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A robot has been arrested for buying drugs with Bitcoin (all in the name of art)

A robot that was purchasing illegal substances as part of a Swedish art piece had to answer to the powers that be.
Movies & TV

5 things we miss about TV that the Internet totally ruined

We love Netflix, too. But our new TV-watching habits, ushered in by streaming sites, aren’t all for the best. Here are 5 things we miss about the old way of watching.

This snazzy LED lamp uses magnetic levitation to hover above its power source

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Flyte is a wirelessly-powered light that hovers in the air by way of magnetic levitation. It is also completely contactless, and draws power wirelessly from the charger block it hovers above.

Think you can hack Microsoft’s Spartan browser? You could earn up to $15,000 for your effort

Today Microsoft announced it will begin ramping up bug bounty efforts in anticipation of the launch of its new web browser for Windows 10, known to the rest of us as Project Spartan.

18 handy OnePlus One tips and tricks

Looking for ways to squeeze a little extra out of your smartphone? We’ve got a delectable menu of OnePlus One tips for owners that will help you to enjoy your powerful device just a wee bit more.

Hilarious Chrome extension adds a Conchita Wurst beard to all faces in your browser

Once you've the extension switched on in your browser, Wurstify will use facial recognition algorithms to detect all the faces on any webpage you visit. Once it finds a face, it will instantly superimpose a realistic Conchita Wurst beard…

Security researchers reveal a flaw that crashes iPhones and iPads over Wi-Fi

A vulnerability disclosed by security researchers could lead iOS devices to endlessly reboot. The method involves exploiting flaws in iOS 8's handling of SSL certificates and public Wi-Fi.

If you live in Munich and own an Audi, you’ll be able to get Amazon deliveries to your trunk

A new Amazon delivery option will see packages delivered to the trunks of Audi car owners in Germany. And this is actually one of the less quixotic Amazon shipping experiments in recent months.

Facebook’s caller ID app Hello just made ignoring phone calls a whole lot easier

Facebook is launching a caller ID tool for Android called "Hello." The new app from the social media giant is intended to evolve the phone call and improve on the existing caller ID system.

Here’s how to make GTA V look beautiful, and play well, on your PC

Nvidia has put together an incredibly comprehensive guide to tuning the settings to get GTA V running well on your machine, without it looking like garbage.
Movies & TV

Netflix is finally planning to own its original shows, not just license them

The streaming video service based in Los Gatos, California wants to get rid of the middle man and own the rights to their original series. Currently, Netflix only licenses popular series like "Orange is the New Black and "House of Cards."…

Valve begins allowing developers to apply for HTC Vive virtual-reality kits

Valve has started to take applications from developers interested in designing games for the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset slated for release later this year.