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Dramatic POV video of Felix Baumgartner’s edge-of-space jump hits the Web

It's been one year since Felix Baumgartner's fearless freefall from the edge of space. To mark the occasion, the Red Bull team behind the feat has released a stunning POV video allowing you to experience the leap from the daredevil's…
Product Review

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Review

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX review.

Rumor: HTC could be building Amazon’s smartphones

A rumor has linked HTC and Amazon together, indicating the former is building the latter's much-discussed range of smartphones, which have yet to be officially announced.

‘Square Cash’ service allows fast and simple cash transfers via email – without fees

Square Cash, a free service that allows users to send money via email, left its invite-only beta on Tuesday and can now be used by anyone with a US-based debit card. The process is simple and quick – you don't even need to set up an…
Cool Tech

New drone service delivers textbook rentals to college students

Looking for a way to decrease delivery time and reduce costs at the same time, a new type of unmanned drone service delivers textbook rentals to college students quickly and efficiently.

Florida police use license plate cameras to curtail prostitution

Utilizing digital cameras and software that automatically identifies license plates, a police department in Florida is attempting to reduce prostitution within the city by issuing warning letters.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Apple hires Burberry CEO, Ghostbusters 2 car rescue, bass you can feel – and wear 2:53

DT Daily: Apple hires Burberry CEO to run their retail arm, fans try to rescue an iconic movie car and feel the beat with the bassAware wearable subwoofer.

Sorry, ‘expectations of privacy’ are lower online, and you should know this by now

What do Google Plus user outrage over Shared Endorsement ads and Reddit's Silk Road community have in common? A misunderstanding of just how public the Web really is – and has been for years.

‘Arkham Origins’ stars talk the first meeting of Batman and the Joker

Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker, the voices of Batman and the Joker, respectively, in Batman: Arkham Origins, square off to chat about the challenges of playing characters with so much history and baggage.

10 cases to protect the BlackBerry Q10 and its endangered QWERTY keyboard

If you couldn’t do without that physical QWERTY keyboard then we can guess what your new phone is. Make sure it stays in good condition with the help of one of these BlackBerry Q10 cases.

Nikon doesn’t find Polaroid’s iM1836 camera amusing, files lawsuit for infringement

If you thought Polaroid's Android-powered iM1836 Micro Four Thirds camera bears a strange resemblance to Nikon's 1 J series, so does Nikon. A design patent and trade dress right infringement lawsuit has been filed against Polaroid and…