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#SharkAttack: Australia uses Twitter to send shark warnings

An Australian beach safety organization has a Twitter account set up to send alerts every time a shark becomes a potential danger for swimmers. The account automatically posts about sharks tagged with transmitters.

Free Facebook comes to US phone users without data plans

An offshoot of T-Mobile called GoSmart is offering free Facebook access as part of a new bundling plan for prepaid customers. This suggests Facebook is actually serious about the whole "get the entire world on Facebook" thing.

US to phase-out 40w and 60w incandescent lightbulbs on Jan. 1

Say goodbye to 40w and 60w incandescent lightbulbs. Starting January 1,2014, businesses will no longer be permitted to import or produce these popular lighting options due to the US federal government’s efforts to improve energy…

Facebook for Windows 8.1 gets a slew of new features

A recent update to the Facebook app for Windows 8.1 brings a whole host of changes to the way you can manage photos, post and so much more. Read to learn more about all the changes.
Home Theater

Dish Network and DirecTv jack up prices for 2014, blame content providers

Users of Dish Network or DirecTV will be getting a late stocking stuffer from their satellite providers in 2014: a higher bill. Subscribers of the top satellite TV providers will see rate hikes for the new year, adding around $2 to $5 to…
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Couch Bound: Our weekly guide to the latest streaming movies, TV shows, and music

Every week, highly anticipated and totally unexpected gems appear on the major streaming services. We’re paying attention so you don’t have to.

UPDATE: Evasion iOS 7 Jailbreak released, controversial Chinese app store removed

The first jailbreak for iOS 7 has arrived a couple months ahead of schedule, but with a healthy dose of controversy. The Evasion jailbreak is not compatible with Cydia and some are accusing Evasion of taking a $1 million bribe from Chinese…
Cool Tech

Such generosity! After Dogewallet heist, Dogecoin community aims to reimburse victims

After hackers made off with more than 21 million Dogecoins from Dogewallet, the uniquely generous and upbeat Dogecoin community has launched an effort to help reimburse victims of the wallet heists.

Want to take a Porsche 911 off road? You’re in luck; a 911 Safari Concept is headed to Beijing

The Porsche 911 is no stranger to rally stages, but an off-road version of this iconic sports car seems as oxymoronic as an exciting Buick. Nonetheless, the Safari could appear at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

‘Deep Down’ Prologue trailer features a big, ugly monster of some sort

There's a real 'Dark Souls With Friends' vibe to the latest trailer from Capcom for Deep Down, the free-to-play PlayStation 4 exclusive that was first confirmed at the console's 2013 reveal.