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Ridley Scott to direct new Blade Runner film

The director of the original Blade Runner will return to write and produce a new sequel or prequel of the sci-fi classic.

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Mojang expands publishing business, will release Oxeye Game Studios’ Cobalt

Minecraft studio Mojang confirmed in a web update that it will publish Cobalt, an action-platformer from the third-party developer Oxeye Game Studios.


Garmin targets cyclists with Vector power meter and Edge 200 GPS

Garmin's Vector power meter enables cyclists to gather data about their pedaling performance, while the Edge 200 GPS tracks ride data.

Cool Tech

Google+ suggests Facebook blocked its invite links

Users speculate that Facebook was blocking Google+ invites from the News Feed, which Facebook denies. Simple technical error, or is the G+ pressure started to get to Facebook?

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Rage HD iOS goes free after id Software gets 100,000 Facebook ‘Likes’

id Software makes its iOS game Rage HD free after fans post 100,000 "Likes" to the upcoming Rage console game's Facebook page.


Google adds weather layer to Maps

The new feature seamlessly integrates forecasts into the Maps experience.


The Witcher 2 getting a big 2.0 update, content will be included with Xbox 360 release

CD Projekt's September 29 version 2.0 update to The Witcher 2 adds two new game modes and a tutorial in addition to various gameplay tweaks and upgrades.


Comparing Microsoft’s Windows 8 teams to its Windows 7 teams

Microsoft has revealed the list of 35 teams that are working on Windows 8. We compare it to the list of 25 teams that worked on Windows 7 to see how things have changed.


Logitech debuts Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac

Logitech promises an end to battery-changing hassles: its Wireless Solar Keyboard for the Mac will run off sunlight or lamplight.


Is Apple – finally – taking the iPhone to China Mobile?

Apple remains "in talks" concerning a China Mobile iPhone, but now those discussions might be nearing an actual launch.


DisplaySearch: Apple is the top mobile PC vendor

Market analysis firm DisplaySearch has decided to count tablets as mobile PCs...and that means Apple is far and away the market leader.


Sexting, retweet and woot added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Once again, Oxford Dictionary is leading the way in the legitimization of Internet slang.


South Korean iPhone tracking suit has 27,000 plaintiffs

One man won 1 million won (about US$945) in a suit over the iPhone's clandestine location tracking: now 27,000 more Koreans are lining up for their money.


AT&T cuts $10 text messaging plan, forcing users to buy $20 unlimited plan

AT&T has confirmed that it is removing its $10 texting plan and will now force users who want texting to purchase a $20 unlimited plan. We do the math on how this will affect your wireless bill.

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