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The New York Times will publish e-book on Wikileaks drama

The New York Times will court controversy with the release of an e-book detailing its cooperation with WikiLeaks, and involvement in Cablegate.


Outlier Supermarine Rain Shirt looks like a button-down, protects like a jacket

Egyptian cotton and a complex fabric weave combine to make this some of the most fashionable rain gear we've spotted anywhere.


Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook fan page hacked

Founder Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook fan page has been hacked and taken down by Facebook, but it likely wasn't he who got hacked. Zuckerberg's personal page is still intact and looks fine. A Facebook employee with administrative access to Zuck's fan page may…


As Egyptian protests escalate, government restricts Facebook, blocks Twitter [UPDATE: Anon targeting Egypt’s government]

Twitter announces that Egypt has blocked it, and Facebook could see a similar fate as the political upheaval continues in the country.


Phiaton MS 400 (Second-Generation) Review

Review: The re-designed MS 400 headphones from Phiaton are remarkably balanced, comfortable and stylish.

  • Pros: Powerful yet balanced sound , Very comfortable , Great…
  • Cons: Difficult to pack into storage case , Midrange may be a…

Don’t crash me, bro: Ford talking cars avoid collisions

Cars that chat with one another via Wi-Fi could warn drivers before would-be collisions – a technology Ford hopes to roll out without 10 years.


Jack Spade Folio case for iPad: Simplicity at its best

Designer Jack Spade has created one of the best simple iPad cases we've seen. Complete with durable construction, pockets, and a docking port.


Motorola Droid X2 to have dual-core Tegra 2, qHD screen

Motorola is prepping to release the sequel to its popular 4.3-inch Droid X handset. Codenamed Daytona, it will have a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and high resolution qHD display.

Android Army relocates your Facebook posts, tells the world you’re keeping secrets

A new, free app dubbed helps keep your Facebook activity discreet and off Facebook's servers.

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Jawbone Era headset features apps, motion controls

The Jawbone Era headset provides top-notch audio quality and noise reduction, as well as motion technology and apps.

Cool Tech

Facebook phone coming next month from HTC?

After numerous denials, the "Facebook phone" has reached mythic proportions that could rival the white iPhone. Yet it could be coming next month from HTC.

Android Army

China warms to possibility of a muzzled Facebook

China may weaken its defense to let in the social network, but there are likely to be a few strings attached.


Speck CandyShell Wrap iPad case folks, serves as stand

Speck's new CandyShell Wrap iPad case doesn't just protect an iPad: the removable front cover folks to serve as a stand.


Ubiquisys attocell: a personal femtocell for travelers

Ubiquisys's attocell aims to let traveling smartphone users have a personal femtocell...and place calls as if they were still at home.