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Jetsetter: Rayman and the French New Wave

This week in Jetsetter, we consider what role the limbless hero Rayman and his creator Michel Ancel fill in the pantheon of video game history. Both Ancel and his signature creation are actually icons of a brief, beautiful movement in game…

Marissa Mayer very sorry about your Yahoo Mail woes

"We are very sorry..." If you were one of the users affected by Yahoo Mail's recent technical problems, you'll want to read Marissa Mayer's official apology, posted to the Yahoo Tumblr blog.

DSLR cameras that show why they’re still kings in image quality

Whether it’s a workhorse for pro photographers, a tool for photo enthusiasts, or the first interchangeable lens camera for step-up users, DSLRs are versatile shooters for capturing great photos (and videos).

15 games we can’t wait to see resurrected on next-gen consoles

With the next-gen systems launched, we looked back at some of the franchises that we not only hope to see on the next-gen systems, but think they could benefit from the new hardware.

Windows Phone 8.1 adds software navigation buttons

A screenshot leaked to Twitter suggests that the major Windows Phone 8.1 update will move its navigation buttons to the software interface, following the lead set by the stock version of Android.

Beware Lyft private taxi app users: Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart need a ride

Ride sharing seems great, until you are giving a ride to Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart and they want you to find them weed. Check out the video!
Social Media

Twitter’s ‘Nearby’ feed will show who’s tweeting in your local area

Potentially a privacy concern for some Twitter users, the social network is currently testing a 'Nearby' feed that will categorize and display tweets based off the location of the user.
Android Army

App permissions manager disappears in Android 4.4.2

Google has removed an experimental Android feature that allowed users to customize individual app permissions (such as location and network access) independently. This App Ops tool has been taken out of Android 4.4.2.

Engineer gets his 27-year-old Macintosh Plus online

Engineer Jeff Keacher overcomes exploding hardware, out-dated protocols and a lack of Wi-Fi to introduce his ancient Macintosh Plus computer to the Web. Not bad for a machine with a 8MHz CPU inside.

PicYourWeekend helps you New Yorkers make the most of your free time

If keeping up with all the events over the weekend is a chore (or you're too lazy or indecisive to figure it out), then PicYourWeekend is here to help sort out your social life.

Missed the Bitcoin boat? Here are 6 other cryptocurrencies that might make you rich

With a single Bitcoin running about $900 these days, those of us who never bought in may feel like we've missed out on a great investment. Luckily, there are many other alternative cryptocurrencies that you can take an early adopter gamble…

German-Chinese optics partnership results in ‘world’s fastest’ mirrorless camera lens

A German-Chinese partnership between two optics companies have created the "world's fastest" lens for mirrorless camera systems. The Ibelux is the launch product for a new brand, Handevision, that will see additional lenses added to the…