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Two Apple AirPort base stations were vulnerable to Heartbleed, but have been patched

Some of Cupertino's networking gear was vulnerable to Heartbleed, but a fix has been released by the company. You can learn more here.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction adds Chaos Mode, and a never ending supply of targets

Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces the new Chaos Mode to the game’s Extinction offering. The new mode introduces a new way to approach the alien-slaughtering co-op game.

Titanfall dev posts Expedition DLC details for the War Games map

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment shared a close-up look at War Games, one of the new maps in the studio's upcoming Expedition DLC.

Got a spare mSATA SSD lying around? This case from VisionTek will let you put it to use again

VisionTek just launched an external case for mSATA SSDs that's powered by USB 3.0. Learn more about it here.
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New Hulu Plus remote app brings Chromecast-style control to game consoles

The over-the-top streaming service announced via blog post this morning that it has added mobile device remote control functionality to its Hulu Plus app for select gaming consoles. Click the link to find out how to hook it up.

Mexican govt. backtracks on Internet blocking proposal after public protests

People in Mexico took it to the streets, and it seems that the government will not be passing a law that allows them to block the net in some situations. You can learn more here.
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Phosphor Touch Time Review

Phosphor Touch Time review.
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Apple TV tops 20 million units sold as the set-top battle rages on

CEO Tim Cook revealed yesterday that the consumer electronics giant has sold 20 million Apple TV units to date - the company sold 5 million in 2012 and another 10 million in 2013, and Apple's profits are also on the upswing. Click the link…

FTC approves Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR

The Federal Trade Commission has approved Facebook's purchase of virtual reality company Oculus VR, Inc.

Petition with 106K signatures supporting Pirate Bay’s founder delivered to Danish government

A petition drafted in support of Pirate Bay's founder has been delivered to the Danish government, and addresses his living conditions in prison. You can learn more here.

New website peels back the skin from video games to show you how they work

Web developer John Watson has created Game Mechanic Explorer, a website that demonstrates the mechanisms behind basic game functions like moving or shooting.