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New non-gaming apps further establish Xbox’s future in television

Another Wednesday, another Xbox Live update peppered with non-gaming apps. This week brings WSJ Live and Gol Stadium to Xbox 360, two apps that represent that sort of corporate content partnerships that will redefine Microsoft's game…

Sony cuts losses but PlayStation 3 and PS Vita sales continue to drag

Layoffs and consolidation throughout Sony's empire helped trim the company's losses over the summer quarter, but its video game business continues to flounder. How will Sony reinvigorate the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita market?
DT Daily

DT Daily: Facebook takes aim at Craigslist, Halo 4 reviews arrive 2:59

Related Links: Facebook to take on Craigslist with classifieds plan, report claims Halo 4 review: The definition of playing it safe Stolen phone database goes live, as US carriers work on stamping out mobile thefts Dotcom taunts…

Need For Speed Most Wanted review: The opposite side of Criterion’s open world racing

Four years after Criterion finished Burnout Paradise, the studio returns to the open world format. While the sterile seriousness of the Need For Speed series has seeped into its formula, Criterion has made another spectacular game.

Okami HD review: Amaterasu returns, more beautiful than ever

Though it was under-appreciated in its own time, Capcom hopes that modern technology might offer its Okami a new lease on life.

Chevrolet plans to take aim at Ferrari and Porsche with the C7 Corvette

Chevrolet already has a Corvette which can rival the big European names in performance, and for the next generation of the car, they intend to narrow that gap.
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Curalate’s Promote tool takes the pain out of Pinterest contests for marketers and users

Curalate launches its Promote promotion module today to solve the pain points of running contests on a visual social network like Pinterest.

Why Kim Dotcom chose the domain

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom seems to have found a legal loophole that will allow him to relaunch Megaupload under the new domain And it is precisely this kind of loophole that the now-defunct SOPA anti-piracy bill was trying to…

AT&T, T-Mobile partner up to share networks for affected Sandy customers

Those having trouble finding signal in the wake of Hurricane Sandy will be glad to know their coverage is now temporary expanded thanks to a T-Mobile/AT&T partnership.

8 things you think you own, but don’t

The rise of digital goods and software-reliant gadgets has thrown a wrench in the contemporary concept of ownership. Here are eight products that, even though you paid for them, aren't entirely yours.

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel preview: Visceral Games goes back to its unexceptional roots

Electronic Arts returns to the Army of Two well a third time with The Devil's Cartel, a new third-person shooter built on the Frostbite 2 engine. Minor tweaks to the formula don't revitalize a milquetoast series.

UK court orders smug PR spin to be removed from Apple’s Samsung apology

Apple will need to amend its statement saying Samsung didn't copy the iPad's design, after UK courts took a dim view of the PR spin the company added after the approved text.