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Microsoft has sold 70 million Xbox 360s despite recent sales dip

The Xbox 360 has topped 70 million units sold, though this past quarter hasn't been very profitable for Microsoft.

How to bypass video region restrictions in under a minute

Accessing your favorite movies or TV shows on the Web isn't always easy due to a pesky thing called region restrictions. Here is a beginner's guide to using a proxy to skip over the technical wall and start enjoying content from around the…

BioWare: Next Mass Effect game will feature a new hero

When BioWare inevitably gets around to creating the next game set in the expansive Mass Effect universe, you shouldn't expect to see Commander Shepard in a starring role.

Digital Blend: Skyrim and Battlefield 3 DLC talk, Infinity Blade spin-off delayed

Welcome to Digital Blend, your one-stop shop for coverage and recommendations of all things relating to mobile gaming, digital marketplaces, and indie titles (for the week ending October 21).

Sony Online Entertainment reveals Planetside 2 release date

It's official: Planetside 2 is only about a month away from release.

Microsoft drops Twitter, Facebook from new Xbox 360 dashboard

Social networking addicts beware: The new Xbox 360 dashboard update removes both Twitter and Facebook from the console.

Microsoft Stores have stashes of vouchers for the Surface RT tablet

Microsoft is excited to release its tablet line-up along with Windows 8 next week, but it want to make sure it gets the Surface in as many hands as possible. Reports show a voucher program that may be in place to move units on launch day.

CD Projekt RED’s next game officially titled ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

The people responsible for The Witcher have announced a title for their next project that places it firmly in Mike Pondsmith's dystopian Cyberpunk universe.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: Our in-depth comparison

The iPhone 5 is here. But is it worth the money to upgrade from the iPhone 4S? Check out the specs and decide for yourself.

007 Legends review: It fails spectacularly in its bold attempt to re-write history

Eurocom's 007 Legends amounts to the worst use of a franchise license in a video game since Titus Software's 1999 disaster, Superman 64.

Silent Hill: Book Of Memories review: Experiments in dungeon crawling

In an effort to expand the Silent Hill franchise Konami has created a game that veers way off track.

Next Corvette will debut at the Detroit auto show on January 13

The Corvette gets its first redesign in nearly 10 years for the 2014 model year.