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These smart specs are like Google Glass for sailors

These cool smart glasses are specifically designed for sailors and competitive yachting, providing crucial data all the time, right in front of your eyes. However, like everything to do with yachts, the Afterguard Recon is expensive.

Heartbleed Bug claims 900 Canadian taxpayers as its first victims

Attackers have exploited the Heartbleed Bug vulnerability to remove the Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) of hundreds of taxpayers from the registry of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

‘Glow in the dark’ road lights the way to energy savings in the Netherlands

Cool-looking 'glow in the dark' roads are now part of the driving experience in the Netherlands as the government searches for innovative ways to replace street lights and reduce energy costs.
Cool Tech

Google considering tiny cameras for contact lenses, patent application shows

If you thought Glass presented privacy issues, wait till you hear about Google's latest patent application. It outlines details of a camera-equipped contact lens that can snap a photo with the blink of an eye, and also offer help to the…

When did tech get so political? Let’s stop ousting executives

Lately, tech has gotten really political. One major executive has resigned from Mozilla because of his views on gay marriage, and a Dropbox board member is now under fire for her past. Is this the new reality?

Report claims Sony’s Xperia Z2 smartphone may face months of delays

A report has indicated Sony may be facing extended delays in getting the new Xperia Z2 smartphone on sale, thanks to problems procuring certain components. It's speculated the supplies may not stabilize for months.
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US Airways says sorry after tweeting porn image to disgruntled flier

If you tweet a complaint to an airline after your flight's delayed, you can expect to receive an apology from the carrier soon after. What you might not expect is a pornographic image to form part of the 'apology.'
Android Army

Google announces new Glass features ahead of Tuesday’s sale, video calling removed

Google has rolled out another update for Glass, this latest one coming just before the device goes on sale – for one day only – on Tuesday. The update brings KitKat to Google's gadget, plus a raft of new features. Video calling…
DT Daily

DT Daily: National Robotics Week, Google one day only Glass sale, Quixter pay-by-palm 3:05

It’s the second installment of our iRobot Takeover and today we’ll see how young robotics engineers hone their skills through competition. Also, how to get in on Google’s one day only Glass sale, and a payment system that…
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Pot brownie, anyone? First marijuana vending machine shown in Colorado

Attempting to provide an easier way for Colorado residents to purchase marijuana-laced edibles, a company called American Green has developed a vending machine that verifies identity through biometrics.

Pandora launches iOS app for the Pebble smartwatch

Definitely useful if you recently picked up the new Pebble Steel, Pandora has launched official support for the smartwatch to allow users to control music from the Pebble interface.
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Restaurant researches diners on Google, social media before reservation

Definitely a high tech, if not invasive, way to learn about your guests, NYC restaurant Eleven Madison Park uses Google to search for guests in order to learn about important dates, hometowns and interests.