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This homework app will connect you with a tutor on the spot because math is hard

Homework problem have you stumped? The new iPhone app Snapsolve give kids who are struggling with their homework the ability to connect with tutors and get help just by taking a picture of the problem.

Samsung dedicates 200 employees to producing displays for Apple

Earlier this month, Samsung dedicated a team of 200 employees to working on displays exclusively for Apple. The team is producing iPad and MacBook displays currently, but could receive orders for Apple Watch and iPhone screens in the…

Jaguar says an entry-level hatchback is a definite maybe

Jaguar has not ruled out developing a small, entry-level hatchback to take on the Audi A3. If built, the yet-unnamed compact will ride on a new front-wheel drive platform and it could get a hybrid drivetrain.
Cool Tech

If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em: Segway bought by Chinese competitor Ninebot

Last year, Segway accused a number of Chinese companies of infringing on its copyrights. Now one of those companies, Ninebot, has acquired Segway with the help of an $80 million investment from Xiaomi, Sequoia Capital, and others.

Apple’s $20 million tech company buy hints at even better iPhone cameras in the future

Not exactly going unnoticed, Apple bought Israeli camera technology company LinX for around $20 million. With this purchase, Apple might be looking to improve its cameras for future products.

Cheater! World-class chess player repeatedly ran to the toilet to cheat during game

Chess grandmaster Gaioz Nigalidze got himself into a rather sticky situation during an international tournament in Dubai recently, and it had nothing to do with the pieces on the board....

Artists demand that the NYPD return Edward Snowden bust in a letter from their lawyer

A group of unknown artists placed a bronze bust of NSA leaker Edward Snowden in a Brooklyn park. It was later removed by park officials and the NYPD are investigating who made it. The artists are now demand its return.

Nokia’s serious about 5G, acquires Alcatel-Lucent to boost development

Nokia has announced it will acquire Alcatel-Lucent for $16 billion. Despite a similarity in name with Alcatel OneTouch, the deal isn't about smartphones, and is instead about accelerating development related to 5G networks.
Social Media

HBO’s not happy about Periscope users livestreaming Game of Thrones

Livestreaming app Periscope may be new, but it's already catching the attention of some of the cable networks. An annoyed HBO, for example, has told the startup to do something about its users streaming the new season of Game of Thrones.
Movies & TV

Sick of ’90s reboots? Here’s why they’re not as bad as you think

From The X-Files to Coach, Twin Peaks and Full House, ‘90s TV shows are back. And though you might cringe at the lack of originality, revisiting the past can actually be a winning recipe.

An old iPad 4 sold for $30,500 because of the Pope

An Apple iPad tablet which once belonged to Pope Francis has sold for more than $30,000 at an auction to an anonymous buyer. The proceeds will go to a school for the poor in Uruguay.

Watch out, there are more fake Nikon DSLR cameras about

If you're a Nikon shooter who likes to pick up gear via online auction sites or the like, the camera company is suggesting you take extra care to confirm the DSLR you buy is the model it says it is after discovering a number of fake cameras…