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Gizmodo officially off the hook for the iPhone 4 it paid for

More than a year later, Gizmodo skirts legal repercussions for the iPhone 4 prototype incident.


Call of Duty Elite to feature ‘exclusive episodic content’ from Ridley Scott, among others

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg says to expect "exclusive episodic content" for Call of Duty Elite, bolstered by contributions from Ridley and Tony Scott, Jason Bateman, Will Arnet and Ben Silverman.


Fallout: New Vegas DLC ‘Lonesome Road’ delayed past August

The Lonesome Road DLC release for Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas, originally set to arrive in August, has been delayed beyond the end of this month.


Apple legal guns targeting the Motorola Xoom

It's not just Samsung: Apple's legal team is going after the Motorola Xoom in Europe.

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iPhone 5 rumors: Everything we know so far

Apple’s next iPhone should be arriving sometime soon. Here’s everything we can (likely) expect from the fifth-generation handset.


Quora Browse does a little clean up for the Q&A site

Quora just got a little easier to look at with its new browsing feature.

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations beta comes to PS3 in September, new trailer explores the Universe

Ubisoft confirms that the Assassin's Creed: Revelations multiplayer beta will be coming to PlayStation 3, with PS Plus subscribers and Uplay members being the first to sign on starting September 3.


Clearwire’s new president and CEO: Erik Prusch

Former Clearwire CFO Erik Prusch will step up the role of CEO as Clearwire hunkers down to deal with increased 4G competition.


Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader takes to the Web with HTML5

Amazon's new Kindle Cloud Reader lets customers access their Kindle content using an HTML5 browser - and it adapts from PCs to tablets to smartphones.


Rumor: Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich might come as soon as October

With the announcement of the next-generation iPhone coming any day now Google might be changing its launch of Ice Cream Sandwich to better compete with Apple.

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Samsung Galaxy R smartphone sports Nvidia Tegra CPU

Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy R smartphone will features a 4.19-inch display - and the same Nvidia Tegra dual-core CPU that drives that Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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Diablo III classes explained

Diablo III game designer Jay Wilson explains the five playable classes in the upcoming game from Blizzard.


Facebook introduces Messenger, could this be the end of Blackberry?

Facebook just announced a new iOS and Android app named Messenger, which will allow users to send and view messages across the two most popular mobile phone platforms.

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