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Google rewrites slow webpages

The company's new Page Speed Services offers huge improvements in load times for slow pages.


The White House rickrolls Twitter user

President's rep tells constituent he's "never gonna give you up."

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Best iPhone apps for kids

From virtual pets and coloring books to puzzles and memory games, we round up the best iPhone apps for kids.


Oil billionaire watermarks all future satellite photos of property

Watermarking is an important tool for photographers that want to keep their images for personal or commercial use. One Abu Dhabi Sheikh decided to create a real version of a watermark in the Persian Gulf.


Gender can be accurately guessed from a single Tweet

Internet anonymity just got tougher with the creation of a new algorithm. Researchers have developed a way to predict gender from the text in a comment or social network post.

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Photoshopped Julia Roberts advert banned in UK

Following complaints from a British lawmaker, the country's Advertising Standards Authority has decided to ban an advert for cosmetics featuring a digitally enhanced picture of movie star Julia Roberts.


Interest in Google+ falling among users

Are users already getting tired of the fledgling social network for Google? A recent study offers data that supports a slowdown in traffic on Google+.

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Stormtrooper helmet designer wins UK copyright case

A ruling by the UK's highest court against Lucasfilm has meant the British designer of the Stormtrooper helmet can continue to sell them.

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Gig.U to bring 1Gbps broadband to 29 college communities

A band of 29 universities is hoping to bring ultra high speed broadband to their communities through the new Gig.U project


BBC iPlayer launches in 11 countries

The BBC's popular iPlayer has launched in 11 countries, offering recent programming as well as archived material.


UK privacy office investigating Google+ username policy

Google's crackdown on anonymous usernames has attracted the UK Information Commissioner’s Office's attention.

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Insiders confirm Facebook Credits are coming to mobile operating systems

Facebook is continuing development of Project Spartan, its HTML 5-based mobile payment system.

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Nielsen: Netflix still king of the living room, Hulu users prefer PCs

Nielsen finds that the two entertainment giants have very different usage of content and devices among their subscribers.


Stanford researchers develop transparent batteries

Stanford researchers designed, reported and displayed the prototype for a transparent battery. The first model is about 60-percent transparent.

Cool Tech

Red Dead Redemption’s final DLC pack, Myths and Mavericks, coming in September as free download

Rockstar Games announces plans to release a final, free DLC pack for Red Dead Redemption in September, the Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack.