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Patiently waiting for Google Glass? Here are the ‘Glassware’ apps you’re missing out on

If you’re counting down the days until you can snag yourself a pair of Google’s smartglasses, then you might be interested in a look at the cream of the Google Glass apps that developers have in store for you.

New software in development at Cornell easily alters lighting conditions in post-edit

Researchers at Cornell University have developed new software that simplifies the post-editing work in "computational lighting design," a laborious technique used by photographers to change the lighting conditions of a scene after it's been…

Steve Ballmer stepping down as Microsoft CEO within the next 12 months

Microsoft announced today that CEO Steve Ballmer will be stepping down within the next 12 months as the company hires his successor. In a press release, Microsoft stressed the company's transition as a "devices and services" company.
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Ben Affleck to fight Superman as the new Batman

Warner Bros. officially confirms Ben Affleck as the new Bruce Wayne/Batman in Zack Snyder's previously announced Superman/Batman team-up movie, which follows summer 2013's 'Man of Steel.'
Cool Tech

Imagine that: Crazy dentist wants to clone John Lennon using his tooth

After buying John Lennon's tooth from an auction in 2011, Canadian dentist Michael Zuk now wants to use the tooth to extract the DNA data necessarily to clone the legendary musician.

5 big industries battery storage tech and solar power could change forever

Solar power and battery storage systems are beginning to emerge as a new way to power mobility. What other industries might benefit in the future? Semi trucks? Ships? Airplanes? Those and more.

Despite downsizing to V6 engines, Jaguar isn’t ready to euthanize its V8s just yet

In the face of increasingly stringent fuel economy standards, Jaguar is contemplating the future of its drivetrains. Sadly, V8s and superchargers are likely to be replaced by high revving four-cylinder hybrids. But not quite yet.
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The man with a digital tattoo

Getting a tattoo hurts, but if you follow artist Anthony Antonellis’ lead, things are about to get even more painful: He got the world’s first “digital tattoo,” an RFID chip implanted in his hand — and the…

Google sends out Android software update to fix Nexus 7 touchscreen glitch

If your new Nexus 7's touchscreen has been causing problems, either with the multitouch or using the keyboard, help is on its way. Google has released a software update for the new tablet which should solve these issues straight away.

Magic Beard: Man uses iPhone app and ton of facial hair to create amusing viral video

If you thought beards were just useless bits of facial hair that sit around all day doing nothing, then Ben Garvin’s video, made with an iPhone and a stop-motion app (as well as a lot of beard), is here to set you straight.

It’s catfishing season! How to tell lovers from liars online, and more

Lying in the Internet has risen to whole new levels thanks to the act of 'catfishing.' Here's everything you need to know, from the types of catfish to the some of the psychology behind why we do it.

Making Maps better: Apple buys public-transit app Embark

Apple has made another acquisition in its quest to make Maps better. The Cupertino company has just snapped up Embark, an app providing public transit information, travel advisories, and step-by-step directions for several US cities.