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You are what they think you are: Ballmer’s legacy is a lesson in image management

Despite a number of successes in his time at Microsoft, Steve Ballmer still leaves Microsoft with a reputation for having led the company astray. The real lesson here: Perception is important.

Gamescom 2013 Trailer Roundup

Check out this video roundup to catch all the latest game trailers coming out of this year's Gamescom expo and get a sneak preview of the hottest new titles
Product Review

Beats by Dre Studio Review

Beats by Dre Studio review.

App Review: Google Keep gets cozy with Google Now

Google's note taking service Keep just got an updated app for Android. New features like location and time-based reminders through Google Now, a new navigation drawer, multiple account support mean Google is hoping to give Evernote a run…

Dutch team nearly doubles Tesla Model S range by driving 388 miles on a single charge

A team in the Netherlands successfully drove a Tesla Model S 388 miles on a single charge.Though it’s not a world record, it stands to further legitimize the growing competency of EVs around the globe.

Buying a MakerBot Digitizer? 3D scanners come with copyright strings attached

MakerBot announced the availability of its Digitizer 3D Scanner yesterday, but not all objects can be scanned and printed equally. Copyright has a place in this new 3D scanning and printing game.

Like CPR and defibrillators, the DigiPod breathes new (digital) life into a film SLR

Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, a developer in the U.K. has created a device that would turn your analog SLR into a digital camera. The DigiPod fits inside the cavity of an SLR where a roll of film would normally go.
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Dell XPS 27 Touch Review

Dell XPS 27 Touch review.

My lady brains can’t comprehend this terribly sexist Samsung SSD commercial

An internal commercial meant for industry insiders has landed Samsung in the hot seat thanks to some terribly offensive acting, racism, and sexism. Last time we checked, it is 2013, right?

Sleep texting is the latest digital epidemic you don’t need to be worried about

A local news station did a report on sleep texting, but don't worry. There's an easy fix if you reach for your phone as you dream. And by easy, we mean incredibly, incredibly obvious.

Saab story: NEVS pushes back plans for Saab 9-3 EV, moves production to China

National Electric Vehicle Sweden is scaling back its plans to revive Saab. The consortium of Chinese and Japanese investors is pushing back the launch date of its electric 9-3 and moving production to China.