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Apple orders 65 million iPad screens

Reports say that Apple may be placing orders for as many as 65 million 9.7-inch iPad screens for 2011, indicating strong demand for the new product.


Report: Apple readying CDMA compatible iPad

According to a new report, Apple is also striving to improve the iPad's screen to reduce smudging and glare.


Samsung unveils NX11 and WB700 cameras

It's almost time for CES and Samsung has decided to show a couple cameras early. The NX11 and WB700 appear to be solid upgrades to last year's models.


Panasonic Viera TC-P42GT25 Review

Review: With Panasonic's Viera TC-P42GT25 you get a 3D HDTV that has excellent 3D and 2D picture quality all at an affordable price level.

  • Pros: Great price , Excellent 3D, 2D , THX option for 2D , Decent…
  • Cons: No glasses supplied , No wireless LAN adaptor , Blah styling

Three (smudge-proof) versions of the iPad 2 rumored to be released in spring

In the latest iPad 2 rumor, we're hearing that Apple could release multiple versions of the tablet and that users will see an improved screen.


Time Warner Cable won’t turn in porn pirates

Time Warner Cable is bent on keeping its customers lawsuit-free as porn distributors try to crack down on illegal file-sharing.


Americans’ demand for gasoline declining- permanently

New reports suggest that the demand for gasoline in America reached its peak in 2006. Since then, the demand has continued to drop, and will continue to decline permanently.


Nintendo World 2011 3DS lineup unveiled

Nintendo has unveiled its lineup of playable and non-playable games for Nintendo World 2011 in Tokyo and the lineup is fairly strong.


Pew finds 26% of Americans used smartphones in midterm elections

A new survey takes an in-depth look at who was involved in mobile politics and how they used smartphones to participate in the 2010 midterm elections.


Listen to the Gorillaz iPad-produced album

The free album was made with little more than an iPad and the Gorillaz's slowed down sounds.


CES 2011 preview: 10 products and trends you’ll see in Vegas

Take an early peek behind the curtains at CES 2011 with a preview of 10 tech products and trends that will make waves in Las Vegas this year.


PlayStation phone set for spring

The Android powered PlayStation phone based on the PSP Go is due to hit North America and Europe this spring according to a new report form Japan.

Cool Tech

Soundfreaq’s SFQ-01 Bluetooth audio system makes wireless listening simple

This Bluetooth enabled audio system allows for easy music transmission from your iPad or smartphone, no wires needed.


Rumor patrol: Epic Mickey is not coming to PlayStation

Don't be fooled - there are no current plans for Epic Mickey to be released for the PlayStation.


McAfee: Apple, social media, and mobile devices to be targeted in 2011

McAfee has released its forecast of emerging tech security threats for 2011. Top of the list: social media, mobile devices, and all things Apple.

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