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Facebook introduces Messenger, could this be the end of Blackberry?

Facebook just announced a new iOS and Android app named Messenger, which will allow users to send and view messages across the two most popular mobile phone platforms.

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Operation Facebook video is likely fake, but Anonymous’ mission to ‘kill’ is not

While the video claiming Anonymous will "kill" Facbook on November 5 appears to be fake — or, at least, unauthorized — members of the hacker group still plan to attack.

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Mystery of orange goo gripping Alaska town has been partially solved

Scientists finally think they have an idea where the orange goo turning up in Alaskan waterways is coming from.

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Giant robots meet GPS in Gundam-themed navigation app

New iPhone navigation app turns your car into a Gundam Mobile Suit.

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Vudu web streams to iPads to avoid sharing cash with Apple

The video-streaming service decided the App Store just wasn't worth it.


Resident Evil: Retribution to begin filming in October

The fifth entry in the live-action Resident Evil movie franchise has a new title and a projected start date.


Angry Birds empire expands to include a cookbook

Angry Birds maker Rovio has extended the brand to include a cookbook, along with a wide variety of other products.


Motorola interested in Windows Phone 7

CEO Sanjay Jha thinks the mobile OS might have potential.

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Nintendo announces red 3DS, more upcoming games

"Flame red" Nintendo 3DS will hit U.S. and European markets next month, more new games to follow.


Newspaper behemoth Tribune Co. developing its own tablet

The company is looking to switch subscribers over to the digital realm.

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HP Pavilion g6 Review

The HP Pavilion g6 brings adequate power and a surprisingly high-quality feel to the table for its paltry price tag.

  • Pros: Excellent build quality , Solid, comfortable keyboard…
  • Cons: Average display , Disappointing speaker volume , Short…

Boxee rolls out iPad app, announces firmware update for Boxee Box

Despite a slow start with adding services at the launch of the Boxee Box in late 2010, the media company has continued to support existing products as well as add iPad support for Boxee fanatics.


California inmates getting Facebook profiles disabled

Facebook is working with the California Corrections Department to disable inmates' profiles and lock them away from victim's cyber-lives

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Walmart giving up on MP3 download digital store due to lack of interest

While Apple dominates the music marketplace, Walmart officials are listening to crickets populate its digital music storefront. The retail giant plans to throw in the towel on selling MP3s later this month.


Apple to open five new stores this weekend, including Alaska’s first

Apple's retail empire continues to grow with the opening this Saturday of five new stores around the world, including its first in Alaska.