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With threaded comments, Facebook Q&As look a lot like Reddit AMAs

Since threaded comments rolled out to Facebook Pages, celebrities have been conducting Q&A's to engage with fans and followers. However, the format is awfully reminiscent of Reddit AMA's.

2015 Subaru BRZ: all-wheel drive, twin-turbo diesel hybrid convertible to silence critics

Subaru has smartly taken all suggestions received from the automotive media on its next-generation BRZ model and folded them into one breath-taking model. Though the innovative BRZ will do most anything any automotive enthusiast could want…

Sony Computer Entertainment announces major restructuring in the lead up to the PS4

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, the lifeblood of the PlayStation business back in the 1990s, is no more. Neither is SCE Asia. Both companies have been merged into a single operating unit headed by president Hiroshi Kawano ahead of the…

No Joke: Tesla exceeds sales expectations but cancels entry-level model due to poor demand

In spite of the April first date, Tesla has seriously announced that its 40 kWh battery pack won’t go into production. Buyers who ordered the entry-level Model S will instead receive the 60 kWh battery with software limiting it to 40 kWh.

$25 Model A Raspberry Pi now officially available in the U.S.

The tiny, low-power $25 Raspberry Pi Model A computer is now available in the United States via authorized resellers, although the first one has sold out of units almost as soon as they became available.

AT&T claims it will exclusively offer 64GB model of HTC One

In a new video on YouTube, AT&T claims that it will be the sole carrier of the 64GB model of the new HTC One. This means Sprint and T-Mobile will only offer the 32GB model.

Google patents a new way to conserve your phone’s battery life

Google's new patent shows that, instead of relying on screen brightness, it will adjust display quality in order to help conserve battery life. Whether or not it will work better than brightness control is yet to be determined.

Android Jelly Bean Problems: What users complain about most

No software update is perfect and Google caught some serious criticism for Android Jelly Bean problems in the 4.1 and 4.2 releases. Two further updates, 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 were largely designed to fix bugs.

KTM’s unusual E-Speed: could it drive more people to EV scoots?

With a growing interest in more efficient means for city commutes, the hot KTM E-Speed concept could have a lot more people other than hipsters opting for scooters.

Not Aladdin’s magic ride: Artist creates carpet sculpture from computer parts

It may not take you for a ride, but it looks pretty darn magical. Miami-based artist Federico Uribe has assembled an e-carpet using old computer components to design an ornate sculpture.

Coming soon to a nostril near you: The smell-o-vision is back and smarter than ever

We already see and hear movies, but what about those other three senses? Science is catching up with humanity's ability for input with a new take on the old (and awesome) "Smell-O-Vision" concept: A screen that projects odor towards your…

Chinese manufacturer may have stuffed a 5000mAh battery inside a smartphone

A Chinese manufacturer is believed to be fitting a 5000mAh battery to a future smartphone, which is at least twice the capacity of what we'd normally expect to find powering our phones, and more inline with batteries found inside tablets.