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Nvidia intros new GeForce GT 700M GPUs for laptops, now with 15 percent more power

With Intel's Haswell computer processors promising better battery life and graphics performance due out in a couple of months, Nvidia is launching five new GeForce GT 700M discrete graphics processors for laptops that will complement the…

Telltale Games goes deep into the geek bank for this awesome crossover in ‘Poker Night 2’

Telltale Games knows its fan service. Whether it's making new sequels to Monkey Island or making games based on famous comics like Fables, the company knows its audience. Its new crossover game Poker Night 2 is a fan service sundae, mixing…

The New York Times’ non-terrible April Fools’ joke is a bot that turns journalism into poetry

You might think a bot that turns articles into haiku - as brought to you by the New York Times - would fall in with the rest of the Internet's April Fools' Day jokes. But this is very, very real - and for those of us who like the Web's…

Amazon Cloud Drive desktop app now syncs files across computers

Today, Amazon announced it's upgrading its Cloud Drive service with a File Sync app for both Macs and PCs. Cloud Drive now creates a folder on your desktop and instantly syncs all the files you put in it.

Emoji, blogosfear, and more tech lingo you need to know

On this fine April Fool's day, let's have a look at silly-sounding words and determine their true meanings in our weekly tech lingo lesson. Then perhaps you can joke around with your kids about how up-to-date you are with the tech world.

Wi-Fi offers the convenience of letting hackers break into your camera

Two German security researchers discovered Wi-Fi lets you do more than just transfer photos wirelessly from a camera. Hackers can also compromise it by breaking into the camera, stealing your images or using it as a spy camera against you.

Infiniti names F1 champ Sebastian Vettel ‘Director of Performance,’ hotter cars to follow?

Vettel's resume is impressive, but is his new title a PR stunt, or a sign that Infiniti is serious about future performance cars?
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U.S. Court of Appeals hands Aereo legal victory over network TV

Broadcast TV streaming service, Aereo, won a legal victory over television networks today as the U.S. Court of Appeals in New York ruled in its favor. The networks, which maintain that what Aereo is doing is illegal, are expected to fire…
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Why you saw a Google Doodle of Cesar Chavez this weekend

Google has come under fire for celebrating Cesar Chavez's birthday, and here's why Google might have opted not to Doodle something more festive for the Easter holiday.

Will Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 be the S4’s biggest competitor?

With rumors of the Galaxy Note 3 being unveiled in September, is Samsung going to become its own competitor? It's sister device, the S4 doesn't come out until May, but the Note 3 is rumored to have all it has and more.
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Soundfreaq reaches back to the 80’s with new retro-styled Boom Freaq speaker dock

If the Dad in your life likes to quote Run-D.M.C and talk about how "Back to the Future" is the greatest movie ever made, then have we got a Father's Day gift idea for you. Check out the Boom Freaq from Sound Freaq - a modern-day speaker…

Will the next 9/11 be digital?

The U.S. now ranks cyber attacks as a bigger threat than conventional terror. Could the next 9-11 come from the Internet?