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‘Max: The Curse of Brotherhood’ brings polished platforming to Xbox One

We run through the opening hour of Press Play's Xbox-exclusive downloadable game, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. A charming story, beautiful visuals, and inventive mechanics combine in what appears to be a very promising platformer.

Someone tell ‘Madden’ that you should never bet against the Patriots in December

Why is ‘Madden’ cooling off while the playoff races are heating up? Humans, that’s why!

‘Borderlands 2’ app ‘LootTheWorld’ lets you do exactly that

Gearbox Software releases a LootTheWorld app for iOS and Android that hooks into your Shift account and allows you to unlock Borderlands 2 loot by shooting QR codes and bar codes with your smartphone camera.

Eye-Fi announces Windows desktop support for Mobi wireless memory card

Eye-Fi's Mobi SD cards, which have built-in Wi-Fi for wireless transfers to a smartphone or tablet, has added beta support for desktop/laptop computers. The beta will be free to all users.
Movies & TV

‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ review

Peter Jackson’s middle point for his Hobbit trilogy serves as an unnecessary, but ultimately enjoyable bridge between the first and third parts of an unwarranted trilogy.

The Golden Globe nominees have been revealed

The list of nominees for the 71st annual Golden Globes have been announced. The winners will be announced during the live show on January 12, at 5pm PST, hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Pirate Bay escapes to Peru domain, teases forthcoming PirateBrowser

Not only has Pirate Bay switched to a Peruvian domain to evade authorities and keep itself up and running, but a BitTorrent-powered browser is reportedly in the works that would purportedly make Pirate Bay domain seizures obsolete.

Samsung refuses to replace burned Galaxy S4 so Nokia offers customer free Lumia

A man's Galaxy S4 burned up while charging and Samsung refused to replace it unless he signed a waiver agreeing to never discuss it. We've got the full story and some tips on how to avoid watching your own phone go up in flames.

Ford board to tackle Mulally Microsoft CEO rumors

It's no secret that Steve Ballmer will be stepping down sometime next year. One exec connected to the future vacancy is Ford's Alan Mulally. However, it appears as if Ford is tired of hearing about the possible union between the two.