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Apple iSlate to Shake-Up Video Game Industry?

The Apple tablet may be a "game-changer" in another arena--video games.


PS3 Motion Controller May Be Named the “Arc”

PlayStation 3 motion controller may or may not have a name--and it may or may not be "Arc."


FCC Expands Inquiry into Early Termination Fees

Verizon has raised regulators' hackles with its $350 smartphone early termination fees; now Google, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have been invited to the party.


Our Thoughts On How the Apple iPad Could Fail

The Digital Trends staff thinks up ways Apple's new iSlate tablet device could be an epic failure.


Bioware Launches Mass Effect 2, Critics Claim It’s a “Must-Have”

Bioware's Mass Effect 2 has already received many compliments from the gaming industry.


Survey Finds Ovi Store Beating App Store in Developing Markets

Apple's App Store might be the top dog in North America and Europe, but an Evans Data Corporation survey finds programmers in developing markets are embracing Nokia's Ovi Store.


Pentax Debuts Three New Optio Cameras

Pentax is kicking off two new camera lines with the Optio I-10 and H90, while bringing in the tiny Optio E90 camera for less than $100.


Panasonic Lumix Cameras Bring Video, SDCX Capability

Panasonic has unveiled a new slate of Lumix cameras, offering a range of video and ruggedness options...and they'll all handle SDCX cards with up to 64 GB of storage.


Is The World Ready for Tablet PCs?

Tablet computing hit the mainstream in 2001. We ask what will be different about this next surge of tablets – and whether consumers will bite this time around.


Google Nexus One Getting Patch, Coming to Walmart

Google is apparently planning a patch to its Nexus One phone to improve connectivity...and planning a launch at Walmart to improve sales.


Pope Wants Priests to Become Web Savvy

The pope asked his ministry to use the Web to reach out and preach.


Apple Tablet May Revolutionize E-Reader Industry

The Apple tablet may be the game-changer for the e-Reader and e-Book markets.