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How to make to your own Minecraft server

Whether you're hosting a server for a few friends or launching a massive effort to recreate your favorite show's world, you've got options for hosting your own Minecraft Server.

10 awesome IFTTT recipes for Android that you need to master

Given the recent launch of If This Then That for Android, we've compiled a nice list of recipes you could see yourself using. Whether you're on Android, iOS, or the Web, we've got you covered.

Amazon’s smartphone may come with Prime Data plan

How would you like some free data with your new 3D-capable Amazon smartphone? Reports suggest the handset will come bundled with an Amazon Prime Data plan, but details remain scarce.

Nike focusing on software, ‘excited’ about future plans with Apple

Will the next Nike FuelBand be the Apple iWatch? Nike CEO Mark Parker has been answering questions on the company's hardware and software strategies and ongoing partnership with Apple.
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How LG perfected its smart TVs with an orphaned mobile OS

Just a couple years ago, webOS was the red-headed stepchild of the mobile tech world. Today, it is the darling of the smart TV industry. Here’s how, under LG’s ownership, webOS was transformed into something everyone will want to get…

Legendary Atari video game stash uncovered in the New Mexico desert

Construction workers in New Mexico have hit upon a stockpile of abandoned Atari game cartridges — left to rot in the 1980s, they mark one of the lowest points in video game history.

Surf’s up! Chevy embraces coastal living, creates surf-inspired Corvette Stingrays

The Corvette is staying at the top of its game, this time with design packages, inspired by each coast's car culture, bringing great new looks to the car. Though there is little mechanical difference, thee Pacific and Atlantic packages…

Watch Dogs’ director explains why you’re never safe, even playing alone

After trying them out, we sat down with Watch Dogs’ Creative Director Jonathan Morin to discuss the game’s online modes, which offer several different ways to play the third-person action game.

Apple will fix iPhone 5 handsets with faulty sleep/wake buttons

Good news if your iPhone 5's power button has stopped working or barely responds to your touch — under a new program Apple is promising to repair all handsets that have the problem free of charge.
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Press play: Her, Pompeii, and more hot Blu-ray releases from May 2014

You may not have time to search for the best new Blu-ray releases, but luckily we do. Our list shows you the best new releases coming down the pike complete with a synopsis, links to reviews, and transfers specs. All that's left for you to…