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‘Borderlands 2’ Halloween-themed DLC given a release date

The upcoming Halloween-themed ‘Borderlands 2’ DLC, titled ‘TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest,’ will be available on all platforms to purchase on October 22. It will run just $2.99.
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Here’s a Facebook game where nobody’s a winner

If you have nothing better to do, give yourself a refresher on Facebook security through this new game. Prepare to get a little scared.

Everything we know about the giant HTC One Max and its fingerprint sensor

Excited about the new HTC One Max. but want to know if it's something more than an oversized HTC One? We've got all the details for you in our comprehensive overview of HTC's latest smartphone.

Clever desk lamp forces you to drop your smartphone to keep the lights on

Designer Weng Xinyu's Balance Lamp is an exercise in simplicity and functionality. Thanks to its clever design, the lamp compels you to put down your cell phone, helping you stay focused in the age of constant communication.

Following the delay of ‘Watch Dogs,’ Ubisoft’s shares fall 22-percent

The recent news that ‘Watch Dogs’ and ‘the Crew’ have been delayed has caused serious ripples throughout Ubisoft, amounting in a 22-percent drop in the price of Ubisoft stock.

The Spyker B6 Venator is the coolest Dutch car you’ve never heard of – with a Toyota engine

The Spyker B6 Venator may use a Toyota engine, but that's not a bad thing. Rumor has it that Lotus will be making sure the Spyker's power plant is every bit as ferocious as the ones in its cars.
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Vizio’s new Co-Star LT stream player lets you watch live TV while browsing Internet apps

Vizio's latest set-top box ditches Google TV, but keeps HDMI pass-through so viewers can watch live TV while viewing a full-screen of VOD apps like Netflix and Amazon Instant. The box comes in at just $80 and features a scaled-down remote…
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Try not to smile when an ESL student uses memes as writing prompts

Trying to teach English? Why not let Grumpy Cat help. One English teacher has been communicating with a student via Skype, sending her memes to describe, and documenting it all on Tumblr. These are the times we live in.

Far too refined for hybrid drivetrains, Aston Martin sticks with V12s

Despite other high-powered automakers moving toward hybrids, Aston Martin is sticking with V12s. At the launch of the new Vanquish Volante, Aston’s boss announced that there would be no hybrid Aston Martins in the foreseeable future and…

How Intel’s new Atom chips could finally make fast Windows 8 tablets cheap

The upcoming release of Intel's new Bay Trail based Atom processors will provide PC manufacturers their first opportunity to sell powerful yet affordable tablets and convertibles for less than $600. Some tablets may even hit the market for…
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This start-up wants to makes GIFs better, faster, stronger, and less data-heavy

GIFs are beloved because they're awesome, but they can also be awesomely slow. A new service hopes to bring them up to speed. We found one major hitch along the way, but hopefully that doesn't stop this beautiful concept from updating the…