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Will South Korea’s Oullim Spirra be a suitable Tesla Roadster replacement?

Electric sports cars have flummoxed startups and major automakers alike. Will the combination of a South Korean sports car and European business interests finally make the concept stick?

These are the first Nintendo Amiibos, and how they’ll work in Smash Bros.

We round up the Nintendo Amiibos we saw at E3 this week, when they're coming out, how they work in Super Smash Bros., and other things we know about Amiibo.

Apple launches replacement program for affected European iPhone adapters

Apple is issuing a recall for European iPhone adapters purchased between October 2009 and September 2012. These adapters, model A1300, also came included with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S.

Jaguar Land Rover’s “Special Operations” division doesn’t fight terrorists, but it will build you a cool car

No, Jaguar Land Rover's Special Operations division doesn't fight terrorists. It's a new division of the British carmaker focused on personalized vehicles and parts and service for vintage cars.
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Marshall’s Stanmore Brown Bluetooth speaker is Ricardo Montalbán-approved

Marshall harkens back to its old-school rock-and-roll days with the upcoming Stanmore Brown stereo speaker that will provide some serious nostalgia. The 80-watt Bluetooth-enabled device comes stocked with a 5.25-inch midwoofer and two…
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The Signal Review

The Signal dives down the rabbit hole to tell a provocative science fiction story that scrawls meanings on the walls of the mind with a heavy pen.

Amazon’s Mayday button helps customers propose marriage, defeat Angry Birds

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX customers really love the new Mayday customer service feature. According to Amazon, people have used the service to propose marriage, celebrate birthdays, and defeat Angry Birds.
Movies & TV

Warner Bros. rumored to have Wonder Woman, Flash / Green Lantern movies planned after Batman V. Superman

The studio is reportedly planning films based on Wonder Woman and Shazam, as well as a Flash / Green Lantern team-up movie after Batman V. Superman in 2016.

McLaren P1 GTR puts LaFerrari on notice with 986 hp

Inspired by the Le Mans-winning F1 GTR, the P1 GTR will be McLaren's most extreme production car yet. So extreme, in fact, that it won't be road legal. All 986 hp will have to be exercised on a track.

Facebook Messenger adds in-app video recording, bigger thumbs

Facebook wants its messaging app to get everything it needs to compete with WhatsApp, Line, ChatOn, and other popular apps. The new Facebook Messenger lets you record short video clips and "Like" things with a giant blue thumbs-up.

Game Of Thrones writer to script Magic: The Gathering movie

Fox taps Game Of Thrones writer and story editor Bryan Cogman to write a screenplay for a movie based on the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.