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The drones are coming! FAA announces six drone testing sites

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday the location of six sites where researchers will develop technology and safety standards for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), which will begin to share airspace with commercial airliners…
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DT Daily: F1’s Schumacher in skiing accident, NSA taps new PCs, Google partners with Audi 2:27

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher in life-threatening condition after a skiing accident, the NSA intercepts computer shipments to further its spying reach, and Google partners with Audi to take on iOS in the car.
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After a joyous Christmas price increase, Twitter stock plummets following downgrade

Twitter's love affair with the New York Stock Exchange has soured after a wild fling with sky-high stock prices this December. An analyst downgraded the micro-blogging service, causing a steep decline in stock price.

NPD claims Chromebook sales surge, but where’s the Chrome OS usage beef?

Market research firm NPD reports that Chromebook sales have surged significantly this year. That should mean that Chrome OS usage should also spike as well, right? Well, reports say that that hasn't exactly happened.

Preserved in ice, Antarctic conservators develop film left by early explorers

Unprocessed negatives believed to have been left by Sir Ernest Shackleton's exploration party were discovered by New Zealand Antarctic conservators. Some have been processed and preserved, showing what these early 20th-century explorers…

‘Cuphead’ channels early Disney animation for 2D running-and-gunning-and-fighting

Studio MDHR combines the look and feel of early Disney animation with hybrid gameplay that crosses 2D fighting with run-and-gun bullet hell and platforming in the upcoming Cuphead.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ teases the villain The Shocker

Another villain may appear in the upcoming Marc Webb sequel ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ starring Andrew Garfield. A new post on the film’s Tumblr site suggests The Shocker may also appear.

Reflection in pupil of human eye could reveal the things a person sees

Research shows that the reflection in the pupil of a person's eye could be mined for information such as the photographer of a photo or the place the person is in, and could aid in forensic sciences. Photos of faces uploaded online could…

‘Star Trek Online’ publisher promises future free-to-play on consoles

Perfect World Entertainment, the publisher of ‘Star Trek Online’ and 'Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter' is planning next-gen console releases for its future and current titles.

‘No Man’s Sky’ dev loses most of its equipment to flood, and insurance won’t cover it

Floods throughout the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve have caused massive damage, including to the offices of Hello Games, the devs behind ‘No Man’s Sky.’ To make matters worse, the insurance company won’t cover the damage.
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Magellan Echo Review

Magellan Echo review.