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Audi revs up $15/month in-car Wi-Fi data plan deal with T-Mobile – for $450 upfront

Audi is hoping to lure in more tech-driven buyers with a new in-car Wi-Fi data plan with T-Mobile that cuts the cost for using all those cool in-vehicle connectivity features in its tech suite. According to Audi, it’s a feature many…

How to share your iTunes library

There are a number of ways to share your iTunes library, but, in a broad sense, it can done in two ways: via Wi-Fi on your home network, or via Bluetooth to a person nearby. Looking to share your iTunes media with another device? You've…

‘Star Wars 1313’ would have starred Boba Fett before Disney disintegrated it

'Star Wars 1313' made waves at E3 2012, one of the first games clearly built for the PlayStation 4 and Next Xbox to get a public demonstration. With studio LucasArts gone, the mysterious game is done for but now we know more about what it…

Apple files patent for a convertible MacBook laptop/tablet design

A MacBook that's both a tablet and a laptop, similar to the Surface Pro? That's what one of the newest Apple patents hints at. It comes with a touchscreen display that communicates wirelessly with the base.

‘Arrested Development’ to return in May

The fourth season of Mitch Hurwitz's award winning comedy ‘Arrested Development’ will debut on Netflix on May 26, with 15 new episodes to be released all at once.
Social Media

Will Facebook Home collect even more of your data? You bet

It may not be a Facebook Phone, but Facebook Home will still be able to collect new data on you. Experts from the EFF and EPIC weigh in on the new information Facebook could gain access to thanks to its new suite of apps that integrate…

Behind the lens with a paparazzi prowling L.A. for celebrity prey

Celebrities love to hate them, but without the paparazzi they would never receive the stardom they enjoy. Giles Harrison, founder of one of the top celebrity photo agencies, dishes to us about the profession and why it's an important part…
Home Theater

Rumor mill runs rampant suggesting a 60-inch Apple iTV is coming this year

From a ring to a "mini" and now the actual screen size, the latest iTV rumor suggests it will come with a 60-inch display and cost between $1,500 to $2,500. Rumor or a pure guess, that price range could be for anybody's 60-inch TV.

Insomniac’s CEO talks about why co-op games like ‘Fuse’ prefer four players

We sit down to chat with Insomniac Games CEO and founder Ted Price for a final look at the upcoming four-player co-op game Fuse before it launches on May 28, 2013.

Could new Garmin aircraft technology help pilot future Mercedes-Benz navigation systems?

The announcement that Garmin will provide the navigation systems for future Mercedes-Benz models becomes even more intriguing when considering some of satellite company's other new technology.

A word about our ‘Defiance’ review… (and updates to Xbox 360 players)

While we originally hoped to have our 'Defiance' review posted this Friday, but technical difficulties with the Xbox 360 version have caused multiple delays. As a result, the review will be postponed until next week.