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Watch this Lithuanian city’s mayor crush an illegally parked car with a tank

A new promo video shows the mayor of Lithuania's capital city crushing an illegally parked Mercedes.


With 25 million users, Google+ becomes fastest-growing social network

Since its launch in late June, Google+ has amassed more than 25 million users, according to comScore, making it the fastest growing social network of all-time.

Social Media

British government scraps plans to block P2P sites, legalizes ripping

The Digital Economy Act, which would have put pressure on ISPs to block pirate sites, is dead while ripping lives.

Cool Tech

Study of Internet Explorer users’ IQ was likely a hoax

Research showing low IQs for Internet Explorer users was fake, and so was the research firm that conducted it.


Apple fined by South Korea over iPhone tracking allegations

After previously settling a lawsuit over location privacy in the country, Apple has been officially slapped on the wrist.


UN among victims of biggest series of cyber attacks ever

Computer security specialists McAfee revealed on Wednesday it has discovered a number of cyber attacks in what it's calling "the biggest transfer of wealth in terms of intellectual property in history." The UN is among those hit.


Scotland Yard arrests another former editor of Murdoch’s defunct newspaper

Rupert Murdoch may be out of the media spotlight lately, but it seems that the News of the World scandal just claimed another previous employee. authorities have made another arrest in the phone hacking scandal.


Anonymous attacks PasteBin to test new DDoS attack tool

Anonymous sharpens their claws on PasteBin, testing a new DDoS tool to replace the current Low Orbit Ion Cannon


Cybercrime costs rise 56 percent in 2011 for companies

Cybercrime seems to be skyrocketing this year and more companies are finding themselves under-prepared for digital attacks. A new study highlights the rapidly rising costs of dealing with cyber-based attacks.


Space competition offers out-of-this-world prize

A competition launched in the US this week is offering one lucky winner a free space trip.


Chrome 13 launches with Instant Pages and Print Preview

With the rapid pacing of new Chrome releases, it's often hard to keep up with the constantly changing browser. Google has rolled out the 13th version of the browser today, free to download for consumers.


Skype for iPad back in the App Store – and it’s still there

After being pulled from the App Store yesterday, the new Skype for iPad app is back in the store, meaning that owners of the tablet can finally ditch the iPhone version of the video chat software.


Facebook nabs interactive digital book publisher Push Pop Press

Facebook purchases digital book publisher Push Pop Press as a talent acquisition for the iPad app project.


San Francisco cab driver’s ‘dash camera’ helps catch robber

A San Francisco cab equipped with a 'dash camera' helped to apprehend a suspect following an alleged robbery in the city last Friday.


Nintendo announces two more free games for early 3DS buyers

To make up for a 30-percent price cut Nintendo will give 3DS owners that purchased the system at full price 20 free games, 10 of which were announced last week. Two more titles have been added to the list: Super Mario 3 and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.