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New trailer for The Expendables 3 offers a little more backstory and a lot more explosions

The latest Expendables 3 trailer offers a little more backstory and a lot more explosions, action, one-liners, and familiar faces from action movies past.

Photos over or underexposed? Learn how to check your camera’s histogram in this video

While indispensable for the professional photographer, the beginner might find the camera's histogram confusing at first. In this video, Creative Live explains how it works, and how you can use it to properly expose your images.
Movies & TV

Harrison Ford to miss eight weeks of filming after Star Wars: Episode VII accident

A broken ankle on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII will sideline the Han Solo actor for up to eight weeks, but won't delay the film's 2015 release.
Social Media

WTF?!? FBI has compiled a glossary of Twitter slang

Besides fighting crime, tackling terrorism and saving lives, operatives at the Federal Bureau of Investigation have also been compiling a glossary of Twitter slang to simplify the process of monitoring social media.
Cool Tech

Smelly emails: oPhone offers scents with mobile messages

Vapor Communications on Tuesday kicked off an Indiegogo campaign for its oPhone scent-based messaging system by using its new oSnap iPhone app to send a smell between Paris and New York. Sort of.
Product Review

Dyson DC59 Motorhead Review

Dyson DC59 Motorhead review.

Surface Pro 2 price cut by up to $200 as Pro 3 prepares to ship

With Microsoft's all-new Surface Pro 3 tablet getting ready to ship, the computer company has slashed the cost of its Surface Pro 2 tablets by up to $200 in a bid to clear stock.
Health & Fitness

Nike finally gets around to releasing a FuelBand app for Android

Nike has finally seen the light and released an Android app for its FuelBand SE fitness tracker. The free app is designed for use with phones running Android 4.3 or higher, though has been optimized for a number of high-end handsets.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Facebook unveils Slingshot, Democrats push for Net neutrality, ChargeAll portable power supply 2:14

Democratic politicians are weighing in on the Net neutrality debate, hoping to direct the FCC to ban internet fast lanes. Senators Leahy and Matsui introduced a bill this week called the Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act…

Skip the steakhouse and dry age your own beef with SteakLocker

Up until now, dry-aging your own meat required expensive restaurant-grade equipment, but thanks to SteakLocker, you'll soon be able to do it at home
Home Theater

‘Breaking Bad’ now available on Netflix in sparkling 4K/UHD resolution

Netflix has begun streaming Breaking Bad in a 4K/UHD resolution remaster. The show popped up on compatible TVs this week, and we've got a hands-on look to let you know if it's worth following Walter White through his exploits all over…

Google Doodle pays tribute to Paul, the octopus that predicted World Cup outcomes

Google is paying tribute to the World Cup the same way it usually does; with a Doodle. There's an extra twist though.