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Free Verizon data service getting cut off from LTE Chromebook Pixel owners (Updated)

After some Chromebook Pixel owners reported that their free Verizon LTE data plans were being cut off, Verizon is reportedly reconnecting those people.
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Android TV set-top box with gaming focus due to launch at Google I/O

Google is set to unveil tons of new software at Google I/O 2014, but it may also reveal an Android TV set-top box. The new TV box will reportedly focus on games and streaming content from Android devices.

Apple iOS 8 adds manual camera controls to iPhone via third-party apps

Apple is allowing third-party developers to add manual camera adjustments, such as ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation, in their iOS 8 apps, but Apple's native Camera App will include only exposure compensation.
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Sharp does 4K for real with new UD27 Ultra HD TV series, shows hi-res wireless A/V device

Sharp brings two new full scale UHD TVs to the table for CE Week in New York, as well as an update to its HD lineup, and a wireless hi-res audio player.
Cool Tech

Wi-Fi cows to help revelers get online at UK’s most famous music festival

A herd of brightly painted, life-size, fiber-glass cows are on their way to the UK's most famous music festival this week. No, they're not there to enjoy the music, rather, they'll be helping to get festival goers online.
Cool Tech

3D-printed robot called Jimmy on its way from Intel, can tweet and pour beers

If you're the type who likes to fiddle about with tech, how about building your own robot? Intel is gearing up to launch Jimmy, a $1,500 android that you can put together yourself using a special kit and 3D-printed parts.
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This smart earpiece gives you superhuman hearing

The Scoop from Soundhawk is a special earpiece gives you the ability to selectively filter and amplify certain frequencies, thereby allowing you to fine-tune your hearing for certain environments.
Android Army

Glass spec bump brings twice the memory and improved battery life

With only hours to go before Google kicks off its big I/O developer event, the Mountain View company has improved its Glass hardware, bringing with it twice the memory and better battery performance. Twelve new Glassware apps have been…

Funky Veldt Serendipity smartwatch emphasizes the watch rather than the smarts

The latest smartwatch to embrace traditional watch designs is the Veldt Serendipity. The analog face incorporates a tiny OLED screen to deliver notifications from an iOS device, but you're going to need to splash out if you want one.
Cool Tech

Japan’s news-reading robot shouldn’t have too many newscasters fearing for their job

Japan unveiled the world's first news-reading robot on Tuesday, though judging by its performance, real newscasters needn't worry about being shoved aside in favor of an android. Not yet, anyway.

Verizon’s Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 tablet gets faster XLTE speeds and $380 price tag

Verizon has announced it'll be stocking the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 tablet from the end of June, when it'll cost $380, and come with support for the network's new, faster XLTE connection.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Smartwatch keyboard tech, Planet of the Apes featurette, Tetris is huge 2:24

Today on DT Daily: An innovative approach to smartwatch keyboards, a peek behind the scenes of the next Planet of the Apes movie and a classic video game goes big. Really big. Smartwatches are most likely here to stay and if you…