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Best PC and Mac IM chat client alternatives

Instant messengers have been around ages, and there's no sign that they'll go extinct soon. We've rounded up five of the top cross-platform, cross-protocol IM programs that can handle your needs no matter what messaging service you prefer…

Hands on: Narrative Clip

The Narrative Clip is an uncomplicated gadget with a single purpose: to record all the moments that happen in your life. As a simple lifelogging tool, it’s highly effective.

Daylight plunges you into darkness every time, but it’s never the same

Zombie Studios’ downloadable survival horror game Daylight hits PC and PlayStation 4 in April 2014. We had the chance to go hands on with it during a recent Sony event.

Ever wanted to drive a real-life Mario Kart? Well now you can (that is, if you’re child-size)

Nintendo’s Mario Kart is one of the most popular games of all-time. Certainly everyone who’s played the game has wanted to pilot a real-life version of his or her own. Thanks to Jakk Pacific, now you can. Powered by a 6-volt battery…

The latest innovation from Philips: A beehive you keep in your house

This conceptual design from Philips would give bees a place to thrive in urban environments by inviting them into your house. Hit the jump for details

New Galaxy Gear models appear in fuzzy leaked images [UPDATED]

With Mobile World Congress just days away, the rumors are coming thick and fast. The latest new products to break cover are the Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, shown off via Twitter.
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New Android phones must run KitKat, says Google memo

Google's fight against fragmentation continues: A leaked directive from the company that says new devices must run the most recent version of Android after a nine-month window has passed.

This could be Huawei’s smartwatch, and boy does it look ugly

Reports surfaced that Huawei's smartwatch would make an appearance at Mobile World Congress. As happy as we were, those feelings were quickly deflated by alleged images of the smartwatch, courtesy of Chinese social network Weibo.

Student secretly used Harvard’s supercomputer to mine Dogecoin

Insert your own broken English summary here: a Harvard University student has been kicked off the school's 14,000-core supercomputer after it was discovered that he or she was using it for a Dogecoin mining contest.

Update your iOS devices now to fix a new security flaw

Apple has pushed out iOS 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 updates to its mobile software to plug a vulnerability related to network encryption, while security researchers say the same problem could affect OS X too.

As Facebook plants its flag in WhatsApp, will it pillage or protect user privacy?

The big question: What will happen to WhatsApp user privacy now that the messaging service is owned by Facebook, a company that has repeatedly brushed privacy concerns into the background?