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Minoru Webcam Promises 3D Effect

The forthcoming Minoru 3D Webcam features two cameras spaced like human eyes to create a 3D stereoscopic effect.


Qik Turns Phones into Live Video Cameras

Qik has rolled out an alpha release of a service that lets some Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones stream live video to the Internet.


Amex Digital Offers Blu-Ray for MacBooks

Steve Jobs might characterize Blu-ray as a "bag of hurt," but Amex Digital is hoping MacBook owners might love to bag their slim external Blu-ray drive.


Magellan’s Maestro 4370 GPS Now Available

Magellan is finally offering its long-awaited Maestro 4370 GPs, with a 4.3-inch touchscreen and a new interface with 3D landmarks and land guidance.


NPD: Xbox 360 Sales Beat PS3 in September

Despite the rocky economy, the video game industry remains healthy...and Microsoft's Xbox 360 trounced Sony's PS3 in console sales during September.


Possible Mac Malware

A security company has discovered a site claiming to sell what might be a fake security application for the Mac that could prove to be malware.


Google Surges On a Strong Third Quarter

Google's shares have risen after a third quarter revenue report that has exceeded expectations.


Nokia Profits Fall By 28 Percent

The major handset maker's profits have plummeted in the third quarter, although sales were down by just 5%.


Microsoft Denies Further Yahoo Interest

Microsoft has been quick to play down hints by its chief executive that the company is still interested in Yahoo.


Digital TV Transition Survival Guide

Everything you need to know to survive the transition from analog to digital TV broadcasting.


Nikon D90 Review

The Nikon D90 which we review, is an amazing D-SLR with excellent picture quality and plenty of extras.

  • Pros: Wonderful quality stills; minimal noise at high ISOs: great…
  • Cons: No AF in video mode

G1 Comes with Application Kill Switch

Google will be able to remotely kill applications sold through the Android Market, according to its terms of service.


First Cancer, Now Cell Phones Cause a Rash?

The British Association of Dermatologists is warning of a new allergic skin disorder caused by extended use of mobile phones.


Qualcomm Handset Import Ban Lifted

In a major victory for Qualcomm, a federal court has lifted an injunction that barred U.S. imports of mobile phones that use tech that infringes on Broadcom patents.


Midway Tightens Belt, Cuts Game Deals

Video game publisher Midway has announced it has "optimized" its video game licensing deals, meaning it's canceling titles it doesn't see as central to its business.