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What’s the worst password of 2012? It’s still “password”

Continuing to be a prevalent problem in regards to online security, people still love to use "password" for their password.

Apple rolls out not one, not two, but three iPad Mini ads

With any new product comes a new advertising campaign, and the iPad Mini is no different. Apple wasted no time in getting the show on the road, with the launch of three ads featuring its new, smaller iPad.

Tim Cook tells Apple’s story so far – in numbers

Apple CEO Tim Cook rolled out some big product-related numbers prior to the announcement of new and refreshed hardware at Tuesday's special event in San Jose, California.

AV Rant #309: Halloween Off Board

In case you weren’t confused enough, 4k is getting a new name. JVC has a new TV that doesn’t quite make sense to Tom but Liz sorts of gets it. At least she thinks she does. Simple.TV gets kickstarter money and actually launches…
Social Media

Survey: British kids text non-stop, add strangers to Facebook friends’ lists

A new survey in the UK has revealed that kids aged between 12 and 15 know more people on Facebook than you, even if they had around 70 complete strangers on their friends list - but they're not bothered about that.

iPad 3 vs iPad 4: Spec Showdown

Making a far quieter entrance into the market than its Mini counterpart, the iPad 4 has arrived. It's the fourth refresh the iPad has had in two years. Check out its specs alongside its predecessor and see if the iPad 4 is worth it for you.

13-inch MacBook Pro w. Retina vs. old MacBook Pro vs. Sony Vaio Z: Spec showdown

We compare the new 13-inch MacBook Pro to Sony's Vaio Z to see how it stacks up to one of its closest PC competitors, along with the old, non-Retina MacBook Pro thrown in for good measure.

Is ‘Wizard of Oz’ the next big social gaming phenomenon?

After two years and $8 million Spooky Cool Labs has adapted one of the most beloved films in Hollywood’s history, the Wizard of Oz, into what may be one of the biggest online social games of the year.

Nissan Extrem concept: Brazil gets its own Juke

The Nissan Extrem may have been designed specifically for Brazil, but it borrows a lot, including a turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive, from Nissan's other crossover coupe.

Borderlands Legends: Gearbox Software brings its shooter franchise to iOS

The Borderlands franchise is headed to iOS with the mysterious, top-down action-RPG Borderlands Legends.