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NYPD surprised by reaction to its Twitter campaign, asks for some positive tweets

Despite the NYPD's disastrous attempt to connect with its citizens through Twitter on Tuesday, commissioner Bill Bratton is adamant the campaign will continue, saying, "It's not going to cause us to change any of our efforts to be very…

Apple’s iTunes almost at 800 million accounts, most ‘connected to a credit card’

Apple has revealed it now oversees almost 800 million iTunes accounts globally. While revenue from its online store is up, recent reports suggest the firm may revamp its music-based elements to better compete with the likes of Pandora and…

This 10.1-inch, 4K resolution screen eats the same amount of energy as a lower-res panel

Japan Display has announced a 10.1-inch screen with a massive 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, which qualifies as 4K. Thanks to some clever tech, the screen doesn't consume any more power than a lower resolution panel.

Facebook’s Q1 beats expectations thanks to successful mobile strategy

A couple of years ago, when Facebook was yet to run its first mobile ad, the company expressed concerns about the challenges it faced with monetizing the platform. Judging by its latest set of financial results, things clearly haven't…

Apple CEO says it ‘means more to us to get it right’ than to be first

Apple boss Tim Cook told investors in an earnings call Wednesday that it means more to the company to get a product right than to be first with it (just don't mention Apple Maps).
Android Army

Samsung’s Galaxy Mega phones may be about to get ridiculously large

A leak may have given us a preview of where Samsung is headed with its Galaxy Mega range. The device is known as the SM-T2558, and although it has a 7-inch display, seems to be a smartphone, not a tablet.

Amazon takes on the grocery store with Prime Pantry

Potentially useful for heavy products that you have to lug out to your car each week, Amazon's Prime Pantry service will ship groceries to your doorstep for a flat rate fee rather than a weight-based shipping fee.
Home Theater

iOS code update indicates Siri will be added to Apple TV

Definitely useful for anyone that prefers speaking a command over hunting for letters on a virtual keypad, a recent update to iOS 7.1 code includes an entry for Siri support on the Apple TV set-top box.

New FCC proposal threatens to eradicate the open Internet

Striking a blow to proponents of net neutrality and the open Internet, the FCC will soon be voting on a proposal that provides rules around paying Internet providers for preferential speed treatment.

A Land Rover Defender you can comfortably commute in? Icon 4×4 just made one

The problem with the amazingly capable Land Rover Defender has always been that it is about as sophisticated as eating beans out of a can, but aftermarket specialists Icon just rebuilt one into what amounts to the most usable Defender ever.