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Just when we thought Teens were the concern, Toyota unveils distracted-driving cars

Toyota may be late to the autonomous car party, but it's hoping to make up ground with more capable versions of tech offered by other car companies. Some of these systems may appear in production cars in a few years.
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Twitter steals teen love from Facebook

Facebook's appeal is fading in the eyes of Generation YOLO quicker than the cronut's popularity. And who's there to pick up these Facebook drop-outs? Why Twitter, of course.

The regular Aston Martin Vanquish too passe? Try the Neiman Marcus edition

Fashion icon Neiman Marcus is releasing its own Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. This special edition will sport a carbon fiber body shell and numerous luxury touches on top of an already extremely luxurious vehicle. But start shopping now…
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HBO’s hottest shows are coming to Google Play, but does it really matter?

HBO and Google have teamed up to offer some of HBO's most popular shows like Game of Thrones and The Wire for sale over Google play for around $2-3 per episode. But after years without any legal access to HBO content without a subscription…
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Google is basically making its own version of Facebook Sponsored Stories

Taking a page out of Facebook's ... well, book, Google is has changed its ToS to allow it to use your profiles in advertisements. If you give something a +1 on Google+, it could show up in marketing materials.

Sorry USA and China! Sony Mobile is focusing on Europe and Japan

Sony has decided to focus its smartphone efforts in the two regions where it's most popular, Europe and Japan, for now. Sony's CEO says it doesn't make sense to do everything at once, and says the U.S. and China will come later.
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Going … going … gone viral: The best new memes this side of the Internet

Unsure what you should find funny right now? Confused by your friend's #starbucksdrakehands hashtag? Well we've got the answers for you in this round up of some of the best new memes the Internet has latched on to.

Apple’s 64-bit A7 processor and iOS 7 may cause higher app crash rates

Since the release of the iPhone 5S, which features a brand new 64-bit processor, and iOS 7, a research team has noted app crash reports have doubled for the new device when compared to the older iPhone 5 and similarly specced iPhone 5C.

PlayStation 4 doesn’t support Bluetooth headsets

Sony confirms that its PlayStation 4 console, launching November 15, 2013, won't support Bluetooth headset pairing at all and won't allow for USB-enabled chat until a post-launch system update is released.