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Why haven’t smartwatches taken off? Because they’re all hideous

Smart watches may be the hotly rumored product of the moment, but they're hardly new. There's a good reason why we're not using the ones which already exist too, they're just too hideous.
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Contest confusion: Google UNinvites some winners of its Glass competition

It seems like Google didn't actually read some of the entries in its recent Glass Explorer competition. The Mountain View company is currently in the process of withdrawing some invites for being, well, a bit silly.

‘Journey’ takes top honors at the Game Developers Choice Awards

Tonight in San Francisco, the 13th annual Game Developers Choice Awards were held, and 'Journey' was the big winner, walking away with six awards, including the Game of the Year.
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Student breaks into home to use Facebook, caught after not logging out

Possibly a case of extreme Facebook addiction, an 18-year-old college student thought it would be a fantastic idea to break into a nearby home, relax on the couch and peruse the popular social network.
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Google Glass to be built in Silicon Valley, report says

Google Glass will be assembled at a Foxconn facility in Santa Clara, a report claimed Wednesday. The plant would be just down the street from the Web giant's Mountain View headquarters, allowing engineers to more easily make any last-minute…

Ford launches Personalized Fuel Efficiency Apps Challenge – win $50,000!

Ford is looking to use technology to give consumers more accurate fuel economy data. At the 2013 New York Auto Show Jim Farley, Ford Executive vice president of global marketing, sales, service, and Lincoln announced the Personalized Fuel…
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Celebrating Tumblr’s 100 million blog milestone

Tumblr is churning out millions of blogs - and here are some of our favorites that managed to turn an Internet pastime into a Web-based business.
Product Review

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Review

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 review.

The car as a mobile device: The perks and pitfalls of increased car connectivity

What if your car was nothing more than a four-wheeled smartphone? What if car companies spent as much time thinking about connectivity and apps as they do about horsepower and fuel economy? Making the car an extension of our online selves…

Chevrolet’s fast and light Camaro Z/28 returns for track duty

The Camaro just got better with this track-focused blast from the past.

New pill bottle concept comes equipped with smartphone technology

A new concept for a pill bottle will feature smartphone technology, like 3G/LTE connectivity, text messaging, and an alarm. The bottle will help to remind patients to take their medication at the appropriate times.

Using GPS tracking, researchers can now fingerprint who you are by your movements

A new report conducted by MIT shows that anonymous cell phone GPS data can actually be used to determine the user's identity. The study raises even more questions about privacy, an already huge topic of concern in the digital world.