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Kerbal Space Program version 1.0 will add new physics model and female astronauts

Kerbal Space Program, a popular early-access PC game about managing (and mis-managing) a virtual space program, will soon hit full release. Version 1.0 will bring a new campaign "game over" state, a new physics model and female…
Movies & TV

Jon Stewart’s final episode of The Daily Show will air August 6

The longtime host of the Comedy Central talk show The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, has announced that his final episode of the series will air August 6. Stewart will be replaced by South African comedian Trevor Noah.

Adobe improves performance in new Lightroom CC, adds features to all versions

Adobe's latest version of its photo management software, Lightroom, adds new editing tools like HDR and Panorama Merge, and improves performance. Lightroom CC is also synced with versions for iOS and Android.

Scaled up from cute, Fiat’s 500X keeps its Italian charm intact

Fiat’s new crossover will fight for numbers in a very competitive market.

New tape drive with 220TB capacity smashes storage records

If you think your RAID back-ups have impressive capacity, think again! IBM and Fujifilm have managed to create a tape cartridge that can hold as much as 220TB of data at once. That's a lot of animated .gifs!
Movies & TV

New trailer for Jurassic World packs in more velociraptor gangs and one big dino

The relationship between velociraptors, humans, and the new, super-dinosaur created by the park's scientists is explored in latest Jurassic World trailer. The movie is slated to stomp its way into standard, 3D, and IMAX theaters…

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm launches June 2, gets open beta on May 19

Blizzard's team brawler Heroes of the Storm, which mashes together characters and locations from the developer's other games like StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo, launches on June 2, with an open beta arriving May 19.

Tap in to your smart home with a touch of Oomi’s smart home controller

The Oomi smart home system is back on Indiegogo with an improved controller and new functionality for its multisensor. You connect the whole system by tap-and-touch technology.

Norway to kill FM radio dead in 2017

The digital radio pioneer will entirely shut off its FM radio signals, instead opting to use Digital Audio Broadcasting for radio in Norway. It will be the first country to entirely switch from FM to DAB.
Health & Fitness

Recon Jet Smartglasses make you feel like Robocop

Recon's Jet, the company's newest smart glasses combine metrics with cool looks in a smart wearable good for sports in any weather. They connect wirelessly to a number of sensors including heart rate monitors, bike computers, and power…