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DT Daily: Apple buys Matcha, Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer preview, Windows 8.1 release date announced 2:16

Call of Duty ghosts multi-player game play is revealed, Apple buys video discovery start-up Matcha, and new release details for windows 8.1.

A cheaper 12GB PS3 may be available on August 18 (just don’t tell Sony)

Although Sony is denying it, a new PS3 featuring a 12GB flash hard drive that was supposed to be exclusive to Europe and Hong Kong may be available in North America as soon as August 18.
Product Review

Sony NEX-VG30H Review

Sony NEX-VG30H review.

Google Search gets personal – now updates with flight status, reservations, and more

After doing some extensive testing that began last year, Google is bringing several new features to its search engine, filtering through your Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+ account to deliver relevant search results from other Google…

Destructible terrain, traps, and knee slides: Inside ‘CoD: Ghosts’ multiplayer

Activision and Infinity Ward will offer us the first look at the new multiplayer offering for the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, and you can watch it here, live.

Microsoft bolsters its PC gaming cred with Steam’s former business maestro

Jason Holtman, Steam’s former Director of Business Development joins Microsoft, and plans to make “Windows a great platform for gaming.” While at Valve, Holtman was instrumental in bringing third-party developers in, as well as…
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Want to fancy up your tweets? This simple hack brings fun fonts to Twitter

Bored of plain ol' text? Well a simple 'hack' now gives you creative license to bold, italicize, and more. Way, way, way more. Fun new feature, or future eyesore?
Product Review

Panasonic SC-NT10 Review

Panasonic SC-NT10 review.

RTFM*? Not anymore! Audi replacing 2015 A3 manual with interactive augmented reality app

Audi wants to do away with archaic car manuals and its looking to your phone and augmented reality to get the job done.

‘Heard’ App Review: Capture 5 minutes of audio before you even press ‘record’

Did you hear something worth recording but it's already passed you by? Heard can grab it from the past thanks to an always-recording buffer period. We try it out to see what it's like to snag back moments from the grasps of time.

Did you know that HTC stands for Hipster Troll Carwash? (Video)

HTC's long awaited Here's To Change marketing campaign is here, and the firm has hired actor Robert Downey Jr. to bring some Hollywood gravitas to its new TV and cinema ads.

Stranger danger: Hacker gets access to baby monitor, says lewd things to 2-year-old girl

Nothing's off limits for hackers these days. It doesn't just have to be something connected to your computer or phone, hackers can even reach us at home. One Houston family's baby monitor was hacked recently, allowing the hacker to say lewd…