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Tesla Model S unintended acceleration complaint filed with NHTSA

A Tesla Model S owner says the electric car suddenly accelerating while his wife was pulling out of the driveway. A Tesla engineer investigating the problem said it was the driver's fault.
Home Theater

Anthem unleashes refreshed receiver line, Paradigm flashes 7.1 sound bar

Anthem finally refreshed its MRX receiver line for this year, and Paradigm showed off its sleek (and expensive) new 7.1 sound bar at CEDIA..
Social Media

What’s in a name? For @Jon and @Sarah, maybe a whole lot of money

They've been mistaken for celebrities and offered money for their names, who are they? The first name handle holders of Twitter. Internet identity is a precious commodity - just ask @jon and @kristin.
Product Review

MSI GX70 Review

MSI GX70 review.

Surprise! Leak reveals plethora of new Porsches

Leaked presentation slides, reportedly from an Atlanta dealer meeting, reveal Porsche's upcoming models including: the 911 Targa, Macan crossover, and Cayman GTS and Boxster GTS sports cars.
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The last useful thing on Facebook, notifications, are now getting ads for games

Your Facebook notifications hub - the last sacred place - is not immune to ads. One user noticed a notification pushing him to check out a Facebook sponsored game. Could this be hitting your profile soon? Where does it end?!

The seven-speed Stingray: GM’s new newest transmission might be coming to the C7

As if the new Corvette Stingray wasn’t good enough already, it might be getting a brand new dual clutch transmission. In a week of rumors about the Corvette C7 a GM patent for a new transmission has just been uncovered, and it might just…

China’s 13-year ban on video games and console sales set to end

China approves plans to establish a free-trade zone in Shanghai, a policy change that includes putting an end to the country's 13-year ban on video game consoles and their games.
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Facebook finally lets you edit your posts everywhere and look like less of an idiot

Finally, you may now go through your Facebook Timeline and correct all the grammatical and typographical errors in your posts.

Stir’s Kinetic Desk learns your sitting habits, nags you into standing up for your health

Standing desks maybe trendy, but they're not the most fun thing to use. Stir's Kinetic Desk will quietly nudge you when it's time to stand so you'll remember to switch between exercise and rest.

Kindle Fire HDX dominates iPad Mini in this spec showdown

The Kindle Fire HDX was announced by Amazon today, and it looks like it could be a great tablet. How does it compare to other greats like the iPad Mini? We find out by pitting the two against one another with a spec showdown.