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Ridiculously large Neptune Pine watch up for pre-order, will cost an equally large $350

The Neptune Pine watchphone, which started life as a Kickstarter campaign, is ready for release, and those who missed out before can now pre-order their own wrist-worn smartphone replacement for $350.

Big screen HTC Desire 816 reaches Virgin Mobile USA, costs $300 without a contract

HTC has teamed up with Virgin Mobile USA to offer the slick HTC Desire 816 on a no-contract plan, while its cheaper Desire 610 smartphone will be on sale through AT&T as a prepaid GoPhone soon.
Android Army

Truly Waterproof: Xperia Z2 survives under the sea for six weeks

Sony has made much of the waterproof construction of its flagship Xperia Z2 smartphone, claiming it can handle up to 30 minutes in water 1.5 meters deep. However, a Swedish man claims his Z2 survived a whoppng six weeks in salt water 10…
DT Daily

DT Daily: LG’s low-buck OLED HD TV, wrong way to use car tech, IBM ‘brain’ chip program 3:07

On DT Daily today: LG debuts an actual affordable OLED TV, how not to use the tech in your car and I-B-M’s latest breakthrough may get us closer to H-A-L. OLED TV’s have been on every videophile’s wish list since……
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Actor, comedian Robin Williams dies at 63 in California home

Extremely sad news for anyone that loved his talent, actor Robin Williams was found dead in his California home earlier today. Williams is survived by his wife and three adult children.

This week in gaming: The going gets weird with naked demons and colorful air snakes

Hohokum, Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition, and other random acts of video game weirdness highlight this week's top releases.

Bungie confirms that Destiny beta players are getting a clean start at launch

Bungie has officially confirmed that characters created during the Destiny beta are being wiped to give everyone a clean start when the game officially launches on September 9.

Michael Fassbender promises a mix of old and new in the Assassin’s Creed movie

Assassin's Creed star and producer Michael Fassbender addresses the balance of original material and game elements in the upcoming big-screen adaptation.
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Android TV’s quest to dethrone Roku, Apple TV is an uphill battle

It's not yet clear when or how the Android TV platform, which Google announced in June, will make its debut, but the terrible flop that was Google TV casts a long shadow of doubt across the search giant's latest smart TV efforts.

Here’s how to remove the Facebook Color Changer malware

If you recently downloaded an app that claimed to allow you to change the color of your Facebook profile, you need to read this.

CM Punk and Shawn Michaels return in WWE 2K15’s ‘2K Showcase’ story mode

2K Sports has shared the first details of 2K Showcase, the rivalry-focused single player campaign of WWE 2K15, the upcoming iteration of 2K's flagship wrestling franchise.