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BlackBerry Z10 owners to get free in-flight Wi-Fi, courtesy of Delta

Delta and BlackBerry are teaming up to offer free in-flight Wi-Fi to Z10 owners. We're not exactly sure why, but the benefit will extend indefinitely.

No reservations: How a restaurant took social media’s power back into its hands

Restauranteurs are tired of customers running to Yelp and Foursquare to complain, ruining their Web reps. Instead, they're starting to use social media for more than gratuitous self-promotion.

Want a free phone? Verizon’s LG Lucid 2 hits stores today

Verizon announced that, beginning Thursday, April 4, online sales for its new Lucid 2 phone will begin, and users signing a two-year contract will get it for free. The phone is expected to hit Verizon store shelves in the coming weeks.

First look: ‘Thief’ steps back out of the shadows (but watch your wallet)

We take a first look at the return of the master thief Garrett and the steampunk Middle Ages noir of the City, in Eidos Montreal and Square Enix's in-development reinvention of 'Thief.'

Rumor Roundup: The 3-year history of the fabled ‘Facebook Phone’ (Updated)

This week could see one of the most enduring smartphone-related rumors come to an end, as Facebook may reveal the Facebook Phone, or the software which may end up running on such a device. Here's a roundup (and a little history) on all the…

Samsung to open its own stores – inside 1400 Best Buys

Samsung announced Tuesday it's to open 1400 'Samsung Experience Shops' inside Best Buy stores across the US. The store-within-a-store initiative, which kicks off this month, should result in more foot traffic for Best Buy and more sales for…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Cyborg News Roundup 2:02

DT Daily: DNA Transistors, “Baidu Eye”, Apple’s iRing  Related Links:…
Android Army

One year on: Nearly half of Instagram users on Android

Quite a fuss was made (by some iOS users) when Instagram landed on Android exactly a year ago, but things soon settled down, and now almost half of the service's 100 million+ user base comprises owners of Android devices.

BlackBerry to close its BBM music-sharing service on June 2

BBM Music was supposed to "turn your friend into your playlist", but for reasons currently unknown, BlackBerry has reportedly decided to close its music-sharing service less than two years after it launched.
Android Army

Leak: Is this what Facebook Home will look like?

Following details on the software's functionality and the device on which it may launch, we've now been treated to a leak giving us our first look at Facebook Home, the new software from the social network expected to launch at an event…

Texas family sells Porsche – for 300 Bitcoins?

Continually utilized in more real-world, legitimate transactions, the digital Bitcoin currency was used instead of U.S. currency to purchase a popular Porsche sports car in Austin, Texas.

Chevrolet: Volt owners are racking up millions of gas-free miles, saving tons of cash

With a total of 150 million MPGe gasoline-free driving miles tallied by Chevrolet Volt owners, the EV seems to be living up to a lot of the initial hype for the vehicle.