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The snooze button is bad for you, but why? [Video]

Think setting your alarm earlier than usual only to snooze is a good way to ease yourself into waking up every morning? Think again. ASAP Science explains why the snooze button is actually bad for your sleep cycle.

Will BMW dealer-installed M power kit for 3 Series sedans make its way to other models?

With a boost of 20 horsepower and a 32 lb-ft. of torque increase, the new dealer installed M performance power kit is liable to have a few more people stopping by a BMW dealership.
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Vine’s silent update adds awaited video embedding function

Vine rolled out an updated version of its app that finally enables video embedding into outside sites. Still, Vines won't be playable on Facebook - that turf war is far from over. But at least you can start embedding Vine elsewhere and…

Hands on: Getting trigger happy with Satechi’s Bluetooth wireless remote for cameras

The Bluetooth Smart Trigger from Satechi is a small lightweight receiver that lets you remotely operate your camera's shutter from a smartphone or tablet, ideal for group shots, long exposures, and time-lapse videos. We go hands on with…

Microsoft updates requirements for 7- and 8-inch Windows 8 tablets made by partners

Microsoft finalized the requirements its partners must meet to create 7- or 8-inch tablets running Windows 8 or Windows RT, but is deliberately keeping one Windows feature off of these partner-made tablets.
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The opus that is R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped in the Closet’ gets new life thanks to social media

If you love R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" hip-hopera, a new interactive soundboard uses Facebook, Twitter and other social media to unlock extra fun. Warning: It can become extremely addictive and you will be prompted to buy the final…

Brain control will someday upend tech as we know it, but first: throwing virtual trucks!

NeuroSky, the developer of the brainwave controllers that brought us thought-controlled cat ears, was at GDC showing off its new technology, which now contains a video game that makes you feel like an X-Man. It also hints at the inevitable…

Ouya console shipping to Kickstarter backers with 104 games, available in stores June 4

The era the of $99 gaming system has begun. Ouya's Kickstarter backers will be getting their hands on the console first, as the company already started shipping to backers on March 28 with 104 games.

Softbank and Sprint promise not to use Huawei hardware because it’s Chinese

Japanese carrier Softbank and Sprint have assured a U.S. lawmaker that Huawei equipment will not be added to Sprint's network after merger.

Budget Benzes and bite-sized Audis steal the spotlight at the New York Auto Show

With thousands of square feet packed with the latest and greatest cars from automakers all over the world, we pick out our top five that really shined at the 2013 New York Auto Show.
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Would you give up Instagram for $100k? Mobli wants to make you an offer you can’t refuse

Admit it: You'd do a lot of things for $100,000 - include give up Instagram and post your last shot. If so, you need check out Mobli's MyLastInstagram contest, which is giving using the chance to post and tag their last shots with Mobli and…

MOGA Pro Controller aims for mobile gaming dominance

We spend some time fiddling around with PowerA's soon-to-release MOGA Pro Android controller, a console-style Bluetooth peripheral based on the FUS1ON Tournament Controller.