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New Michigan law protects social network accounts from nosy employers

Definitely ideal for anyone working within the state of Michigan, a new law protects the online privacy of residents when it comes to social networks.
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This is where to check out the world’s best New Year’s Eve photos on Instagram

Instagram is ringing in the new year with its first-ever "topics" page that automatically displays user's New Year's Eve photos from around the world, as the clock strikes midnight.

A look back at 2012 in photos

Reviewing a year of events through the best photos of 2012.

Hybrid Ferraris, plug-in Cadillacs and 5 more insane cars hitting roads in 2013

From a new Corvette to a hybrid Ferrari, the coming year should have something to excite anyone with gasoline in their veins.

Q Continuum: Infiniti Q50 to be unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

The Q50 will be the first new car to debut under Infiniti's new naming scheme, an is expected to usher in myriad changes for the Japanese luxury brand.

What ‘post-PC’ era? 10 products that have us still excited about computers

From MacBook Pros with Retina displays to Windows 8 and convertible laptops, here are some of 2012's best computing products.

Launch This Year spurs developers to get apps out the door in 2013

If you're an amateur app developer hoping to develop the Next Big Thing, but need a helping hand to keep you on schedule, Launch This Year gives you the tools you need to make it happen in 2013.

Phil Fish: Fez will hit new platforms in 2013

Those jealous of Xbox 360 owners for their exclusive grip on indie hit Fez will not have to wait much longer to see the game on other platforms.

Best high-end luxury and performance cars of 2012

If you absolutely need to travel in the utmost comfort or at the fastest speeds, or even if you just want to impress your friends, these are the best high-end performance/luxury cars your seemingly endless piles of money can buy.

Microsoft apologizes for cloud outage with free month of Xbox Live Gold

If you couldn't access cloud saves through your Xbox 360 this weekend, Microsoft has a present and an apology for you.
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Facebook security flub allowed anyone to view private New Year’s Eve messages

A security flaw in Facebook's 'Midnight Delivery' app allowed even casual peeping Toms to leaf through the private messages of other users, just by changing a URL.

Zynga shutters 11 games, cites cost-reduction plan

In an effort to avoid complete collapse, casual gaming giant Zynga has opted to close down 11 of its least profitable games. Fans are understandably upset.