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Western Digital’s newest hybrid drive offers HDD capacity, speedy SSD performance

A solid-state hybrid drive capable of near-SSD speed with 4TB capacity at an affordable price? Western Digital makes that dream a reality.

Seagate goes on a hard drive announcement spree at CES 2015

Seagate has taken CES 2015 by storm, unveiling no less than five new hard drives, including four portable storage solutions.

Software supplier Elektrobit plans Silicon Valley autonomous-car research center

Elektrobit already supplies software to carmakers, but it hopes to break into autonomous-car development with a new research center in Silicon Valley, amid many other ongoing research efforts.

Cobra Electronics announces 825E dash cam with 140-degree view and 1080P resolution

Cobra Electronics has announced the Drive HD CDR 825E Dash Cam at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The model sports a 2.7-inch LCD screen, a 140-degree viewing angle, and Continuous Loop Recording.

Every one of GE’s new Connected Profile appliances has an app to use it smarter

GE has unveiled a new line of smart appliances that it claims put the 'app' back in appliance. The new smart stoves, laundry machines, water heaters, fridges, and dishwashers add a ton of intelligence to your home
Movies & TV

New footage from Jurassic World will debut during the Super Bowl

Brand new footage from the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel Jurassic World will debut during next month's Super Bowl, according to Good Morning America.

Here’s how much you’ll pay to stream PS3 games with PlayStation Now

Subscriptions for PlayStation Now, Sony's impending game streaming service, will be available for $20/month, or $45 for a three month package when it launches on January 13 for PS4.

Use voice recognition to start your car with Hyundai’s Blue Link smartwatch app

Hyundai is expanding into the realm of smartwatch integration with a voice-controlled app that syncs wearable devices to the Blue Link telematics system offered in most of its models.
Cool Tech

Rollkers ‘walking skates’ strap onto your shoes, let you glide along at 7 mph

Showcased at CES 2015 Unveiled, Rollkers' motorized "under shoes" let you move at the speed of your average travelator by simply walking or strolling as you would normally across the floor.

Magellan’s Echo Fit is a watch with all the fitness fixings, and a six-month battery

The Magellan Echo Fit looks like a smartwatch, but with a focus on telling you the time and packing in fitness features, it can hold a charge for half a year. The new watch debuts at CES 2015.