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Netflix edges out HBO in quarterly subscription revenue for first time

Netflix CEO and founder Reed Hastings announced via Facebook that the streaming service passed HBO in subscriber revenue during the last quarter. Netflix barely edged the veteran premium cable network with $1.146 billion vs. HBO's $1.141…

In China, women will get into a Lamborghini … no questions asked

In a video making the rounds of China's social networks, a series of young women get into a Lamborghini with a stranger, no questions asked. The little social experiment was performed as a way to question China's values in an era of…

Sierra is back! And bringing King’s Quest with it?

A new teaser site for classic PC game brand Sierra appears, hinting at King's Quest and Geometry Wars. More info will be revealed at Gamescom 2014.

Dr. McCoy would be proud! Watch George Takei get a full physical exam from a smartphone

Star Trek actor George Takei takes a look at the most recent biotechnology: the Smartphone Physical. Using only a smartphone and a few accessories, Takei gets a full exam.
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Two more Lego movies in the works for Warner Bros.

After announcing its DC Comics film slate, Warner Bros has claimed release dates for two more Lego movies in addition to the two already announced.

The buzz begins: Next-gen Chevy Volt to debut at 2015 North American International Auto Show

Sales of the Chevrolet Volt may have slowed in recent years, but GM is committed to improving the plug-in hybrid. The automaker confirmed today that the next-gen Volt is on the way, and will debut at the 2015 NAIAS.
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Runtastic Orbit Review

Runtastic Orbit Review.

For the Mercedes AMG GT, ‘true lightweight’ means less than 3,527 pounds

Mercedes-Benz’s AMG GT continues to tease, as insiders have revealed information about the grand tourer’s curb weight. This comes in addition to Mercedes’ engine reveal last month, as well as a smattering of disguised exterior photos…

Powered by the sun, GeckoEye security cam can be placed anywhere in your home or car

The GeckoEye is a new home security concept that uses solar-powered cameras. Designed to be portable, it can be placed anywhere in your home, car, hotel, office, etc. The company behind it is seeking funding via Indiegogo.

Land Rover’s Discovery Sport will emerge from the woods September 3

Land Rover's new baby SUV will be unveiled ahead of its big brother less than a month from now. The Discovery Sport will be a more utilitarian alternative to the fashion-icon Evoque.

Big SUV Brawl: 2015 Chevrolet Suburban vs 2014 Chevrolet Suburban

The 2015 Chevrolet Suburban is a fully-redesigned large SUV with sleeker styling, a revised powertrain, and a dollop of technology, but how does it compare to the 2014 Suburban it will replace?

Pantech’s sleek Pop Up Note looks cool, but company woes make its release uncertain

Struggling Pantech may be asking for assistance from Korea's networks, but it still knows how to make a smartphone, something proven by the Pop Up Note. The sleek device has been extensively previewed in a new leak.