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Autonomous robotic security guards may be headed out into the streets

Barreling ahead into a future that's one-half Minority Report and one-half I, Robot, a company has developed a new type of autonomous robot that can predict crime using an amalgamation of advanced technologies.
Cool Tech

NYC tests thermal cameras, motion sensors to decrease subway deaths

Looking for ways to detect when a person has fallen or been pushed onto the subway track, NYC is testing four separate systems that includes technology such as lasers and thermal imaging.

Top 5 US wireless carriers agree to let you unlock your cell phone

The organization that represents all five major wireless carriers in the U.S. has agreed to policy changes that will allow customers to have their cell phones unlocked within two days after a request to do so is made, as long as the…

5 ways the PC industry squirmed deeper into quicksand in 2013

It's no secret that mobile devices are overtaking PCs as the gear of choice for the masses. But this year, there are several reasons in particular why the PC has struggled to maintain its popularity.
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Creeps and stalkers rejoice: Twitter waters down its blocking feature

Twitter changed its blocking policy, making it far more lax. Now, even if you block someone, if your profile is public they can still follow and retweet you. This is a major mistake for Twitter, one that will make stalkers and bullies very…

Major League Gaming records huge growth in 2013

Major League Gaming reported massive growth this year, with the amount of MLG videos consumed in 2013, up 262-percent over 2013. The average user watched 150 minutes each.

Xbox One returns to Best Buy with five new holiday bundles

Best Buy offers five different Xbox One bundles, for prices ranging from $530 to $650, all of which are shipping to be delivered in time for Christmas Eve on December 24.

Google to banish Display All Images Gmail button

Google has begun to roll out a change to Gmail that, when completed sometime early in 2014, will do away with the mandatory "Display all images" button found in Gmail messages containing attachments.

Yahoo Mail fail: New update claims 97 percent of affected users have email access again

Yahoo Mail has certainly took a beating for the outages its users have had to deal with the past couple of days, but there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Finally.

‘Max: The Curse of Brotherhood’ brings polished platforming to Xbox One

We run through the opening hour of Press Play's Xbox-exclusive downloadable game, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. A charming story, beautiful visuals, and inventive mechanics combine in what appears to be a very promising platformer.

Someone tell ‘Madden’ that you should never bet against the Patriots in December

Why is ‘Madden’ cooling off while the playoff races are heating up? Humans, that’s why!

‘Borderlands 2’ app ‘LootTheWorld’ lets you do exactly that

Gearbox Software releases a LootTheWorld app for iOS and Android that hooks into your Shift account and allows you to unlock Borderlands 2 loot by shooting QR codes and bar codes with your smartphone camera.