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Our first look at the new Hitman movie’s titular Agent 47

Homeland actor Rupert Friend is currently filming Agent 47, a reboot of the film franchise following the 2007 film Hitman, starring Timothy Olyphant. A recent image shows us a fist look.
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Is your Netflix running slower than ever? You’re far from alone

It's Netflix vs the mighty Internet service providers. Netflix reports streaming speeds are down in several areas, right on the heels of the recent Net neutrality win for Verizon and other big ISPs.

Google Fiber may head to 34 more cities in the near future

Google Fiber, which offers super fast Internet service at multiple rates, could be coming to a bunch more cities as early as next year. Read on to learn more about which cities could get the Google Fiber treatment in 2015.

FCC to bring net neutrality back from the dead with new ‘open Internet’ rules

The Federal Communications Commission said today that it plans to create new "network neutrality' rules that will keep Internet service providers from favoring certain types of traffic.

Galaxy S5 will scoff at water and dust, according to rumors

Samsung's Galaxy S5 will be announced later this month, and new rumors point toward a fingerprint sensor and waterproof design, which would put it in line with top competitors.

You’re doing it wrong: OptimizeMe gives life advice by logging everything you do

If you're not satisfied with your day-to-day life, OptimizeMe might be able to help. This very hands on life log app finds trends and correlations in your activities and points you to the parts of life that make you happy and productive.
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This neuroscientist’s iPad app can train your brain to help you to see farther

UltimEyes, a new app developed by neuroscientist Aaron Seitz, uses a set of visual exercises to train your visual cortex and improve your eyesight. Hit the jump to learn how it works.

At 5.5 mm thick, Gionee’s Elife S5.5 is the world’s thinnest smartphone

Chinese smartphone brand Gionee has announced the Elife S5.5, which has claimed the title of world's thinnest smartphone, measuring just 5.5mm thick.

So long, green! This camcorder has full-color night vision

The KC-2000 is a camcorder that captures nighttime and low-light video in full color, allowing for better image quality with details and color accuracy. The camcorder, which also shoots still photos, is ideal for surveillance, law…