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Man begins camping for iPhone 5 with no release date in sight, no money

A British man will start camping out for the next iPhone next week, using it as a chance for free marketing and a social experiment.


Old Twitter is dead, long live new Twitter

The new, updated version of Twitter is now being used by all users, whether they want to or not.

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NASA: Building blocks of DNA ‘can be made in space’

NASA researchers have discovered new evidence that reveals that the building blocks of DNA — and thus, the building blocks of life itself — may have come to Earth from meteorites.

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AOL posts double-digit display ad growth in Q2

AOL managed to beat Wall Street's expectations after posting a 14 percent jump in display advertising revenue, but still lost money in the second quarter.


What if Mega Man had a Portal Gun?

New video explores the possibilities of a Portal-enabled Mega Man adventure.


More robots of Real Steel revealed in toy line

Toy line for Real Steel reveals more boxing 'bots from the upcoming film.

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NASA funds 30 new space research projects

Printing 3-D spacecraft and debris-pushing air guns are among the new NASA projects receiving funding.

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London riots: Police use Flickr to help catch looters

As London continues to smolder after three long nights of devastating riots, authorities and concerned citizens are using the Internet to help bring looters and other criminals to justice.

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Twitter, Facebook aiding London clean-up

Social networks come to the rescue to help organize community efforts.

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Obama sets new carbon emission standards for big trucks

New regulation will cut tractor-trailer emissions by as much as 20 percent.

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Report: 1.4 million Spotify users in US, with many paying

A report on Monday suggests music lovers in the US are taking to Spotify, with 1.4 million joining the service in less than a month. Of those, 175,000 are believed to be paying for the service.


Sony UK warehouse blaze could affect deliveries

The overnight blaze at Sony's sole UK distribution depot for CDs and DVDs could affect deliveries, the company has said.


Unauthorized Apple stores in China told to cover logo

Chinese authorities are beginning to take action against unauthorized Apple stores in the country, with rogue traders in Beijing being told to cover up the Cupertino company's logo.


Men busted smuggling iPhones and iPads into China with zip lines, crossbows

The Joker's men had no problem using zip lines to get into a Gotham City bank, but Chinese criminals weren't that lucky. Officials bust up a smuggling ring that simply hates paying taxes.


Trekkie king bringing Star Trek ride to Jordan’s coastal theme park

Trekkie King Abdullah II of is bringing a Star Trek ride to the country's planned theme park in 2014.

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