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Smarter hotel and restaurant searches coming to Android

Looking for somewhere to stop and eat? Or trying to find a room for the night? Google is rolling out a new voice search feature that makes it easier to filter through a list of results on Android.

Sweet balls of fire! Watch a Lamborghini Gallardo explode into flames at 207 mph

What happens when you put 1,800 horsepower into a Lamborghini and then drive it 200 mph? It bursts into a ball of flames, of course! This video doesn't just serve as a cautionary tale about tuning, it is also the best ad for racing fire…

Xperia Z2 available online to U.S. customers this summer, says Sony

Desperate to get your hands on Sony's latest and greatest mobile phone handset? The company has confirmed that the Xperia Z2 will be available from Sony's official online store this summer.

After pledging to fight for net neutrality, Obama needs to show the FCC who’s boss

What’s most surprising about the new FCC rules is not the government’s desire to give ISPs more revenue streams, it is that the proposal is on the table in spite of Pres. Obama’s statements for net neutrality.

Will Project Ara work? The good and bad of Google’s plan to turn phones into Legos

The ridiculously ambitious Project Ara is an undeniably cool idea, but there are many obstacles to overcome. We take a look at the potential pros, the long list of cons, and the barriers that may consign Ara to a niche market.

Streem raises $875k to bring you unlimited cloud storage

Streem promises users an unlimited amount of storage space on the Web in return for $20 a month, and the innovative startup has just got its hands on a hefty pile of cash from investors.

Muki mug displays photos on e-paper screen when filled with hot coffee

Definitely an interesting way to show off recent images, the Muki mug utilizes the heat of coffee or another hot liquid to power an embedded e-paper display mounted on the outside of the mug.

Woman spends $15,000 on plastic surgery to look better in selfies

Looking for a way to improve her look in photos taken with her iPhone, a Los Angeles woman decided to invest thousands of dollars in plastic surgery in order to improve every selfie posted to Instagram.
Product Review

Lenovo Yoga 2 (11-inch) Review

Lenovo Yoga 2 (11-inch) review.

Mega, Giga, and Terra World aren’t sci-fi planets; they’re BMW i3 trim levels

The BMW i3, the Bavarian brands much anticipated foray into the world of EVs, still isn't on sale. But now you can configure just the one you want online. That is, if you can wade through BMW's simultaneously pretentious and odd trim…

Put down those swatches! TapPainter lets you test colors with realistic virtual wall paint

Using a set of sophisticated algorithms that account for changes in lighting, shadows, and depth, TapPainter generates realistic virtual wall paint colors, and provides codes so you can have them mixed for you at your local hardware store.