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‘Micro iris’ uses chemicals, not blades, to create small smartphone camera aperture

German researchers have designed a "micro iris" that uses chemical rings to control smartphone aperture, instead of the mechanical blades that open and shut to let light in. If successful, it could allow for smaller camera components in the…

Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart wristband leaked, could come with Google Fit support

Adidas has been named as one of Google's partners on the Google Fit program, and now leaks have started to appear regarding a fitness tracking wristband called the miCoach Fit Smart, which may launch soon with Google Fit support.

Android Wear is coming to Google Glass, too

Smartwatches aren't the only devices getting Android Wear. The new standard for wearable information is coming to Google Glass too, alongside the API technology already available for the glass wearable.

Doh! Burglar breaks into house, checks Facebook, forgets to log out, gets caught

Seems like some people are REALLY addicted to Facebook. One guy in Minnesota couldn't even burglarize a house without resisting the temptation to log into the social networking site. Trouble is, he forgot to log out, a silly error that led…

India’s answer to Amazon releases Kindle Fire challenger, priced at $165

Flipkart, a close competitor to Amazon in India, has announced a challenger to the Kindle Fire tablet. It's called the Digiflip Pro and the device significantly undercuts the price of Amazon's slate, and comes with various special offers…

BBC News says sorry for sending bizarre Game of Thrones ‘no nudity’ alert to app users

The BBC News app issued one of its more bizarre alerts on Wednesday, informing users of "no nudity in latest episode of Game of Thrones." The corporation later claimed it'd been sent in error while it was testing out new app functionality.
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Sony HT-XT1 Review

Sony HT-XT1 review.
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Startup successfully tests space tourism balloon, service set to lift off in 2016

If you fancy a better view of the planet than the one offered by a run-of-the-mill plane flight, then startup World View Enterprises looks set to get its balloon-based service off the ground in just a couple of years. Oh, just one thing –…
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Suarez: Uruguayan press says media Photoshopped bite marks as memes hit Web

As Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez awaits FIFA's ruling on his apparent biting of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during a recent World Cup game, a Uruguayan news outlet has suggested some news media Photoshopped the bite barks.

Android L: Customer representative confirms Moto X and Moto G will receive update

Google has previewed the next version of Android, currently known only as Android L, which will be released later this year. You'll find out here if your phone is on the list to receive the update, and when it could happen.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Supreme Court Aereo ruling, smart hearing aid, wifi that comes from cows 2:53

Today on DT Daily: The Supreme Court rules against TV streaming service Aereo, a hearing aid you may want to wear, and if your going to the Glastonbury Music festival in the UK and need some wifi, just look for the cows. In a…