. However, they have made moves to allay any safety concerns though. Read on to learn more.

‘Star Wars: Assault Squadrons’: the space combat sim you have no reason not to try

52 Games, Disney Interactive, and LucasArts have announced the free-to-play online space combat game for PC, ‘Star Wars: Assault Squadron,’ which heads to beta in 2014.

The Xbox One heads to China

After decades of consoles being prohibited, China is loosening its restrictions, and may allow for the Xbox One to be sold in China – as long as Microsoft is willing to follow certain guidelines.
Cool Tech

‘What is Bitcoin’ among top US Google searches in 2013

The jumps and plunges in Bitcoin’s price during 2013 has led to a ton of chatter from those of us in the tech press – which, in turn, seems to have resulted in a bunch of Americans wondering what the heck Bitcoin actually is.