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The iPhone breathalyzer and 4 more apps for a safer New Year’s Eve

With 2013 almost upon us, we've come up with this handy list of apps for iOS and Android that will help you drink smartly and get home safely after ringing in the New Year.

Yahoo exits South Korea market after 15 years of business

In line with plans accounced in October, Yahoo completed the closure of its South Korean business on Monday.

New York MTA launches subway app with real-time train arrival info (for some lines)

A new iPhone app launched over the weekend by New York's MTA allows passengers to see precisely when their next train will be arriving, allowing them to better plan their journey and minimize the time spent waiting on the station platform…

Big moves, big money, and the year social-media startups proved their worth

Debate no more: Admist the bubble hype, social networking startups proved their worth this year by making big moves and big money.

iOS-ingularity: How iPhones and Macs will meld in 2013

New hardware updates are inevitable, but could 2013 be the year Apple finally merges OS X and iOS into one unified operating system?
Android Army

Android users beware: Malicious apps posing as Temple Run and other games found in Google Play Store

A string of harmful Android apps posing as other popular games have been found in the Google Play Store on Friday.

Apps and updates worth downloading: Facebook Poke and Flipboard for the holidays

The last big rush to the app markets before the holidays brings some must-haves for surviving this time of year. YouTube Capture and Facebook Poke make media sharing easy, Rise Alarm Clock will get you up on time, and Pudding Monster will…
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Report: Intel is prepping set-top box with streaming and cable service

Potentially making a bigger splash than the launch of Google TV, Intel is preparing to launch a set-top box solution for consumers within the United States.

The Nigerian Prince in your inbox has been around for over 500 years

The so-called "Nigerian prince" scam may seem like a product of the digital age. But in truth, the email spam most of us have learned to ignore has roots that extend deep into history, long before computers were invented.

Holiday mobile news recap: 2012 comes to an end with RIM and Instagram

The world didn't end, unless it did and we all have been so distracted by our mobile devices to notice. The mobile world has definitely kept spinning as the year winds down. Research in Motion, Rovio, and ZeptoLab all have reasons to be…

Best WordPress Plugins

Are you a blogger or Web publisher who uses WordPress? Want to improve your productivity, boost your site's traffic, and make your pages look gorgeous? Check out this roundup of the best WordPress plugins that'll do all that and more.

Rob Enderle’s 3 favorite products of 2012

Tech analyst Rob Enderle gets to play with a lot of gadgets, but these three from 2012 prove gadgets really can make life better.