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Google lobbying legislators in effort to prevent Glass driving bans

Worried that laws preventing the use of Glass while driving could damage the appeal of its wearable tech among some consumers, Google has reportedly been lobbying legislators in several states where restrictions on the device are being…

FCC’s ‘Speed Test’ app comes to iOS, collects broadband data for nationwide study

The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday launched its 'Speed Test' app for iOS in the hope that iDevice owners will help it with an ongoing nationwide study on mobile broadband services provided by the nation's wireless carriers.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Ford partners with Blackberry, G.I. Glass, Netflix’ Drone to Home 2:18

Ford partners with Blackberry to fix SYNC, we look at Google Glass for the military, and Netflix joins the drone delivery video making bandwagon.

Mastercard wants to link smartphone location data to your credit card

Definitely an interesting way to protect the security of a credit card user, Mastercard is currently working on a new system that authorizes purchases based on geolocation data provided by your smartphone.

Mt. Gox goes offline leaving Bitcoin investors livid and worried

Hopefully just a temporary blow to the Bitcoin community and future of the digital currency, popular Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has completely shut down operations for the near future.
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PlayStation Gold Review

PlayStation Gold review.
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Where’s ours? AT&T, Verizon dogpile on Netflix with requests for cash

Top reps from Verizon and AT&T claim that they too are brokering deals in which Netflix will pay the ISPs fees for faster access to their pipelines. The recent deal between Comcast and Netflix, it seems, was just the beginning. What does…
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Anti-gun groups lobby Facebook and Instagram to change policies

Anti-gun groups lobby Facebook and Instagram for tighter rules. Even though selling guns isn't allowed on those services, it happens frequently; we easily found guns for sale on both platforms.
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Netflix’s new prank video clowns Amazon’s drone delivery concept, and it’s pretty funny

Netflix takes Amazon's idea of drone delivery service to extremes in this new video. DVD's by helicopter invading the men's room? Yes please. Click the link to see Amazon's grand plan gone horribly, hilariously wrong.
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The BassJump 2 USB-powered subwoofer adds “oomph” to your MacBook’s thin onboard audio

Twelve South's BassJump 2 subwoofer is the solution to those in-between situations when you need more "oomph" than your MacBook speakers can bring, but can't or don't want to use full-on stereo system.