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Lepow’s new Mod speaker brings 60’s hipster style into the 21st century

Lepow industries today unveiled the Mod, a brash new Bluetooth speaker that blends the retro nostalgia of the swinging '60's with state of the art technology to create a gorgeous piece of wireless tech to mount on your mantel.

Hacker group targets Twitch broadcaster, leads to police being called

A group calling itself “DERP” has taken responsibility for a series of DDoS attacks against EA, Minecraft, ‘League of Legends,’ and even the PSN, all while targeting a Twitch broadcaster known as “PhantomL0rd.”

Think Kia doesn’t makes sports cars, huh? The GT4 Stinger concept should change your mind

A new Kia concept car is not usually the sort of thing to get too excited over. But this 315 horsepower mini Audi R8 is, to put it mildly, a bit different. We don't know much yet, but I gotta say I am excited to learn more when this beast…

With a fresh round of funding, Nest Labs is reportedly valued at over $2 billion

Nest Labs is on the verge of locking down millions of dollars in investor funding, money which will ostensibly be used to expand its line of innovative, well-designed smart home products.

New life for the llama? Winamp reportedly being sold by AOL to Radionomy

Anybody who's been using their PC to listen to music back in the late 90s has probably at least come across Winamp, and possibly fell in love with it as well. Now it looks like Winamp could avoid extinction.

Activision and Marvel’s partnership comes to an end

After more than 15 years, the license agreement between Marvel Entertainment and Activision has ended, and it appears that neither side is interested in resigning.

Lighthouse tech lets Ford C-Max Solar Energi concept go ‘off the grid’

Set to debut at CES next week, the Ford C-Max Solar Energi concept takes the "plug" out of "plug-in hybrid" by allowing drivers to recharge its lithium-ion battery pack with sunlight.

Firefox app for Windows 8 release date delayed again, to March 18

One of Windows 8's and 8.1's issues is the fact that the OS simply lacks many apps that it absolutely should have. Unfortunately for many, Firefox is one of them, and it's just been delayed again.