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The Great Basin: Samsung’s latest washing machines have built-in sinks (Update)

Did you know only 30 percent of homes have a sink in their laundry rooms? Samsung does, which is why it decided to add a new feature to many of its new washers: a built-in sink.
Home Theater

It’s not UHD, it’s SUHD: Samsung kicks 4K TV up a notch with new lineup for 2015

Samsung has bolstered its 4K UHD TV lineup for 2015 with a new SUHD series, featuring quantum dots, an overhauled smart TV interface, and new aesthetic designs.

Slay orcs, make pizzas, and save humanity this week in gaming

A selection of indies that put modern spins on classic genres like RTS, platforming, and simulation is here to whet your appetite for the upcoming year in gaming.
Movies & TV

Is this Neill Blomkamp’s concept art from a never-made Alien movie?

A new gallery of online images may feature concept art from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp's never-made movie based on Ridley Scott's Alien franchise.

MonBaby is monitoring smartwear for your baby’s health and activity

Looking to track your baby's health and activity using your smartphone? A new piece of baby smartwear, BabyMon, does just that using a special "button" that is attached to your baby's pajamas.

More than 5,600 Toyota fuel-cell patents are up for grabs, royalty-free

Toyota has made more than 5,600 technology patents available to the public royalty-free. The patents relate to the Japanese brand’s hydrogen fuel cell systems, including software control, high-pressure tanks, and fuel cell stacks.

Got a bright idea? Qualcomm’s new platform helps connect smart bulbs to other devices

Qualcomm and LIFX launch their Smart Lighting Platform at CES 2015. The two companies are teaming up to make it easier for small and large companies, as well as amateur inventors, to use smart light bulbs.