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Samsung to unveil its s[edition] art-gallery app at Wired 2012

Can Samsung's new s[ edition ] app provide a true art-gallery experience?

Samsung tops the global smartphone market, as HTC, Nokia, and RIM fall further behind

Research published by market analysts IDC has put Samsung way out in front of its rivals in the global smartphone market share charts, where Nokia has disappeared from the top five for the first time, and HTC has dropped several spots too.

Unlocking your smartphone will soon be illegal, and other DMCA new rule insanity

New rules governing exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) dictate that it will soon be illegal to unlock your smartphone without carrier permission. Jailbreaking your tablet is also forbidden, as is ripping a DVD into a…

2013 Honda CR-V review

The 2013 Honda CR-V is one of the best-selling and most fuel efficient CUVs on the market, but even with last year’s styling overhaul leaves us a little drowsy behind the wheel. Does it do enough to overcome its aesthetic shortcomings?…

What I love and what I hate about Windows 8

Radical design changes mean there is both plenty to adore in Windows 8, and plenty to abhor.

Kim Dotcom says new Mega venture will launch on the first anniversary of police raid

Controversial entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has tweeted that his next business venture will launch on the first anniversary of the police raid at his New Zealand home. The Department of Justice, however, has issued a warning that this may not be…

Cloud Atlas review: Six on one hand, a millennia on the other

The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer present an adaptation of a novel set in six time periods spanning a millennia that most thought would never be able to translate to the big screen. Those critics have been proven wrong, as our Cloud Atlas…

Apple accepts its punishment, says Samsung didn’t copy the iPad’s design

After losing a court battle in the UK, Apple has carried out its punishment by publishing a statement on its website saying Samsung didn't copy the iPad's design. But, this being Apple, that's only the beginning.

‘Don’t underestimate BB10,’ RIM boss says during demo of upcoming BlackBerry OS [video]

As the iPhone 5 flies off the shelves and Samsung reports record profits, the boss of the firm that once ruled the smartphone roost has said in an interview that BlackBerry 10 – set for launch early next year – should not be…

Study: Democrats more likely to donate online, over email

As more politicians transition to financing campaigns using digital methods, one political party is more likely to donate through the Web.

Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo launches online store for US consumers

Are you the kind of person that's fine buying an item of clothing without first trying it on and checking yourself in a mirror for an inordinate amount to check it's really 'you' before deciding whether to buy it? If so, you may be…