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Video game athletes have a new achievement to unlock: college eSports scholarships

Robert Morris University Illinois is offering an athletic scholarship for avid League of Legends players who are enrolled at the university this fall. The scholarship is a bold and controversial step toward legitimizing eSports.

Microsoft launching a new device on Tuesday: is the Nokia X2 imminent?

Microsoft has officially started the countdown for a due product launch this Tuesday, and the indications are it's a new handset to add to its Android-powered Nokia X line of phones.

Snapchat takes on the hashtag with Our Story

With Facebook's competitor Slingshot now out in the wild, Snapchat is adding a new Our Story feature to enable users to create communal, curated feeds based around particular events and occasions.
Movies & TV

More details emerge regarding Harrison Ford’s injury on Star Wars set

Harrison Ford's publicist confirms that the actor broke his leg while filming Star Wars: Episode VII at the Pinewood Studios set of the upcoming film.

Dreadnought’s massive spaceship battles bring a fresh twist to online shooting

Spec Ops: The Line dev Yager has a unique multiplayer shooter in Dreadnought, a game that pits giant capital ships against one another in 5v5 battles.

Living all-Microsoft for a month made me want to throw a brick through Windows

I’ve spent the past few weeks computing exclusively on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and a pair of phones running Windows Phone 8.1. The hardware is beautiful, but the overall Windows experience had me at my wits end.
Product Review

AOC mySmart A2472PW4T Review

AOC mySmart A2472PW4T review.

See Detroit’s urban decay through the years with Google Street View

Detroit has been on a steady decline over the past few years. With Google's Street View, you can turn back time and see the decay of the Motor City, using Street View's new "time travel" feature.

Always running on empty? Here’s how to pick the right external battery pack

Many portable battery chargers look alike, but they don't perform alike. In this guide, we clear up some confusion on how these devices work, discuss individual needs, and make suggestions on what to look for when shopping.
Cool Tech

Mountain top in Chile exploded to make way for world’s largest optical telescope

A mountain in Chile just got a lot flatter, but it's all in the name of science. Researchers purposefully blew up the Cerro Armazones mountain top in order to build the largest optical telescope in the world.