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Microsoft officially talks about Windows Blue, announces BUILD 2013

Microsoft is expected to talk about and demonstrate Windows Blue, its new operating system and successor to Windows 8, for the first time at the company's yearly BUILD conference in San Francisco in June.

T-Mobile’s LTE network is faster than Verizon’s right now, but how long will that last?

When an LTE network is new and only a few devices are on it, it's easy to be impressed by high download speeds. But T-Mobile's LTE looks like it may still be ultra fast even when millions of customers hop on.

Meet Guccifer, the merry prankster revealing the secrets of our political elite

We've seen hackers and hactivists before. But few have successfully infiltrated the lives of some of the most influential and powerful people in the U.S., including George W. Bush, Colin Powell, and Hillary Clinton.
Cool Tech

The results are in: Google set to announce winners of Glass contest

Google is set to announce the winners of a recent competition offering thousands of people the opportunity to get their hands on a pair of its high-tech Glass specs. However, those invited to join its Explorer Program must first hand over…

Startup hopes to attract top developer with offer of space flight

Santa Monica startup PaeDae is looking for a new developer to join its ranks, and in an effort to attract the very best talent will offer the new employee a chance to take a very special trip that's quite literally out of this world.

Rumor: Apple’s iTV will arrive early 2014 or sooner, sporting 4K resolution

All the recent talk about a rumored iWatch has pushed Apple's yet-to-be-announced iTV into the shadows somewhat. Well, it's back, with a new report suggesting it'll be a 4K Ultra HD set with voice and motion control that's likely to launch…

Rumor: Amazon’s possible Kindle smartphone may sport a 4.7-inch display

Rumors of an Amazon Kindle smartphone are back, this time with talk of the device's prospective screen size. After a last minute change in this area, the phone may be on track for a late 2013 launch.

Wanna be a publisher? Flipboard 2.0 lets users create their own magazine

Flipboard has rolled out version 2.0 of its free news reader app, bringing with it a new feature that lets users create and share their own magazines. A new-look Content Guide, faster page flipping and sidebars with subsections have also…

GDC 2013: EA and DICE unveil the very, very pretty ‘Battlefield 4’

In keeping with what has become on annual tradition, EA has once again used GDC as a launching pad for a major game reveal, this time unveiling DICE’s Battlefield 4.

Cadillac’s 2014 CTS is bolder and more beautiful than a daytime soap star

Building on the bold design and stunning performance of the 2013 ATS, Cadillac has now given its full attention to the company's flagship midsize sedan, the 2014 CTS -- and it shows.