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Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Review

Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Review.

Rumor: iOS 7 to get ‘significant’ overhaul, though development is behind schedule

Work on the next version of Apple's mobile OS has apparently fallen behind schedule. The design of iOS 7 is said to be so different that engineers testing it out in the field are using a filter on the screen to make it hard for others to…
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Google to launch new Nexus 7 in July for as little as $149, insiders claim

Amazon said recently it's already “at the lowest price points possible” with its tablets, so could Google really go as low as $149 with the second version of its Nexus 7 device? According to a report on Wednesday, the tablet could go on…
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Online gambling: Zynga bets on real-money games to bring in the cash with UK launch

Social gaming company Zynga launches its first online real-money gambling games in the UK on Wednesday, a move it hopes will set it on the path to a more profitable future.
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HTC First, AKA the Facebook Phone, leaked ahead of special event

The HTC First has been leaked, and its believed to be the long-rumored Facebook Phone. Expected to launch on Thursday alongside Facebook's new Android software, the First could be the retail name of the rumored HTC Myst.
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Google building Android-powered notebook for Q3 2013 launch, report claims

A new report suggests Web giant Google is buildng an Android-powered notebook – cleverly called the Androidbook – which could launch in Q3 or early Q4.

How Telltale Games brought adventure gaming back from the dead (with zombies)

We follow up with Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors one year after our chat at the 2012 Game Developer's Conference for a look at where the studio has been and where it's headed.

Review: Still homely as ever, Subaru’s 2014 Forester brims over with tech for the price

Driven by a penchant for practicality and performance above all else, the Forester returns for 2014 with a robust driver assistance package and an outstanding AWD system, making it one of the most compelling options in the mid-size SUV…
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SEC rules in favor of Netflix CEO’s Facebook post, execs now free to overshare

Last year, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings found himself in hot water over a Facebook status update celebrating his company's success. Turns out, the SEC says his sharing was okay - so if your company is doing amazingly well, go ahead and take to…

5 great Bluetooth keyboards for your tablet or PC

Want to do more with your tablet than surf the Web and watch videos? If so, you need a Bluetooth keyboard. Many have shoved themselves on to stores shelves, but only a handful are worth your money.

Google engineers apply Gmail filter technology to end annoying robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission has announced the winners of its Robocall Challenge, which includes two Google employees tapping into Gmail's spam filtering.