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Evidently, passive aggressive Wi-Fi names are all the nerd rage

There's a rise in people using Wi-Fi names as a way to express themselves, but is it the politest way to piss off your neighbors, or the rudest? Have a look at what people are titling their Wi-Fi networks and you be the judge.

Dell XPS 10 Windows tablet up for pre-order, priced to match Microsoft’s Surface

Dell has placed its 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet, the XPS 10, up for pre-order through its website, where the price matches that of the Microsoft Surface. Anyone hoping to get one at the end of this month could be disappointed though.
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Joey Roth’s new ceramic subwoofer blends old-school materials with modern function

The ceramic shell on the new Joey Roth subwoofer, houses something a bit more modern.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review.

Apple enters the budget tablet market … with the most expensive budget tablet

The iPad Mini has long been considered to be Apple's response to the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, a product it designed to capture the lower-end of the market. A slumdog tablet if you will. Now the device has been announced, is this what…

Apple may exchange your new iPad 3 with the fourth generation model

Apple has upset many of its fans by introducing the fourth generation iPad, only seven months into the life of the third-generation model. Help is at hand if you've only just bought one though, as Apple may offer you an exchange.

Tradesy is a second market for authentic designer apparel, with an ironclad guarantee

Women can buy and sell designer fashion without the risks of buying counterfeits or damaged apparel and accessories with Tradesy. The team's experts can spot the fakers, and keep them out of the platform so your shopping is safe and sound.

Microsoft still focusing on Touch Cover – new video explains how it came to be

Just a couple of days before Microsoft's new Surface tablet begins landing in the hands of expectant consumers, the Redmond-based company posted a video explaining a little bit about the development of the tablet's optional keyboard/cover…

What’s the worst password of 2012? It’s still “password”

Continuing to be a prevalent problem in regards to online security, people still love to use "password" for their password.

Apple rolls out not one, not two, but three iPad Mini ads

With any new product comes a new advertising campaign, and the iPad Mini is no different. Apple wasted no time in getting the show on the road, with the launch of three ads featuring its new, smaller iPad.

Tim Cook tells Apple’s story so far – in numbers

Apple CEO Tim Cook rolled out some big product-related numbers prior to the announcement of new and refreshed hardware at Tuesday's special event in San Jose, California.

AV Rant #309: Halloween Off Board

In case you weren’t confused enough, 4k is getting a new name. JVC has a new TV that doesn’t quite make sense to Tom but Liz sorts of gets it. At least she thinks she does. Simple.TV gets kickstarter money and actually launches…