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‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ for PC coming ‘this fall,’ says Nvidia [UPDATED]

Graphics card maker Nvidia may have accidentally let it slip in a financial call that Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is heading to PC this fall.
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DT Deals: Hone, the find anything device, now for $10 off

Stop perpetually losing small personal items and attach them to the Hone so you can always have keep track of where you last misplaced each device. Of course, assuming you don't lose your phone too.
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My dog smells stress (and it’s coming from my gadgets)

Dogs are amazing creatures. They can hunt, eat garbage without getting sick, and even smell cancer. Also, it seems, they have the ability to sift out the symptoms of a new ailment I'm calling High Technology Stress Disorder.

Oh! So that’s how NASA’s 3D printer will work on the International Space Station

Bet you never thought 3D printers would be on the International Space Station? As of June of 2014, they will be, and this video from NASA shows how they'll work in zero gravity.
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Dread the 404? These whimsical takes on error pages beg you to reconsider

The Fail Whale artist is at it again, bringing the Overwhelmed Octopus to a 404 page near you. In honor of the addition, here are some of our favorite 404 pages Web-wide.

Apple’s (rumored) iPhone 5C won’t have Siri (according to rumors)

There may be a cost to a budget-friendly iPhone. According to analyst Gene Munster, Apple plans to exclude its Siri voice assistant feature from the lower-end iPhone, which is expected to debut on September 10.

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller will be PC-compatible in 2014

Microsoft's new Xbox One controller will feature over 40 improvements over the current Xbox 360 controller, and it will be released for the PC sometime in 2014.
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When does $9,000 look like a bargain? When it buys Samsung’s 55-inch curved OLED

Samsung's new 55-inch curved OLED TV (KN55S9C) will begin selling online tomorrow for just $9,000, undercutting its only real competition from LG, which sells its curved OLED set for a whopping $14,999.

Microsoft confirms you won’t need a Kinect for the Xbox One to work

Microsoft’s Xbox One chief platform architect Marc Whitten confirms another change of policy regarding the Xbox One: you won’t need to have the Kinect plugged in for the console to work.
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How two actresses spin the dregs of the Internet into comedy gold

Hamlet. Waiting for Godot. The Glass Menagerie. Texts from Last Night. One of these things is not like the other. Luckily, not everyone thinks the line between live theater and digital low points is all that defined. Allison Goldberg and…
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The 7 Facebook features that shouldn’t exist

Can't help wonder why the Other inbox exists? Why you can see a comment's edit history? Yeah... us too. And that's just the start: Here are the most unnecessary, pointless things Facebook has delivered.