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Apps and updates worth downloading: Facebook Poke and Flipboard for the holidays

The last big rush to the app markets before the holidays brings some must-haves for surviving this time of year. YouTube Capture and Facebook Poke make media sharing easy, Rise Alarm Clock will get you up on time, and Pudding Monster will…
Home Theater

Report: Intel is prepping set-top box with streaming and cable service

Potentially making a bigger splash than the launch of Google TV, Intel is preparing to launch a set-top box solution for consumers within the United States.

The Nigerian Prince in your inbox has been around for over 500 years

The so-called "Nigerian prince" scam may seem like a product of the digital age. But in truth, the email spam most of us have learned to ignore has roots that extend deep into history, long before computers were invented.

Holiday mobile news recap: 2012 comes to an end with RIM and Instagram

The world didn't end, unless it did and we all have been so distracted by our mobile devices to notice. The mobile world has definitely kept spinning as the year winds down. Research in Motion, Rovio, and ZeptoLab all have reasons to be…

Best WordPress Plugins

Are you a blogger or Web publisher who uses WordPress? Want to improve your productivity, boost your site's traffic, and make your pages look gorgeous? Check out this roundup of the best WordPress plugins that'll do all that and more.

Rob Enderle’s 3 favorite products of 2012

Tech analyst Rob Enderle gets to play with a lot of gadgets, but these three from 2012 prove gadgets really can make life better.

Terms & Conditions: Every company should copy Tumblr

In a dark sea of unreadable terms of service, Tumblr's version rises to the surface as a life raft for users looking to get a grasp of what they are actually agreeing to when they use the blogging service.

Ring in the New Year by never doing these things ever again

It's happens to the best of us. What was catchy and cool last year - albeit it for five whole minutes - is now so horribly annoying your friends are starting to talk. Welcome the new year by catching and correcting these things, because…
Android Army

2013 mobile preview: Courtroom peace and marketplace war

What will be the major trends and releases in the world of mobile for 2013? Join us as we take a look into our crystal ball.

How gaming and data are driving wearable fitness technology

The past year has seen some interesting advancements – and some goofy gadgets – in the way we exercise, but wearable technology still often fails to impress. That’s about to change.
Android Army

Is Google helpless to stop the scourge of Android malware?

The amount of malware targeting Android is still growing fast, and Google has promised to crack down. Turns out, that's not going so well.

7 ways the PC changed forever in 2012

Though the spotlight was largely on tablets and smartphones this year, 2012 brought a number of changes to the PC world that will hugely impact computers in 2013.