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Civilization creator Sid Meier charts his journey in an hour-long Firaxicon chat

Civilization series creator Sid Meier sat down at the recent Firaxicon community gathering to talk about his life and work. You can watch the hour-long chat right here.
The Manual

Flipping through The Manual: Hoppy beer, tailgate gear, the scent of fall

Burned out on apps, keys and screens? Improve your analog life this weekend! Digital Trends’ brother site The Manual exists to give men straight-up advice, from unspoken suit rules you need to know, to the latest in fashion, food, drink…

Destiny’s ‘Iron Banner’ doesn’t quite tip the power scales in multiplayer like it should

Bungie responds to player feedback on Destiny's Iron Banner mode, which ostensibly removes all level limiters in the game's multiplayer mode. Some users feel the enforced power imbalance doesn't line up with the way the mode was sold.
Cool Tech

This smart ring lets you control your smartphone, Google Glass or smartwatch

Eat your heart out, Tolkien: A Japanese company has created a smart ring that empowers wearers to rule them all – their smartphone, smart home appliances, Google Glass, smartwatch and a variety of digital-enabled interactions, to be more…
Home Theater

Netflix hikes up prices for its 4K content

Netflix has just bumped up the subscription price for access to its 4K content to $11.99 per month from $7.99 per month, though existing users can stay at the $7.99 level for the next two years.
Home Theater

Bose kit is about to be pulled from the Apple Store (Updated)

If you want to pick up some Bose kit straight from the Apple website, you'd better be quick — rumors suggest that Apple is about to ditch the audio company's gear to focus on its own Beats products.

Google starts adding Helpouts to search results

Have you used Google Helpouts since the service launched last year? It looks like Google is giving it an extra push by including links to Helpouts in among search results and covering fees.

HTC gets it: Cool accessories should work with every phone

Thank you HTC. By announcing the Re Camera as an accessory which will work with any smartphone, whether it runs Android or iOS, may ensure your continued survival, and prompt a much needed change by other manufacturers.

Bose and Beats put down the gloves, agree to settle patent lawsuit privately

While the two headphone brands continue to battle it out in the headlines, their recent courtroom battle has ended as Bose and Apple's Beats agreed to settle their patent dispute privately.

With hype-devouring fans and copycat features, Tesla has become the Apple of cars

Tesla's newest car, the all-wheel drive P85D Model S, is being compared to various supercars, but it should be compared to the Apple iPhone 5S. It's further evidence Tesla's closely following Apple's business strategy, and to great effect.

Google’s newest Chrome utility is designed to buff out any blemishes in the browser

This Chrome utility from Google will allegedly scan the browser and purge it of any malware or other harmful software. Learn more here.