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Sony aims to harness the power of your eyes with a slew of new smartglasses

Sony aims to harness the power of your eyes with a bunch of new smart eyewear prototypes. The company updated its SmartEyeglass developer kit, while adding a modular lens called Attach, and the sports-focused Smart B-Trainer.

ZTE is finally taking on the iPad, with the zPad

ZTE has announced the zPad, a new 8-inch Android tablet complete with 4G LTE connectivity built-in, at CES 2015. It's powered by a quad-core processor, and has a MicroSD card slot.

ZTE Grand Band fitness wearable works with Android and iOS smartphones

ZTE has launched the Grand Band, a fitness wearable designed to work with both Android and iOS devices. It tracks your step count, calories burned, and distance traveled.

U-Wake’s wearable brainwave sensor sends alerts to reduce driving fatigue

U-Wake is a wearable brainwave sensor that alerts drivers when they become fatigued. Using a Bluetooth connection, the sensor transmits brainwave data to the U-Wake smartphone app, which uses a 0 to 100 score to evaluate driver capability.

Asus brings optical zoom into focus with the Zenfone Zoom

Are you a prolific Instagram sharer? The Asus Zenfone Zoom might be just the smartphone for you, with a 3x optical zoom lens and 13 MP sensor.